Phir Bhi Na Maane…Badtameez Dil (part-4)

Hi! Guys! I’m back with my episodes. Here is the next part of BD. So let’s starts…

Next morning, Abeer wakes up from the inebriated state. He looks here and there and finally understands that he is at home.

Abeer (himself): Oh my god! What a headache man! Ouch! It’s so paining! One minute… How I came home? … (Shocked) Did Meher bring me here?! (He has a flash of Meher and him quarrelling in the bar) Oh no… What if she met Mom and Dad? Shit! How can I be so careless? But what if she didn’t? Arrrhhh!! Let me figure it out! But to whom I can ask this question? Ballu Kaka? Yes! (He comes out of him room in search of Ballu Kaka) Ballu Kaka! Ballu Kaka, where are you? Ballu…

A voice (interrupts): May I know, why are you shouting the name of Kaka? (It’s Nissar)
Abeer (stammers): Wo…Wo..Wo..Haa, for the breakfast… Haan, for that.
Nissar: But your breakfast is in your room.
Abeer (hesitates): Wo…

Nissar (feeling something fishy): Abeer! Say it or I will call Aunty!
Abeer: No… No… No! Are you mad!
Nissar: Then say…
Abeer: Wo, last night…
Nissar: Haan, I dropped you home. Why, any problems?
Abeer (relieved): No, that’s what I wanted to ask. Thanks yaar.
Nissar: Leave it. Get ready, we have to go office.
Abeer: Ok. (Nissar leaves) Thank GOD, Nissar dropped me otherwise it would have been a great problem. (He looks at his watch) Oh No! Let’s get ready. (He rushes to his room)

Here, in office, Meher is seen serious, in her cabin. She is walking here and there. We can see on her face that something is bothering her.

Meher (herself): Today, Abeer is gone. There is a limit for his doing. How dare he is to blame me for all the problems. I won’t leave him today. YOU ARE GONE ABEER MALHOTRA. (At that time, Rati enters) Hi, Rati! How are you?
Rati: Fine, Mam and you?
Meher: I said na, don’t call me Mam. Call me Meher. And yeah, I’m fine.
Rati: Mam…Sorry, Meher… you called me to come to your cabin.
Meher: Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you if Mr. Malhotra and Nissar came.
Rati: Not yet.
Meher: If they come, inform them to come to the conference.
Rati: OK (And she leaves with a smiley face)
Meher (in her phone): Haan, Hello… Yeah… ok… Sir, just as we planned, the conference would be held in half an hour…ok. (Half an hour later, Meher goes to the conference room) Good morning everybody!
Everyone: Good Morning!
Sattu Sir: Haan Meher, I forgot to introduce someone special. She is Nisha, my wife!
Nisha (excited): Hi Meher!
Meher (smiles): Hi! Is everybody here (looking at Sattu sir)?
Sattu Sir (hesitates): Wo…Meher! Actually, Abeer can’t come and Nissar would be here in sometime.
Meher: Haan, Nissar has informed me. He has to change something on his speech but why Abeer is not here?
Nisha: Wo actually (hesitates)…Abeer is angry, that’s why!
Meher: So?
An employee: Wo Kya hai na Meher ji, Abeer is very special here, so we don’t force him for anything.

Meher (surprised): Sir, this is ridiculous, he is too an employee even if he is a rock star. He shouldn’t be benefited this much. Even if he is angry, he should attend the meeting. Call him to come here, RIGHT NOW (looking at an employee)!
Sattu Sir: I understand Meher, but he is very important to our channel. And he is like my brother, after all. But now Meher, he is angry. He won’t listen to anyone… even me.
Meher (after thinking a lot): We still have (looking at her watch)… 10 minutes for our conference. In these 10 minutes, Abeer would be here.
Nisha: But Meher…
Meher: Trust me! (She goes to Abeer’s cabin)

Here, Nissar is trying to convince Abeer a lot to attend the conference. Meher enters into his cabin and sees this.

Abeer (in anger): Why the hell did you come here?
Nissar: Calm down, Abeer. Meher…
Meher (looking at Nissar): Nissar, in 10 minutes, we have a conference. You come, ok…
Nissar: I’ll come, you go.
Meher (While leaving the cabin): Bring him also (pointing at Abeer).
Abeer: Hoy, Hello! I’m not gonna join your stupid conference.
Meher: Really?
Abeer (shouts): Yeah!!! (The sound reaches the conference room)
Nissar (himself): Hey Bagwan!!!!

In the conference room, everyone gets scared hearing Abeer’s shouting. Sattu Sir is roaming here and there.

Sattu Sir (panics): Oh no! Don’t know what happened there! What if Abeer hit Meher … What was the need for her to do all this?! … I’m gone today! Meher would leave the office and I’m finished! Nisha… Call the ambulance! I’m 100% sure, after hearing Meher’s resignation, I gonna have a heart attack! Oh no God, Please have some mercy on me! (He sits on the ground and Nisha is consoling him)

Meher enters the conference room with Nisaar and sees Sattu sir on ground. She is amused to see that.

