Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (Shot 6)

Before I continue with the story today, I want to share something with all of you.
I’m a very jovial kind of a person. I love to make friends and keep them happy. It gives me a kind of satisfaction. I feel that if I’ve made someone’s day, solved his problem, made him smile and love his life….then even if I have to die the very next day, it wouldn’t bother me….coz living to me is loving. And LOVE can never be expressed merely with words.

This chapter is about the fresh start of a new friendship, a pure n serene friendship and so I want to dedicate it to one of my most recent and closest friend.

We met yesterday at about 3:30 in the afternoon, in the weirdest way possible, through a common friend. When I meet good people I usually have an ear to ear smile on my face.
But this person was really a unique one, who managed to make me cry in the very first meeting. I’m not one of those people who can cry for no reason. Yesterday when I found my eyes moist enough to blur my vision, I stopped reading and began thinking, why was I crying? I didn’t even know this person a few minutes back, then why do I feel so attached to her? May be she had this magical persona that could make everyone hers. She helped me learn a very important lesson, “there is no guarantee for your life. If you’ve lived selflessly and loved people always…then you can never die…you are treasured forever in their hearts.” And so is my friend, treasured within me. I will never be able to define our relation. Its just something very special. Its LOVE that cannot be expressed in words. Your friendship is ETERNAL and I will always love her till the day I die. And after that I’m really gonna scold her as she didn’t even have any time to meet me….otherwise I would have poured out all my love to her. She could easily swim in it. But its never too late. I’m dedicating this shot to her….in the hope that when she reads it she’ll remember me….and bribe god to bless me with a guy like our SUPERHERO.

“This one’s for you DHWANI.”


Jatin: Guys plz dhoondho! Mere gharwaale Mujhe Maar daalenge!
Dev: Helmet ke andar check kar, pockets mein, Sonakshi tumhare handbag mein toh nahi hai?
Sona: Mere handbag mein kaise hoga? Ek kaam karo tum dono restaurant mein check karo main bahar dekhti hu.

Sona’s POV:
Cars ke neeche, ped ke peeche, dustbin tak mein check kar liya. Aise kaise gayab ho sakti hai. I checked in every nook n corner but couldn’t find the keys. Just then, when I had lost all hopes, I spotted something shining on the seat of a bike. It was nothing other than Jatin’s scooty keys. I didn’t pick it up. Jatin n Dev came back. Jatin was all tensed while Dev kept scolding him for being so careless.

Sona: Jatin look there’s something shining on that bike behind you.
Jatin: Where?…….Oh My God…my keys!!…..yeh yaha rakhi thi….Thank you Sonakshi….thank you so much!
Dev: Dumbo! Keys saamne padi thi aur yeh poori duniya mein dhoondh raha tha.
Jatin: Oh ab yaad aaya….jab main tumhe helmet pehna raha tha tab yaha rakhi thi! Thank god mil gayi. I owe you a big one Sonakshi. Thank you so much.
Sona: Its all cool! Ab jaldi Chalo its 9:10 already. Ghar wapas aate aate 10:00 baj jaayenge.
Dev: Ya let’s rush.

As soon as we reached the mall Ma called. She was worried as for the first time I was out alone with two boys at late night that too in Delhi.

Asha: Sona aur kitna time lagega beta?
Sona: Don’t worry ma…yeh dono ladke bahut achhe hain. Mujhe safely ghar pahucha denge. I’m safe with them. Aap chinta mat karo.
Asha: Aise kaise chinta na karu….tere papa bhi yaha nhi hai……accha theek hai….tum bas jaldi wapas aa jaana.
Sona: OK Mumma bye.

We bought all the gifts and kept all the bags on Dev’s scooty. Me and Jatin went ahead and Dev followed. We rode back to my house.

This was beautiful….Clear black star studded sky….cool breeze flowing past my hairs, kissing my face, caressing my soul. I had never ever had a ride of this kind. I felt like a free bird. I wanted to freeze this moment. It just felt amazing. Jatin’s words pulled me out of the trance.

Jatin: You know something? We were just past 70 some seconds back.

I couldn’t listen to what he said. As the wind was gushing past, it made his words inaudible to me. I bent forward close to him, in order to make out what he said.

Sona: What did you say?
Jatin: I said were riding at 70 km/hr.
Sona: If I die..I don’t mind…but remember my dad is in the army. He won’t let you live.
Jatin(laughing): In case of an accident both of us  will die madam. But don’t worry I won’t let you die so soon. Hey where is Dev? Can you see him.

