Phir bhi na maane Badtameez Dil. .new beginning (episode 6)


kuber calls the same man
kuber:u didn’t come yet???? its time for muhurat
man:I will be there in 5 min
he cuts the call..

Abeer is getting ready
Ishan:wow papa.. u r handsome
Abeer:iss handsome chahre ne hi uss chashmish ke dil ko hilaya hai beta 😉
Ishan:hahaha…papa let me check mamma
appendix:hey Ishan. .am coming along with u..

someone is coming towards Abeer’s room.only his side is shown. .he openes the door.Abeer was on phone

Abeer:I love u Mehar. .
the man forward his hand to Abeer’s neck.Abeer turns. he looks at the man shockingly. .. 😮

Rati is helping Mehar in getting ready. Sasha comes there.she hugs Mehar.
Sasha:looking like a princess Mehar
Mehar:thank u
Rati:Sasha ma’m u also look like a bride
Sasha:today is my mrg not Mehar’s..groom’s name is ABEER MALHOTRA
Mehar face turns sad
Sasha:am kidding yaar…just chilll
appendix and Ishan comes there..Ishan hugs Mehar
Ishan:wow…mrs.Malhotra. …
Mehar laughs..
Ishan:let me take a selfie.
they take selfie. .
Sasha:now everyone go out side..I have to tell Mehar something and I will bring her to mandap
appendix:okey let’s go
everyone goes.Sasha close the door..

Abeer stunned to see that man…he laughs and hugs the man happily. .the man’s face is shown. .its our Nisar..
Abeer:abey kaha the tu kamine (where were u)
Nisar:am sorry yaar.. I betrayed u and Mehar for money. even I tried to kill Mehar for money. .am really sorry. .
he bend down in his knees and started crying. ..abeer make him stand and slap him hard
Abeer:if u want money u can ask me na???? why u tried to kill my Mehar???

kuber comes there
kuber:am the culprit so blame me Abeer. .
kuber:I did everything to make u and Mehar u both r made for each other. .I forced Nisar to do everything. .he was helpless. ..
Abeer:why did u do this to me papa
kuber:that time I don’t like Mehar. .bt now I realised my mistakes. .I knw my son not happy without Mehar. .
he bend to touch Abeer’s feet
kuber:forgive me beta
Abeer:no papa…dnt do this..its ok
they hugged each other.Nisar is crying. .
Abeer:oye don’t act like seriel bahu
he punches Nisar’ tummy.Nisar smiles and hugs him.Abeer hugs him back..

kuber:Nisar bring abeer to mandap..its time for muhurat
Nisar:okey sir
kuber goes..Nisar an Abeer comes out.they walk towards mandap.Rati comes opposite to them.Rati is surprised to see Nisar. Nisar waves haii..
Abeer:hmmmm lovebirds. ..u talk with giving u 5 min
Nisar:okey bro

Nisar:I…I am…s
she slaps him
he gets shocked. .Rati cries and hugs him.he hugged her back
Nisar:am sorry Rati. .I promise nw I never leave u..

Abeer look back and smiles at Rati and Nisar. .on the spot someone place a clothes on Abeer’s face. he went unconscious. it is Akshat. he drags Abeer into a room and locked him there.he is wearing same dress as abeer.he wears sehri..he get out of from that room..he comes to mandap and takes Abeer’s place..

Mehar comes from her room.devki bua comes to her
Devki:where is this Rati? ?? come fast Mehar.

Mehar goes with her.she sits beside Abeer (Akshat)
the rituals starts…pandit says to take pheras.they take pheras. Abeer (Akshat) put sindoor on Mehar’s mang.he make her wear mangalsutra..pandit declares the wedding is take elders blessing. they both stands up.
Devki:now take off ur sehri Abeer. .
Abeer take off the sehri. .everyone shocked to see Akshat instead of Abeer.
Devki:AKSHAT. .
Mehar take off her veil. again everyone shocked. .it is SASHA.
Akshat too shocked. Sasha smiles at him
Akshat:u cheated me!!!!!!
Sasha:no..I just protect my friends life
madhvi:what’s all this Sasha? ??

in Mehar’s dressing room

Mehar comes to Abeer and sprinkles water on his face..
Mehar:Abeer. ..get up
she wakes him up.he opens his eyes.
Abeer:what happened to me Mehar? ??
Mehar:Akshat make u unconscious
Mehar:he want to take ur place in mandap
Abeer:how u know all this?
Mehar:I will tell u..come with me
Mehar grabs Abeer to mandap..there everyone is tensed and everyone gathered to listen Sasha’s words

kuber:Sasha. .tell something. .where is Abeer and Mehar

Abeer and Mehar comes there..
Mehar:papa I will tell u all everything
everyone looks at Abeer and Mehar. .

