Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga (Shot 17)

……………………THOSE EIGHT YEARS………………..

Author’s Note

This chapter marks the beginning of a new phase in Devakshi’s life. And I dedicate this chapter to all my voracious readers?.
The amount of love and support you guys have given me, and my story, is something I can’t thank you enough for.
All your appreciation through your comments has made this story what it is today.
Keep pouring in your love guys, it motivates me to write more and more!!?
I know you’re all eager to read ahead, so let’s begin with the chapter!

Happy reading!!

26 March, Dixit Niwas
Bhowali, Nainital

Through the lush green hills, laden with fir and pine trees, the sunrays seemed playing hide and seek with him. His mornings were never so beautiful at the chaotic capital of the country. All he wanted was to cherish every bit of this moment. But the constant beeping of the morning alarm pulled him out of his peaceful slumber. As he reached for his phone on the side table…

“7:00 am Wake Up!!”

…flashed on the screen.

He swiped off his alarm when his eyes fell on the date.

“Wednesday, 26 March”

It was HIS day. His 26th Birthday!!
Sitting up straight on his bed, he looked out of his window dreamily, down the valley, through the pine trees and flowery bushes with hydrangeas and dahlias, cosmos and begonias, at a clear rill tumbling over the pebbles, birds chirping their everlasting melodies, the sun hiding behind the clouds over the Naina peak. How soothing it was to be here, to live at the foothills of Himalayas, to be at Nainital.

A slight hustle at the door, broke his meditation. It was his mother. Just as on all his birthdays, she wanted to be the first one to bless him.

Ishwari: Uth gaya mera Dev!…..Happy Birthday beta!
(So my son’s already up!)

She said kissing him on the forehead while he bowed down to touch her feet.

Dev: Thank you Maa.

Ishwari: Chal ab jaldi se ready ho ja. Gaur bhairav (famous as, the Golu Devta temple) chalna hai….aur phir shaam ko party bhi toh hai.
(Come on get ready soon, we have to visit the Gaur Bhairav temple and then in the evening there’s a party too)

Dev: Maa…..yeh party ki kya zaroorat hai? Main ab baccha nahi hoon!
(What’s the need of a party? I’m not a kid anymore)

Ishwari: Mere liye toh hai!….Dev…kuch hi dino ke liye toh tu yahaan aata hai beta….woh bhi sirf apne birthday par…..aur phir saara din aise mayoos baitha rehta hai….tujhe kya ho gaya hai Dev?
(You are still a kid for me…you come here only on your birthdays and then keep sitting gloomily all the them….what’s wrong with you Dev?)

Dev: Kuch nahi hua hai Maa….main bas yeh parties mein involve nahi hona chahta….koi celebration nahi chahiye mujhe.
(Nothing Maa….I just don’t want any partied or celebrations)

Ishwari: Tujhe apna birthday nahi celebrate karna toh mat kar. Par hum toh karenge……aur party mein toh tujhe aana hi hoga.
(If you don’t wanna celebrate your B’day…. Let it be so…but we will ckeberate your B’day…. And you’ll have to come to the party)

Dev: Lekin Maa….

Ishwari: Bas Dev! Maine keh diya na….tujhe aana hi hoga. Arre tere saare bachpan ke dost aa rahe hain beta. Woh Bittu yaad hai tujhe? Aur Rohit? Arre wahi jo Haldwani shift ho gaya tha. Aur woh Joshi bhaisahab ki ladki….kya naam tha uska…..ummm….Pragati…haan….. woh bhi aa rahi hai Almora se. Dekhna yeh teri life ka best birthday hoga!
(Enough Dev! My decision is final. All you childhood friends are coming. It will be you best birthday ever)

Saying so she left him with the company of his thoughts.

“BEST BIRTHDAY….it’s been a thing of the past!”
He said with a sigh, walking towards a cupboard that had a small box in it. Memories of his 18th birthday began flashing across his mind.

8 Years Back
25 March, 11:30 pm

The end of board exams was near. The last exam was on the morrow.
‘Mathematics – Dev’s favourite!’
He was happy as he was all prepared, but more happy as he was going to turn 18 tomorrow. Yes! It was his 18th birthday.

“Does Sonakshi remember?”, he wondered. “No chance! She’s way too busy with her studies. Can’t blame her….and anyhow why would my b’day be worth remembering to her? It isn’t that important.”
He chided away the thought of Sonakshi wishing him first and switched his mind to differentiation and integration.

