Phir bhi na maane Badtameez Dil. .new beginning (episode 7)


Sorry for late updates buddies. .I am not doing well thats why I didn’t update yesterday. .I am sorry..

Abeer enters his room.he locks door and come near mehar.she is sitting on bed..abeer sits beside her.he removes her ghoongat 😀 he gets shocked…it is nisar!!!!!!!
Nisar:hahaha…badi juldi hai tujhe
Abeer started to chase nisar.nisar opens the door and run.abeer run after him but he collides with someone. .its our mehar..they both falls on floor.they shares an eye lock(mere nishan plays)
Nisar and appendix comes there
Appendix:bro I think they both will celebrate their first night here
Nisar:shame shame
Abeer and mehar gets up.mehar feels shy.she goes to room
Abeer:will see u later aa
He eyes them.they both laugh at him.abeer closes the door. .he hugged mehar from back.
Abeer:my chashmish…
Mehar turns.abeer places his hands on mehar’s waist.he hits his forhead slowly to mehar’s forhead. Mehar smiles.they shares an eye lock…

Sasha’s room:
Akshat is sitting on bed angrily. Sasha comes from wash room.
Sasha:now go and change ur clothes
Akshat:who the hell r u to order me
Sasha:are…I am ur wife.
Akshat:I will file a divorce petition tomorrow its self
Sasha:tomorrow na???? Nw do what I said
He goes to change.sasha smiles
Sasha to her self:how fool he is…he even don’t know that newly married couple can’t divorce within one year 😀
Suman:today am so happy didi
Devki:bhabhi r u happy for abeer or mehar???
Tunno laughs.suman hits him..

Madhvi:atlast everything get normal
Kuber:haa madhvi u r right now abeer is happy and we got our grandson too
Madhvi:where is ishan?
Ishan comes
Ishan:I am here dadi
Kuber:today u r sleeping with us
Ishan:thnx dadu
Kuber hugs ishan.madhvi looks happily.

Abeer kisses on mehar’s forhead.he lifts her in his arms.he make her lie on bed.he turn off lights. They gets intimate….


Hw is it guys???????Rishi dr special sorry to u u everyone 🙂

Credit to: Ruby

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  1. I loved it

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    badtameez dil rocks

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    Cute one! Soooooooooo happpppy

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  9. Ruby kyahuva todasa busyhe kya abitak 8th episode nahi beja tum teeke

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    upload d nxt prt dear.. plzz we r waiting fr it

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  14. Yar I am noticing from few days that your sis aliya is not commenting on your ff and you are also giving late updates is everything alright between you and aliya I am sorry if I hurt your feelings but I wad asking just like that..

    1. @faizan..everything is ok between me and dude u didn’t hurt me.actually I was am ok..I will update next epi as soon as possible..sorry for taking so much time guys..

      .sorry @rishi dr…

      guys pls pray for Chennai flood victims. my sisi aaliya is also living there…

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