I turned back. He was way behind us. I asked Jatin to slow down so that he could catch up with us.

Dev’s POV:

What does he think he’s doing? I can’t even increase my speed above 50 with all these gifts n stuff and he’s riding as if he has to take her to the moon. FOOL!! Look at the way she’s sticking to him. School mein toh she’s such a sati-savitri! Huh!!

We reached Sonakshi’s house. Kept all the gifts inside and left to your respective homes.

* Next day- In school *

Sona’s POV:

I told Elena all about yesterday’s adventures. She was in full mood to troll Jatin for losing the keys. Jatin n Dev came to our class in the recess.

Jatin: Sona! One sec, can we discuss today’s plans?
Ele: Wait! Jotti aunty ko bataya tune? Oho nahi bataya? Koi baat nahi main bata doongi. Arre jaise keys khoi thi….khud ko bhi kyun nahi kho leta? Kitni shanti rahegi humari lives mein.
Dev: Arre Elena… Kya faayda..agar yeh kho bhi gaya toh iski Kiara ise dhoodh hi legi?
Ele: Bilkul theek kaha tumne…best yahi rahega ki dono saath mein Kahi kho jaaye….ae why don’t you plan a honeymoon??
Jatin: Elena tu chup reh samjhi? Sona aaj 8:00 baje main aur dev aayenge tumhare ghar. Wafers or plates tumhare ghar pe rakh denge and ya even your treat is pending!
Sona: OK done! I’ll be waiting.

*@Sona’s house*
Dev and Jatin came to my house. Both were really cordial with ma. She liked both of them and was quite impressed with their “Good Manners”.

Dev: I’m so sorry aunty. Yesterday we were in a hurry. I couldn’t even greet you.
Asha: Its all OK beta. I’m glad that you came today.
Dev: Aunty where is uncle?
Asha: Sona’s father is a Major in the Army. We lived in Bangalore when he served there, but he was transferred to Leh last year, so we moved to Delhi.
Jatin: Acha kiya aunty Jo aap log yaha chale aaye. Nahi toh sona jaisi acchi dost miss ho jaati.
Sona: Haan bas bas… Arre ma…aap plz dev ke liye jaldi se Kuch khaane ko le aayiye. Kal bechara bhookha hi reh gaya tha.
Asha: Arre haan main toh bhool hi gayi thi. Tum log baatein karo main abhi aati hu.
Dev: Arre aunty uski koi zaroo…
Jatin: Zaroorat hai….nahi toh bhookh ke maare saara time humara dimaag khata rahega.

The three of them were busy discussing further plans for the day when asha arrived with the snacks.

Dev: Everything is really tasty aunty.
Asha: Thank you beta….have some more….Jatin juice lo beta.
Jatin: Aunty main iski tarah nahi sharmata…main toh sab Kuch loonga.

And they all laughed and had a good time together. After around half an hour our teen trio departed to accomplish their mission.
Each one of them took special care of a very special thing–JATIN KI SCOOTY KI CHAABHI. Devakshi kept taunting him all the way. After completing all their work they headed back to Sona’s home.
But Jatin with Sona sitting behind him, took an opposite turn. Dev got confused and kinda lost the way. Hey reached near an ice cream parlour but couldn’t see dev behind them.

Sonakshi sounded worried.

Sona: Dev kaha hai?
Jatin: Abhi toh peeche hi aa raha tha…kaha chala gaya?
Sona: Kahi woh raasta bhatak gaya toh?

Just then she saw him searching for  them and waved to him. He spotted her waving and guided his scooty to their direction.

Jatin: Kaha chala gya tha?
Dev: Tune ulta turn kyun le liya.
Jatin: Sonakshi ki treat! Yaad hai?
Dev: Toh chalne se pehle bata deta.
Jatin: Acha bhai maaf kar… Chalo kaun si ice cream khaaoge?
Sona: Cornetto
Dev: Kuch bhi khila De.
Jatin: Bhaiya 3 Cornetto De dijiye.

While they were all enjoying their ice creams sona began a serious discussion.