FB shows:
after reunion of mehbeer Akshat went to Sasha. he tells her that if she help him to get Mehar back in his life she will get her love.Sasha agrees.she take Abeer and Mehar’s photo and tears Mehar’s photo and tells “u did all rituals. bt I will marry Abeer. he is mine” Akshat smiles. then they both decided to come mehbeer’s sangeet and act nicely. on the wedding day Sasha comes to Mehar’s room and sent everyone out.she tells Akshat’ s plan to Mehar
Mehar:but Sasha. .what will we do now?
Sasha:don’t worry Mehar. .Abeer is my best frnd..I can’t ruin his life.I will teach Akshat a lesson.

Mehar:but how?
Sasha show a wedding dress which is exactly like Mehar’s.she wears it.
Mehar:now tell me what r u dng?
Sasha:I will sit in ur place and Akshat will marry me
Mehar:no Sasha. .u can’t ruin ur own life
Sasha:am nt ruin my life am ruin uss kabootar’s life
Sasha:everything will be fine now.u just stay here and keep quite. may be Akshat will bring Abeer here unconscious. .u just make him conscious. .
they both hugs each other.Sasha turn off the lights and close the door. . (FB ends)
Akshat gets angry. .he tried to slap Sasha. Abeer hold his hand and slaps him hard.
Abeer:don’t dare to touch my frnd u blo*dy kabootar..
Nisar and appendix too beats him.Ishan comes and beats on his tummy. .
Abeer shows ishan thumbs up..everyone laughs. .

kuber:Abeer don’t u want to marry?
Abeer:yes papa!!! Mehar come and sit
😀 everyone laughs
Nisar takes Abeer to mandap. Rati takes Mehar to mandap.they both looks at each other.there is an eye lock
(in BG…Jitna yu samjhau na chahe dil tujhe..phir bhi na maane ye badtameez dil..)
they both sits..take pheras.Abeer fills Mehar’s mang.she closes her eyes.he make wear mangalsutra..
pandit:marriage is take blessing from elders.they takes blessing from madhvi and kuber then suman and devki.appendix hugs abeer..Nisar and Sasha hugs Abeer
Abeer:thank u so much Sasha
Sasha:dnt be formal Abeer. ..u always stay like that rockstar
they both hugs.

Mehar hugs suman, devki and tunno..Rati congrats her and hugs..
Mehar:next is urs
Rati and Nisar blushes. .
everyone posses to camera.Sasha drags Akshat to stand beside her.

Mehar holds Abeer’s hand..they shares an eye lock…


how is it buddies? ??? must comment everyone pls…

I don’t like a best friend turn to negative thats y I give a new look to sasha.really sasha is looking I can’t make her villain. .truth is I can’t make a lady in to villain 🙂
hope u all enjoyed this long update…thank u everyone. .muaahhh 😀

Credit to: Ruby

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    But sasha life is spoiled feeling bad for her 🙁 🙁 Ruby plz show sasha torturing akshat it will be gun to see that….once again very well written 🙂 🙂 love it <3 ♥

    1. her life is not ruined Nikhar..I will make Akshat positive after some epi…Sasha is Abeer’s frnd. think guys what will she do with kabootar 😉

  4. Awsome..

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  5. Wow ruby kya kamalkiya tum ne bahut bahut sukriya jitna lamba episode so kute,shasha is awsome finally mehabeer ka shaadi hogaya nice keep going ab kyahuva next eagerly waiting yaar

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  6. Loved it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much
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    I love it
    It’s the best
    All the scenes flashed before my eyes
    Your doing a greatjob

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  7. Mehbeer fan(Preity)

    Sasha dragged Akshat for a photo. Oh my God this is the funniest if it had actually happened I can imagine Akshat’s face. Abeer and meher love you. And love the twist wale shaadi. Dulhaniya n dulha dono different. ???????

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