Meher (amused): Sir, what happened? Are you ok?
Sattu Sir (worried): Meher, I have to ask you this question, are you ok? Nothing wrong happened na?
Meher (consoles): I’m ok Sir, don’t worry… (She smiles) What should be done is done. (And she sits on her chair and everyone takes their place in confuse)
Sattu Sir (relieved): Shall we start?
Meher: Have patience sir, still Abeer is not here.
Sattu Sir: Meher, I’ve been working with him all this year. I’m 100% sure, he won’t come. It’s waste of time…
Meher (interrupts): I’m also 100% sure, that he will come.
Sattu Sir: Meher…
Meher (while sitting): 5…4…3…2… (While pronouncing 1, Abeer enters)
Meher (looks at him and smirks): 1

Everyone opens their mouth in shock except Nissar. Sattu sir, who couldn’t take this shock, stands up from his chair.

Meher (looking at Sattu Sir): Sit down sir! (He sits)
Abeer (passes a death glare to Meher): Shall we?
Meher: Yes, Mr. Malhotra. Take your sit. (Abeer sit down)

Meher is talking about channel’s growth and about Abeer and Nissar shows which are attracting people’s eyes. She often looks at Abeer, who is burning in anger which makes her amused. This is noticed by everyone.

Boy 1: Yaar look, it seems there is something going on between these two.
Boy 2: Haan Yaar, otherwise Abeer and listening to someone, no chance!
Girl: Guys! Stop it and listen to Meher!

Abeer is still burning in anger, as Meher has hurt his ego. He is thinking about what have happened just before.

Meher: Really?
Abeer (shouts): Yeah!!!
Meher: You won’t listen to me like that.
Abeer: Then how! Stop your nonsense and get out! There was a time when I used to listen to you but now… Don’t even think about that! Understood!
Meher: Now also you will listen to me.
Abeer: Have you gone mad! You know what I will go out; it’s just a waste of time to listen to you. (He prepares to leave when Meher play a recorder)
Recorder (Abeer in inebriated state): Meher… You blo*dy witch! Didn’t you get enough that you came here! You know what! The one who hired you is the world worst person! Why are you looking there…look here! At me! Just go away from me or else I will sue you… no! No! I will kill you and throw you in sea! Understood…

While Abeer looks on stunned, Meher smirks and Nissar is shocked.

Nissar (shocked): What the hell is this Abeer?!
Abeer: Wo… Wo
Meher (laughs): Awe, this is not fair Abeer. You hid it from Nissar. Very bad.
Nissar: Can anyone tell me what’s going on here?
Meher: I’ll tell you. Yesterday night, Yeh Mahaan Saab has called me to come to the bar. (Abeer looks somewhere in anger) Sir actually has called me to threaten me (pointing at Abeer). But what to do, I recorded what he was saying. His plan has turned on himself. How Pity! Hain na Nissar! (She smiles)
Abeer: Shut up Meher!
Nissar (in anger): Just shut up Abeer! Have you lost it! How could you call her to the bar and that too at night! Didn’t you think once before doing it! Seriously Abeer, it’s disgusting! (He leaves the cabin)
Abeer: Happy?!
Meher: You have 5 minutes to reach the conference room.
Abeer (in anger): If not…
Meher: If not, I won’t do anything. I won’t say that I will play this recording in conference room. I won’t say that I would put it on social networks. I won’t say that it would damage, your fame and image. I won’t say…
Abeer (moving angrily towards Meher): Are you blackmailing me? (They have an eye lock and mere nishan bgm plays)
Meher (looks at him for awhile and pushes him a little): 5 minutes, conference room. (She leaves the room and Abeer keeps looking at her)
Flashback ends.

Abeer comes out of his thoughts and looks at Meher who is being praised by Sattu Sir. This makes him even angrier.

Sattu sir: Wa…Wa…Wa… You are awesome Meher! It’s really good.
Nisha: Seriously Meher, it’s really a wonderful job! (All leave except Abeer and Nissar)
Meher: Thanks!

Nissar (he hugs her): Well done Meher!
Meher: Thanks Yaar! Haan, listen, I will leave now I have some work to complete, ok bye!
Nissar (comes near Abeer): Abeer… for god sake, please forget what had happened 5 years ago! It’s just a small misunderstanding. I think Meher also has forgotten it! Please Abeer, just forget everything and start everything afresh. (He leaves the room)

Sometimes later, Abeer too leaves the room. While walking on the corridor, he sees Meher talking on phone. He is still recalling what Nissar has said.

Abeer (in mind): Today, I will prove you what’s the result of playing with Abeer Malhotra!

While Meher is talking, Abeer comes near her, grabs her hand and forcefully takes her to his cabin. This is not noticed by everyone as they are busy in their own work.

Meher (shouts): What the hell is this Abeer?! Leave my hand, it’s paining!
Abeer (leaves her hand in force which makes her go ahead him): And what about the pain you gave me, haan!
Meher: Listen, this is not the place to talk about all this!

She starts to leave when Abeer pins her against the wall and blocks the passage so that she can’t move.