At sharp 12:00 am, he received two messages on what’s app. His heart was delighted reading the name – ‘Sonakshi’!!

There was a picture of a letter, a handwritten letter, with colourful patterns on the left margin, written in beautiful round cursive. It read:

“Hey Captain!
Aaj khush toh bahut hoge tum!! Coz this is for the first time, that I, the one and only, SONAKSHI BOSE, will be wishing you on your birthday! So,


I know meri baatein tumhe bahut inspire karti hain. So here’s a message for you.

Never change yourself for anyone, except, for yourself! Jo insaan tumhe apne faayde ke liye badalna chaahe, usse door hi rehna (applies to ‘GIRLS’ too!). If you ever do, change only for good.

Flirt karna kabhi chhodna mat, but thoda limit mein. Line cross ho toh uske saath jise zindagi bhar jhel sako!(Jab ho jaaye toh batana plz?)

Apne best friends ko kabhi bhoolna mat. I know, school ke baad sab ke raaste alag, colleges alag, life alag….but do be in touch with them….coz even if they don’t tell you, they care for you! And will always do what’s best for you! So never do forget them.

Philosophy thodi zyada ho gayi na??
Chalo, long story short – Live Life and Love Life! Aur agar galti se bhi mujhe bhool gaye na, toh sapne mein aakar tumhara khoon kar doongi. So beware!!

With lots of love and care and kicks,

Your friend


The picture was followed by a message:
“Happy B’day Captain! And all the best for maths!?”

Dev: Hey thanks! I can’t believe you remembered!

Sona: How could I forget? After all its YOUR b’day. You’ll get the original copy of the letter tomorrow, after the exam.

Dev: Great! But where will we meet? I mean we’ve different examination halls right?

Sona: Ya……I’ll see you at the reception…. 1:45 pm, sharp!!

Dev: Done!

Sona: And don’t forget to get my chocolate.

Dev: Of course madam!

Sona: OK then, see you tomorrow.

Dev: Sonakshi!

Sona: Yes??

Dev: Thank You!

Sona: Shut Up?! And bye!

Dev:?? Bye….good night!

The next day soon after the exam, the two happy souls rushed to the reception looking for each other. Dev spotted Sonakshi holding a purple envelope and a small gift in her hand while she saw him coming towards her with her favourite chocolate.

Sona: Happy B’day Mr.18! Here’s your letter and a small gift from my side.

Dev: And here’s your chocolate!

Sona: Thank you so much!
She said devouring the chocolate with her eyes.
He was about to open the gift when she stopped him.

Sona: Not now……ghar jaake khona!

Dev: OK!

Sona: Chalo then….Mom’s waiting, I gotta go.

Dev: Sonakshi!

Sona: Hmmm??

Dev: Thank You!

Sona: Dev…….

Dev: No one has ever gifted me anything like this. I mean, you know I’m not much into material gifts n stuff…. And you’ve put in so much of efforts. This is the sweetest gift I’ve ever got. Thank you so much for making this day so special! It’s my BEST BIRTHDAY ever!


Dev was smiling to himself holding her letter in one hand and the little ‘Laughing Buddha’ she’d gifted him, in the other. It had a note too:

“So that you keep smiling always! Love – Sonakshi”

A drop of tear fell on his hand reading her name.

“I knew it!”, came a voice from the direction of the door.

Dev: Nikki!! When did you come?

Nikki: Just now, when you were crying reading her letters.

Dev: I wasn’t crying!

Nikki: Ya right!!…..Kis se jhooth bol rahe ho bhai? Mujhse ya apne aap se? It’s been eight years….har saal aaj ke din yeh letters aur gifts dekh kar unhe yaad karte rehte ho. Woh ja chuki hain bhai! Bhool jaao unhe!
(Why are you lying to yourself? Its been eight years. Every year you keep crying reading her letters on your b’day. She won’t be back bhai. Forget her)

Dev: Nahi Nikki, woh wapas aayegi, main jaanta hoon. SHE WILL COME BACK!!


Sona: I Love You!
(How’s Dev gonna react??)

P.S.  Surprised??? Almost all of you had guessed that it would be Dev’s realisation… But no!!…It was a leap!! How did you like it? Was this chapter a bit confusing? Did the precap confuse you even more? If yes, then don’t you worry….the mystery will unfold chapter by chapter. All you gotta have is patience! And I know woh toh aap mein koot koot ke bhara hai???
Love you all???

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