Phir Bhi TumKo Chaahunga (RagSan) shot -4 by suma

Hey guys I have decided the character Tara as Nehabagga

Hope you enjoy this part

” Tara please talk with me ” sanskar is pleading her.

” No…no…A big NO” she said and turned to other side.

” Sorry…sorry …sorry…” He said holding ears.

” I won’t forgive you sanskar….how could you say to Ragini mam about my crush ” ????

” I didn’t mean to say , but she won’t tell to laksh Bhai , u don’t need to worry “

” ???? If laksh sir will know I don’t have prblm…prblm is with Ragini mam,she  know about my crush???…she loves him a lot “

” Ok sorry I will not say anything to her from now “

” Promise ” she forwarded her hand

He forwarded his hand to make promise , then Ragini came to them.

” Hello sanskar, Taaaaaara ” she said

” Hey Ragini , 100 years for you …we are just talking about you ” sanskar said

Tara is nodding her head up down left right trying to smile but she failed

“about me?? “

” Haa ragini… yesterday ….aaahhhhhhh” sanskar screamed as Tara stamped his foot ,Suddenly

Sanskar looked at Tara …she is pleading him through gestures

” Sanskar class  ko late hora !!! Chale ” Tara asked

” Ha Tara , bye ragini ” sanskar said

” Tara you go … Sanskar will come, I have to talk important to him “

” Tara you wait in canteen, I will come ” sanskar said to Tara for that she nodded and escaped before giving warning to him not to talk about her anything.


” What ragini ? “

” Sanskar , you know about that trip right ? “

” Yeah “

” Ask laksh to come …he is not listening to me “

” Ragini…other department students are not allowed to this trip right “

” Yeah!!! But he can come separately, I cannot live without seeing him …please sanskar ask him.. “

Somewhere it piercing his heart …he lost into thoughts.

” Sanskar ??? “

” Yeah!!i Will Ask “

” Make him agree to come “

” Sure Ragini ”
She smiled and left

” What happened sanku ?? “

” I don’t know Tara , but mood toh teek nai hai “

” What did ragini mam said “

” Nothing Tara…leave !!! “

” I know sanku…you love her and she loves Ur Bhai” she said and  looked into her eyes and she nodded

” You can lie to yourself but not me…I’m your best friend duffer and I know you better and I know how you look at them like devdas or some cancer patient  when they r together  ?? “

For this he hugged her , Ragini came to say something to sanskar but saw them hugging, it irked her.

” Love hurts ,but not friendship ” sanskar said
Ragini neared to them , without noticing her

Sanskar said “love you tara “

She smiled and said ” love u more sanku…big duffer “

Then he saw ragini

” Hey Ragini !!! “

Listening this Tara is shocked
“God! Not again….this duffer will put me in danger this time also “

” I just want to say don’t ask laksh anything, sanskar” she said in stern voice.

” Why ragini ?? What happened ? Did Bhai said anything to you “

” Just do as I say sanskar , I don’t have to explain  you about that  ”  ragini said and left
Sanskar was hurt ?

” Sanskar , please dont be sad Yaar…ab mereko bhi patience nai hai tume sudharne ko “

He smiled
” Chalo class chalte “

” Haaa meri Jaan ”
They both left to class


What happened to you Ragini….why you behaved in that way with Sanskar ??, ???? Really , I have to say sorry to him ” ragini thought

” Hey Ragu, what are you thinking about baby ?? ” Laksh came to her.

” Nothing laksh ” she lied…first time she lied….

I lied first time to laksh …about sanskar…I can say to him that I have shouted on sanskar …but what can I say the reason…that he loves Tara so I shouted on him ?? What’s with me…????

” Laksh, I will go to home…no mood to listen class ” Ragini said and  left to home

Laksh came here to spend sometime with her as he getting very less nowadays and spending time with her is even less, but she left to home…
But laksh didn’t noticed the difference that everytime his presence even make her forget everything but now it is changing , it’s  sanskar…

Things going to change
Will she accept the change ??


Wait for this

Ragini realises new feelings for sanskar ??

Sanskar confess his feelings ???

Will laksh get to know that Ragini  love is fading towards him ???

Guys Tara is positive character and best friend of sanskar

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Suma ❤

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