Phir Bhi Na Maane…Badtameez Dil (part-1)


Guys I’m new to this FF and I hope you all will like my FF. So I thought to write on PBNM…Badtameez Dil. I liked the serial very much because of the love hate relationship between Mehbeer. Unfortunately it ended but I’m very happy to see FF about this serial. I thought why not to write a new one with a different storyline. And here it is.

The story starts with two little boys (aged around 7 to 8 years old), running in the corridor of a school.
Boy 1: Dude, what would happen when the teacher will enter into the classroom?
Boy 2: You fool, don’t you know. The flower which we set on the top of the door would fall on Helen Miss. She would be really impressed by this. After all, who won’t be impressed by Abeer Malhotra.
Yes, the one who is praising himself is Abeer and the one who is listening is Nissar.

All go to their classroom and are waiting eagerly for Helen Miss. The children hear Helen Miss, talking and are alerted. Their attentions go on the door. Helen Miss enters but to their surprise the flowers didn’t fall on her.

Helen: Good Morning Children!
All (in a sad tone): Good Morning Miss!
Helen: Hmm, Today a new student is gonna join your class. (She looks the door) come in, my girl!

The little girl comes in and the flowers fall on her. Abeer and Nissar are shocked.

Helen: Wow! It seems everyone is welcoming you here, Meher!

Yes, the little girl is Meher and from here the story is gonna center on Abeer, Meher and Nissar.

Helen: Students, this is Meher, Meher…..
Meher: Purohit, I’m Meher Purohit.
Helen: Oh Yeah, Meher Purohit. She comes from Bhopal and I hope you all would be nice with her. Meher go and sit next to Nissar.
Meher goes and sits next to Nissar. Abeer was still in disbelief as his plan has failed.
Nissar: Hi! I’m Nissar, nice to meet you.
Meher: Hi! I’m Meher and nice to meet you too. Who is this (pointing towards Abeer)? Why is he looking like this?
Nissar: He is Abeer, my best friend. (He calls Abeer) Abeer! Abeer!
Abeer: Hmmm (he comes out of his thoughts)
Nissar: She is Meher
Abeer (frustated): Yeah Yeah…Ok
Meher: How rude
They both turned their faces to other side. Nissar looks in disbelief as to how to patch up both.

18 years later….

We can see a man (around 26) playing a guitar. Only his back is shown. Everyone is cheering for him.


Na.. Na.. Na.. Na..
Na.. Na.. Ne..Na..Na..
Naaaa..Naaa..Na.. Na.. Na
(of Mere Nishan)

Suddenly a man (around 35) came in. He is none other than Satish Sahani (Sattu sir).
Sattu Sir: Abeer! Abeer!
The man (he stops playing the guitar): What happened, Sattu Sir? (Yes the man who was playing the guitar is Abeer)
Sattu Sir: Is the Song ready?
Abeer: Yup, I was just having a final practice. Buy the way, where is Nissar?

The scene shifts to Nissar. He is seen taking an interview. (Guys in this ff, Nissar is also a popular person in the channel. He has become, like Abeer, a successful TV presenter. We can also say that the channel is popular for Abeer’s song and for Nissar’s anchoring.) Rati is seeing all this outside the room.

Rati: Wow Nissar! You’re amazing dude!
Nissar: Yeah, I know. Both laugh and are lost in each other.
Abeer (enters): Hmmm! Look like I enter on the wrong time.
Nissar: Leave it. Why did you come?
Abeer: Oh I forgot. Actually Sattu Sir wants to announce something, come quick yaar!
Nissar: Yeah, Let’s leave.

The scene shifts to a beautiful house where a woman is scolding her son (they are Suman and Tunnu).
Suman: Tunnu, how many times I should tell you to study. Look what you have done. From now, no Tv and no video games. Your exams are coming.
Tunnu: Mom!!

The phones rings and Suman attends the call.
Suman: Hello…Bitto! How are you?…Ok…Really?…But…Ok…Bye
Tunnu: Mom, who is this?
Suman: Nothing, you go and study.

The scene again shifts to Sattu sir’s cabin.
Sattu Sir: Guys, I have an announcement to make. Our present CEO has gone permanently to America and a new one from there is going to join our channel.

Here in America, a woman is seen walking towards a cabin. Everyone is greeting. She enters.
Wilson (chairman of the office): Hi! I have a surprise for you. You are gonna be a CEO of a channel. Guess where? In India, you native country (Guys here, the woman and the chairman are friends). Here is your letter.
The woman took the letter. Only her eyes are visible. She closes her eyes and recalls something.

A voice of a man (angry tone): How could you do this? How could you? I have always trusted you but today you proved me wrong.
Another voice of a woman (crying): Don’t say this, I didn’t do anything, trust me… I…
The man slaps her and she collapses. She is shocked.
Flashback ends

The woman opens her teary eyes.
Wilson: What happened? Are you ok?
The woman: Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’m ready to go there.
She leaves the cabin and walks thinking about something.
The woman (In mind): I didn’t want to see him again but destiny is pulling me again and again towards him. I have to be strong so that I can show him that he doesn’t mean anything for me now. I have to.

The End

What happened to Meher? Where is she? Is the new CEO Meher? If not who is she and what happened to her? Stay stunned to know further.

What do you guess?
1) Mehbeer were married and are divorced
2) They hate each other from childhood
3) They were in love and broke up
4) One of both had betrayed another one
5) None and other(s) reason(s)

Guys I hope you all liked it. Your comments are mostly welcomed here. It’s with your comments I’m gonna decide if I will continue to write this ff or not.

Credit to: Miya

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