Phir Bhi Na Maane…Badtameez Dil (part-2)


Hi Guys, I’m back. Sorry, I was really busy these days that I didn’t have time to write the ff. I don’t know how many episodes I would post per week but I would try my best. And yeah, I’m really happy to see your comments. Keep reading to know further. Also, at the end of this part I would eliminate one of the five propositions that I gave you to guess (the eliminate one isn’t the write one). Ok, I will stop blabbering and let’s start…

Hearing the word America, Abeer is seen upset. He recalls something.

Nissar: Abeer, she has gone. Don’t be upset.
Abeer (in anger): Upset? Why should I? She didn’t even think once about us and went and why the hell I should be upset. I just hate her Nissar. I hate her.
Flashback Ends

Nissar is calling Abeer and he comes out of his thoughts.
Nissar: What happened?
Abeer: Nothing.

The scene shifts to Abeer’s house. We can see a woman (around 40), entering a room. She is Abeer’s mother, Madhvi.
Madhvi (irritated): Oh my god! What the hell is this? (Actually the room is completely in mess) Don’t know when this boy would change?
Saying this she starts arranging things in its place. It is when Kuber enters, seeing Madhvi busy. (Here, Kuber is totally different from the serial. He loves Abeer a lot and is very friendly with him.)
Kuber: What happened, dear?
Madhvi: look what your rockstar has done. His room is completely in mess. Don’t know how he became a rockstar, he can’t even keep his room tidy.
Kuber: leave him nah.
Madhvi: Yeah whatever.

Madhvi is still arranging the room. She comes across a photo which is under Abeer’s bed. She takes it to have a look.
She is seeing a photo of three children and has tears in her eyes.

Kuber (worried): Madhvi. (He comes near her and sees the photo. He places his hand on her shoulder)
Madhvi (still crying): 5 years have passed, still they are like this. Don’t know what to do. I’m really scared.
Kuber (hugs her): SShh! Don’t Worry (he consoles her). Everything will be alright.

2 day later…

Everyone is seen in hurry and Sattu Sir is seemed impatient as the new CEO is gonna join his channel. A woman (around 26 or the same woman in the first episode) is seen entering into the office. Everyone is mesmerized seeing her. She has worn a black dress till knees with black high heels. She left her hair open which is till her waist. She walks with attitude which make all around crazy.

Boy 1 (mesmerized): Arre yaar, what a girl!
Boy 2: Ha yaar, she is beautiful and hot! I hope she works here!
Girl 1: Oh my God, she is looking stunning.
Girl 2: Yeah, you are absolutely right. I think she is gonna make every boys crazy here.

The woman, who is listening all this, walks in even with more attitudes. Sattu Sir smiles listening to this.

Sattu Sir: Wa Wa Wa! What an entry Meher ji!

Yes the girl is Meher and she is the New CEO of the Channel. Everyone comes there and Sattu Sir is giving her introduction to them. But only two people are remaining upstairs witnessing all this. We can see eyes of one person turning red.

Sattu Sir: Guys, this is Meher, Meher Purohit! Our new CEO. (Everyone claps)
Meher: Hi, everyone. Just as Sattu Sir told, I’m your new CEO. Don’t think that I’m gonna be strict or whatever. Think me as your friend and I will be cool with you all but you all have to be careful in your work and yeah, no need to call me Mam. You can call me Meher.

Abeer, who is seeing all this, burns in anger. Nissar places his hand on his shoulder to calm him.
Abeer (in anger): This time, I won’t leave. She has to pay for what she had done.
Nissar: Abeer, calm down ok! By the way, I’m going down.
(Guys don’t think that Nissar has done something to separate Mehbeer. In fact, he has a positive role in this ff)

Nissar is happy seeing Meher and Meher too. But somehow he is afraid as he knows that Abeer is up to something.

Sattu Sir: Meher ji, he is Nissar, Nissar
Meher (interrupts): Nissar Malik. After studying in xyz college, he joined this channel and made all girls to go crazy for his anchoring, am I right (looking at Nissar)?
Sattu Sir: Woh…
Nissar (interrupts): Absolutely…Chashmish (he smiles).
Meher (laughing): Nissar, you won’t change.

Both hug each other and are happy. Sattu Sir and others who are witnessing all this stay in confuse. They don’t understand what is happening.

Nissar: How are you?
Meher: Good, in fact well and you?
Nissar: Good.

Sattu Sir finally understands that the two know each other.

Sattu sir (excited): Wow, you both know each other. That’s great. Meher ji, now I want you to meet a special people, who like Nissar, has taken this channel to another level. The Dream Boy and the heartthrob of every girl, the one and only….
A voice: Abeer Malhotra .

Hearing the voice, Meher is shocked. We can easily see her face which turns from a happy to a horrified one. She turns and sees Abeer standing and staring at her. We can clearly see hatred for each other in their eyes.

Sattu Sir: Come Abeer, she is…
Abeer (interrupts): Meher Purohit.
Sattu Sir (fed up): Arre Yaar, if you all keep introducing each other then what would I do? (Everyone laughs)
Abeer (looking at Meher): Sattu Sir, sometime we need to know very well persons so that they wouldn’t backstab us.
Sattu Sir (confused): What!
Abeer: Just joking, actually we are…
Nissar (interrupts): College mates. Yeah, we studied in the same college, right Abeer?

Nissar managed the situation as he didn’t want Abeer to create a scene there.

Abeer: if you say then it is…Well, Miss Purohit, nice to meet you.
He forwards his hand to shake hands with her but Meher folds her hands.
Meher (gives a death glare to him): Same here Mr. Malhotra.
Everyone witnesses this. While the two were passing death glare to each other, others misunderstand it. They think that a new love story will start there. (Of course, it would but not now)

Sattu Sir: Meher ji, let me show your cabin, come.
Meher (still looking at Abeer): Sure Sir! By the way, I came here to work, let’s go.

Meher leaves with Sattu Sir to see her cabin, giving again a death glare to Abeer and everyone leave to continue their work. Abeer is controlling his anger and was about to say something but Nissar calms him down.

Nissar: Calm down Abeer! (And he leaves)
Abeer is in his cabin and playing drums nonstop. He stops. He recalls what happened. He throws his drumstick in anger.

Abeer (in anger): Do whatever you want Meher but I won’t let you win this time. You will suffer this time. It’s only because of you Sasha is not with me now. I won’t leave… I won’t leave you damn it. (He hits his hands against the wall. He goes out and sees Meher and Sattu Sir talking) Welcome to the hell Miss Purohit. Just wait and watch Meher what is Abeer’s game.


What happened to Abeer and Meher that they hate each other? What will happen to Meher now? Is she gonna suffer because of Abeer? Will a love story start? And who is Sasha? What relationship has she with Abeer? And what Abeer means relating to Sasha? Stay stunned to know further.

Guys, I hope you all liked it. I don’t know if this has satisfied your curiosity or not. But if not I’m really sorry. I wrote this inspiring the first episode of BADTAMEEZ…DIL but changed the story. And yeah, as I said before I’m gonna eliminate…the first one!!! Sorry for those who thought that Abeer and Meher were married and are divorced. But in my ff, they aren’t married. I will let you guess the story with the following propositions.

1) They hate each other from childhood
2) They were in love and broke up
3) One of both had betrayed another one
4) None and other(s) reason(s)

And last but not the least, keep commenting. Have a nice day!!

Credit to: Miya

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