Sona: I was wondering how immensely things have changed in these two days.
Jatin: Matlab?
Sona: Matlab yeh ki do din pehle tak Jis dev aur jatin ko main janti thi….woh toh koi aur hi they.
Dev: Hmmm…..tum kis dev aur Jatin ko janti thi?
Sona: Main uss dev ko janti thi Jo bahut egoistic tha, self centered tha, rude tha, MCP tha..
Dev: Main MCP kabhi nahi tha…
Sona: Exactly….. but Mujhe aisa lagta tha… do dino mein realise hua ki kitni galat thi main. I’m glad I could know both of you.
Jatin: Haan yeh baat toh hai…main bhi sochta tha tum ekdom ghamandi type ki ladki hogi….conservative types….but you are so different..
Dev: And good…..I mean….you are just the opposite of being egoistic or selfish as I thought. Actually you are right….in do dino mein bahut Kuch badal gaya…
Jatin: Hum kitne acche dost ban gaye hain…..I hope this friendship lives forever.
Devakshi: I hope so too.
Sona: Toh humari taazi taazi garma garam friendship ki khushi mein ek selfie ho jaaye?
Jatin: Haan haan….ice cream ke saath..

They clicked many pics….first at the ice cream parlour and then when they went back to Sonakshi’s home. Jatin had got a call and had to rush home. Dev helped sonakshi to arrange  all the things they had brought. After finishing he spoke.

Dev: It was fun right?
Sona: Indeed! I’ve never enjoyed so much as I did in the last two days.
Dev: Its strange how we misunderstood each other that badly.
Sona: Ya! But I’m happy its all sorted.
Dev: OK I’ll take your leave.
Sona: Fine…good night.

Dev was just about to leave when he rememberes something.

Dev: Sonakshi….I needed those pics.
Sona: Oh ya….gimme your number I’ll send them to you before sleeping today.

And he gave her his no. Greeted a namaste to asha…and left for his home…

Later that night…
Sonakshi was busy seeing those pictures when she remembered she had to forward it to him. She saved his no. as Dev Dixit….and began sending him the pictures through what’s app. After she was done…..she went to sleep. Just then her phone buzzed. She opened it only to find..

Dev Dixit: Thank you..?

She replied a “your welcome” and went off to sleep again. She didn’t expect any further reply from him. But as soon as he closed her eyes. The phone buzzed again.

Could it be Dev? She thought to herself. But why would he?


P.S. Zyada lamba ho gaya na? Sorry if your found it boring. Mujhe lag raha hai readers are losing interest in this FF…. Itne kam comments! Agar aap padh rahe ho toh plz lemme know. Silent readers plz do comment. Its gives us motivation to write more… And improve….love you all?

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  1. Riti1107

    The whole dedication wala para in the beginning???
    Had Dhwani read it she would have loved it…
    Dhwani was an introvert but when she made friends she loved them from the core of her heart nd I’m damn sure she loves you too
    Sammy you’re made of a different metal you call me twinny but ur actual twin was Dhwani … She had a lot of sh*t to handle apart from her health & she sailed through it with a smile …. there was a spark in her to live but …

    I hope that spark to live,work hard & achieve what we want gets ignited in all of us that would be a way for her spirit to live forever

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Mujhe pata tha tum emotional ho jaaogi isliye last mein Shaheer waali line ghusaani padi….kyunki meri wajah se koi udaas ho jaaye….I can never handle that. I hope you had a smile on your face by the end of the shot. I’m sorry if I made you cry. And you last line…..I hope so too?

  2. Riti1107

    The shot was awesome
    Although all of us would have wanted Sona to ride behind Dev but it seems the ff is more on friendship, which is something amazing & unique
    Can’t say more
    Post Soon

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      You are absolutely right. These days people have forgotten the value of a true n pure friendship. And specially when it comes to a boy n a girl… For the world they could either be bro-sis or lovers. Through this FF I’m trying to explain my idea of a serene relation between a boy n a girl. Let’s see if I can do that successfully. Thanks for all your love twinny. Take care.?

  3. Sammy i really don’t know anything….but your dedication para and riti’s above comment made me realise that you have lost someone very precious….
    I hope she rests in peace forever and ever….

    And the update was as usual awesome….
    Loved loved loved it…!!
    Thank you for this update….
    And that was too smart of you to justify That MCP thing in between….and you slayed that very well…?

    Will be waiting for the next one…?

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      She’s resting in peace dear in mine n Riti’s heart…..well many more ppl I guess…I don’t know much about her. Just that she is a great person.

      And MCP…?? I actually zabardasti added that to apologize for my prior mistake.
      Thank you. Love you loads???

  4. DramaQueen1004

    Teeno do dino mein 3 idiots ban gaye…
    It was vry nice
    Jatin ki chabiyaan…. oh god… I was rofl
    Love u loads

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      3 idiots??..sahi kaha….thanks nafia love you too?

