Phir Bhi TumKo Chaahunga (RagSan) shot -1 by suma

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Scene starts from  Entrance of the Gate
A guy stops in middle of the gate standing with hands in his pocket looking towards the college

” My college “

Making face he started walking towards his punctured bike and cursed his fate
” first day , New bike got punchered ”
He walked with his bike to parking lot and parked his bike and started to walk around the college to have a look at it…

Soon his eyes captured his love a curve appeared on his lips by looking at it…he walked towards it

It’s basketball court…he love basketball like anything…he went near the court, but he saw some seniors are ragging some boys, so he thought to visit again aftersometime, he left the place…

While he moving towards canteen some senior girls group got him and called him

” Hey , Are you fresher??” Some girl asked

“Yes ” he said

” Where is the respect ?? Don’t you know to respect seniors “

” Sorry mam “

” What’s your name?? ” One of senior asked

” Sanskar mam “

” Which branch ?? “

” 1st mech mam “

” Same branch Yaar “

” Ok, take off Ur shirt ” one of the girl ordered

“What ??? “

” Are u deaf??? I said to take off Ur shirt “

He slowly opened his buttons to remove the shirt , then he heard the foot steps towards him ,he looked at sight an angelic face with cute smile caught his attention and he is staring at her

” Remove quickly”

He got to his senses and looked at them and removed his shirt and holded it in his hand

” Kya body hai ” one girl said to him looking his 6pack body

He covered his body with the shirt ,he saw the girl who is smiling and lost in her smile ???

She is beautiful

“Mam, Ur smile is so beautiful ” he said to her

She smiled at him

” How dare u ” one senior said and neared sanskar

By then one guy came near and held sanskar shoulder
” Bhai!! ” He whispered

” Laksh !!! He is Ur brother ??? ” One of them  asked

” Yeah , leave him…” By saying this laksh and sanskar walked from there

One girl followed them

” Laksh ” she called

” Ragini , wait I will come “

Oh her name is Ragini , very beautiful name like her ❤️

” No, I will come with you , wait na ” ragini said

She ran towards them and hugged laksh ,he too reciprocated the hug

“Ragini he is my brother sanskar , your branch 1st year “

” Oh, nice to meet u sanskar I’m ragini , same branch 3rd year ” she forwarded her hand

He just said his name without giving hand ” sanskar “

” Is she Ur friend Bhai?? “

” I love her sanky “

He side hugged her and she kissed his cheek

” Oh , u never told me abt her ? “

” I didn’t get any situation to tell and iam sorry , and ragini u should take care of my brother regarding to subject or anything else “

” Oh common lucky , u don’t have to tell this ” ragini said

” Bhai, iam not a kid , I can take care of myself ” by saying this he started to walk forward

Somewhere its pinching my heart dono what this feeling is and why iam feeling this????

Ok Bhai , I will go to class ” sanskar said

” Wait Sanskar , let me introduce our department and classroom …bye lucky…she bid bye to him before kissing “

Sanskar silently watching both of them

” U should have said  there u r Lucky’s brother sanskar ” ragini said

” That’s ok mam “

” Mam ???? U can call me Ragini ….treat me as Ur friend and if any help needed don’t hesitate to ask …you no need to go for lucky, first ask me anything ok ? “

” U love him a lot it seems “

” Yeah ” she said while smiling

I love her smile ❤️

While moving towards the department suddenly a ball passed our way and we looked at the ball

Basketball court is beside our department

“I want to play basketball, but are freshers allowed??”

” Do u like basketball ??”

” No , I love basketball “

” Lucky too loves basketball “

” I know “

” All can play sanskar and evg there is match if u want u can join “

” Sure , now I leave to class “

” Ok, remember don’t hesitate to ask anything “

” Yeah sure “

She forwarded her hand , but he went without noticing it…

He is something ?she thought herself and went to her class from there


Sanskar pov

For the first time I saw her , I felt like my heart is bouncing like ball which Is ready to drop in a basket …she is so cute, her voice which my ears captured was melodious , her smile which made my lips curved , her eyes which I want to see , her messy hair and her skin is divine …..I love her
Damn she is my brothers girl …is this correct or not ?


Soon I moved to my class and sat in empty last bench..

Last bench is empty??? Huh no backbenchers ????

Soon a girl came and sat beside me

” Hello , I’m Tina “

” Sanskar “

They became friends with in no time,they share common interests and she likes him verymuch (as friend)


“After class we will go play basketball , there is match Tina…you should come “

” Sure sanku “

He left to library while she went to hostel

He sat at one corner and studying magazine by then ragini came there

” Hey sanskar, first day itself you came to library ?? “

” It’s nothing like that, Tina went to hostel to set her room so I came to time pass here as I know only Tina “

” Oye , hello you know me and get this in Ur brain I will be there for you “

His heart is started bouncing….When a girl says this for u ….u mean something to her definitely ❤️❤️❤️

” Ok ” he said with a small smile

” U look so cute like a little kid “

” Kid ?? Cute??? “

” Ha…anyone can say Ur so cute by looking Ur smile “

” Pls don’t call me cute “

” Acha…cute sanskar !!!! Cutey!!!!! Cutey !!!! “

” Keep silent in library ” he placed his finger on her lips

Both had cute eye lock which broken by sanskar

He removed his finger on her lips and said

” Ok I’m leaving “

” Wait , I will come…u going for match right ?”

” Yes , but I have some other work “

” It’s ok I will come ” she said

” Washroom jaana hai , tum bhi aaogi kya ” he said

She smiled sheepishly and went from there

He walked towards girls hostel which is seen by ragini,
” Ye mujhse jhoot kyu bhola “

He met Tina and both came to basketball court

Laksh too came there with some boys and they started to play

Sanskar scored 5-goals , while laksh scored  2
And sanskar team won the match..

Ragini was sad as laksh never lost any game and he will be upset for loosing the game…

Laksh came towards Ragini and she hugged him, he too reciprocated the hug and both are talking these are all seen by sanskar from far.

” Sanku what are you watching ??” Tina asked

” Nothing Tina let’s go “

Both left the place.


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