phir bhi tumko chahunga – shivika part 5

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Part 5
Shivaay : donot look at me like this how cam i believe that you are saying right
Risabh : Now i have to prove my sister relation
Shivaay : yes Mr. Sekhri its just a fact
Risabh : i m not going to prove she is my sister and who are to question me
Shivaay : I am her husband
Risabh : so i am her brother
Geetu : stop both of you enough and Mr. Shivaay
singh oberoi we will do dna test
Geetu call doctor doctor come
Doctor take Anika sample And. Geetu and

Anika pov
anika is numb to say anything she is not gettingvwhat is happening with her life sometime ago she is saying she is orphan but someone come and say i am her sister

Shivaay pov
Shivaay what is happening before i want to Anika past but now why i donot know why but i donot want Anika past comeout becuse somewhere in my heart i knw that past effect our relation but i never let that happen
Anika held shivaay hand shivaay see Anika with care
After Sometime
Doctor : miss sekhari ypur dna match with Mrs. Oberoi that mean you both are sisters
Doctor go
Risabh : Now everything is clear she is my sister mr. Shivaay singh oberoi now i think its clear tp you
Geetu go and hug Anika and this time Anika also hug her sister anika break
Anika : where are you dii when i cry in nights because i have none haa dii why you left me alone dii where you go and i am growm up in orphanage they used to beat me where were you that time dii
Geetu just hug and cry
Geetu : i am sorry Anu i cant even protect you from that choti maa please muje maaf kar do
Anika hug geetu again and then break hug risabh
Risabh : Anu i miss you so much my little angel i am blind that all because of me youbbear so much in your life please forgive me Anu i cant protect you
Anika hug her brother

Risabh : Anika have tpbdivorce shivaay because he is not rajput and rajput daugther marry in rajput not anyone faimly he is npt our status
Everyobe look shocked

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  1. Whoah shivay can’t march anika’s is so intresting

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    thus is not fare

  3. Madhu.r

    this is not fare

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    Awsomeeee shivay should get the taste of his medicine too..

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    What happen

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    Superb shivay’s ideology abt nkk back fires him superb dr…..

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    Amazing part

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