Meher: What is this, leave me! (He presses her hand which pains her) Ahhhh! Abeer it is so paining! Leave my hands!
Abeer: Why are you doing all this, haan! First, you went away from us now after I tried to forget all those things, you again came back in our life, why?
Meher: Because, I want to prove that your presence won’t affect me, understood! 5 years… I was away from all for 5 years. My mom, my brother, my friends, Pops and Madhvi Ma… (Looking at Abeer with teary eyes) You made me to run away from them. Why? It’s all because of your stupidity and your foolishness. You proved that day that you don’t trust. You were blinded in Sasha… (She wipes her tears) leave it! (She gets away from Abeer) Listen to me very carefully, I’m telling you today, you or your presence won’t affect my life anymore! You are just nothing to me, just nothing! And yeah, do whatever you want but this time I’m not gonna run away. I’m gonna face you, MEHER PUROHIT IS READY TO FACE ABEER MALHOTRA. (She goes out of the cabin and Abeer looks on)

At night, Meher and Abeer (in their rooms) are looking at the moon. Abeer is looking at the moon while playing the guitar and Meher is looking at the moon while combing her wet hair. Both kept looking at it and then fall asleep (karaoke of Agar tum saath ho plays…). For the next one week, Abeer didn’t disturb Meher. In fact, he isn’t seen by Meher. Meher and Nissar thought that Abeer has changed and Meher is completely concentrating on her work.

Sattu Sir (enters into Meher’s cabin): Meher, did you hear that?
Meher (keeping her eyes on the laptop): About what? (Guys, here Meher is very friendly with everyone)
Sattu Sir: Abeer’s new program.
Meher (looking at Sattu sir): New program? What’s that?
Sattu sir: I also don’t know. He said that he would reveal it in today’s show. Come let’s see what it is.
Meher: Sir (she wants to refuse)… Ok. (She goes with Sattu sir and finds the whole office waiting for Abeer) what’s happening here?
Rati: Meher, actually Abeer is gonna do something new. That’s why we are all gathered here.
Meher (confused): Ok… (In mind) Don’t know what rubbish he is gonna do now.

Abeer is seen walking on the corridor to the recording room. Only Meher, Sattu Sir, Nissar and Rati and in and the others are out. The door is kept opened so that they can hear what he is saying. Abeer comes and sees the four. He didn’t behave harshly with her, shocking Meher. She didn’t expect this from him.

Abeer (happy face): Hi! Everyone. (Looking at Meher and Sattu sir sees this) It’s looking like everyone is very eager to listen to my songs.
Meher (in mind): Yeah, my foot!
Nissar: Abeer, Shall we start?
Abeer: Yeah… Ok, everyone, ready, ok, 1…2…3…start… (Looking at the camera) Hello, everyone! This is your favorite Abeer Malhotra… I hope all, you, my fans are fine… I know you all are waiting for my song, so let’s start it!


Na.. Na.. Na.. Na..
Na.. Na.. Ne..Na..Na..
Naaaa..Naaa..Na.. Na.. Na

Juki Teri Palkon Mein Mil Jaaye Mujhe Panaah
Palkein Gire Aasu Bhari Reh Jaaye Mere Nishaan
Tute Dil Ki Mat Kar Tu Fikar Mere Humnava
Pyaar Doon Tujhko Is Kadar
Reh Jaaye Mere Nishaan
Mere Nishaan..mere Nishaan… (Looking at Meher)
Mere Nishaan..mere Nishaan…
Mere Nishaan.. (x2)
(Mere nishan of BD)

So guys, how was it? Nice na? My fans I have always been thinking that it’s been five years that I’m here for you… In these years, I’ve been here playing songs for you. But from now, let make it more interesting and special… Didn’t understand, let me explain you… Today, I’m gonna tell you a story… (Looking at Meher talking with Nissar)… An 18 years story (Meher looks on confused and so is Nissar). You will all be thinking, “what yaar why this man is gonna tell a story in his show” but I promise, this one will really entertain you (and he smirks looking at Meher’s confused look). Let’s start it… Wait, wait, wait… Without the leads, what the story is. Let me introduce the characters. They are… Babloo (Meher and Nissar look at Abeer)… Pappu (Nissar is shocked) and… Chashni (Meher spills out her coffee from mouth) So guys, from tomorrow, you will be hearing a story in Abeer’s show. Stay stunned and keep guessing what the story is about…Bye. (Everyone claps and Meher leaves immediately the room and Nissar follows her) (In mind): This is what I wanted Meher. (He smiles)


Things are getting more and more complicated. Abeer is gonna tell an 18 years story which makes Meher and Nissar shocked. Is this story gonna tell about Mehbeer’s life or be a story for a show? If it’s true then we got something which is going to reveal the longtime secret and Sasha. But is it gonna be a heartbreaking one? Stay stunned to know further.

Guys, as you all know, I really love the serial BD a lot. And that story telling… especially the love story scene, it was just rocking… That’s why I decided to do a similar one but trust me it’s not gonna have the same storyline. I still remember the second episode of their love story when Meher refused to eat the cake… It was just mind blowing… Ok! I will stop blabbering… This story telling would have many twists and would be revealing why Abeer and Meher hate each other so much. I hope you will all enjoy it and once again keep commenting :).

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