  5. Vinya

    Ur ff is really sweet…. It’s just soooo aggh….. I don’t have words to express how amazing ur ff is…. Keep writing and keep smiling ☺….

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you vinya I’m glad ur liking it. Keep reading and keep smiling..??

  6. i’m very happy to know that u have such a friend whom u love from the core of ur heart…i wish ur friendship stay forever…..i had very less friends or u can say no one in my life to share my life with….the one who can understand me from my level of preception…so i know the importance of friends in life….coming back to the episode…it was awesome…ur story seems to be real….these things happen in reality also….but when male ego & female attitude clash each other than things get worsen….i am really glad that u make devakshi good & caring in ur ff not full of ego & attitude…really nice episode…post next soon dear

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you ekani….I would say its never too late to have friends…you only need to give it a try. Sometimes trusting ppl is hurtful. But that’s how we learn to live right. Life is never a cakewalk for anyone. Ups and downs are equally needed to live a balanced life. So I would say…try making friends…I’m sure you’ll be the best one for them even if they are not.
      And about the episode….I’m glad ur liking the progress. Keep reading dear. Love?

  7. V.V.harshita

    It awesome….don’t say it’s boring ….plzs Post asap
    With lots of love

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Hey thanks akshada…ask Harshita to read it too…love?

  8. Awesome

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thank you princess?

  9. Lv u my frnd …….. ur one of a kind … tere jaise duniya main koyi ni …….. I knew all these :p…… awesome shot ….. loved it

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      I love you too addu…to have a friend like u is no less than a blessing. Thank you for being there for me always. Miss you?

  10. woww…samayra a silent reader..i love your writing style…???pleeese dont stop this ff…yea the whole world thinks a boy and a girl can never be just friends..thanks for choosing this concept..hope i ll get a friend like yu some day??

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      We’re already friends Sharon?….thanks for commenting dear… Love?

  11. I simply loved this one….u r n awesome writer…u should write..☺☺☺☺

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thanks cappie…keep reading?

  12. Nikkita0194

    kisne kaha yeh lamba hai thoda aur bada likh dete mai pura din padne ke liye tayar hu kitna zalim hoga vo insan jo is khubsurt se ff me intrested nhi hi mera bas chale toh use jute chapal se maru agar yeh log nhi bhi milenge yah joti b sona ka partner ban jayega tab bhi mai apka ff padna nhi chodungi
    dil diya h jan bhi denge aye ff tere liye
    nice sam diii
    love at first sight
    how sweet ???
    u no when i join this site be4 dat i was a silent reader i found this site cuz of mine frnd nd i use 2 read it i found many of u guys cmnting nd there i found ur cmnt i just read i was blushing reading it nd then i use 2 read ur cmnts regularly when i dont have tym i just use 2 read u not other nd after some days i join i felt like u r a gr8 grown up n not wellcome my stupidity but u did u loved me the person very mature egoless n most loving i found on tu is u idk wat you must b thinking about me but thats true none other else but just 2 meet u i join this site it was just 4 having a sight of a lady whose a heart lover n also a winner i even never seen u but u r just like a magic i use 2 get many notifications i even not reply some but when i found u i broke into smile nd just use to open u nd the box of love filled in ur cmnts
    ? love u from bottom of my heart

    1. Nikkita0194

      yeh kya likh diya??

    2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Ab itne bade comment ka reply bhi toh bada hona chahiye na!
      So shuru se shuru karte hain.
      1. Joti ke paas Kiara hai….woh aur sona kabhi ek nahi honge….so don’t worry.
      2. Mere FF se itna pyar karne ke liye thank you niks???
      3. I would say its just your generosity that you’ve praised me so much n given so much of love to this stupid girl. It takes a good heart n mind you love n praise someone so openly.
      4. In you I’ve found a sweet lil younger sister n I love you as much as you love much. Take care. ?

  13. Priya12

    Di, ur so niceee…
    U just dedicated to dhwani,…seriously di, ur so good….
    And pls don’t dare to say it as boring…
    It’s just gng interesting day by day…
    Idk y but I feel some mysteries r there in ur story….it may not be but I just felt like that…
    Amazing epi as always
    Post asap…

    1. SamayraRaghavKashyap

      Thanks Priya…n u r right there is a surprise awaiting for the readers….but thats a few more shots away. I’ll try posting asap. Love ya!?

  14. Darshana

    Hey firstly it was not at all boring..and glad that u remember me!?…
    the episode was superb..?????…
    i hope its dev…once again i wont have to wait..hehe..

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