Phir bhi na maane Badtameez Dil…new beginning (Episode 2)


morning. .

Abeer still sleeping.his phone rang.he take the call.he said hello in a sleepy voice.
mehar:good morning hubby
Abeer:good morning wifey
Mehar:u r still sleeping. .get up Abeer. .
Abeer: I love you baby. .
mehar:I love u too…nw get up
meanwhile ishan snatches the phone
ishan:good morning my rockstar papa
Abeer:good morning my rockstar son and I love u beta
ishan:love u too I will go to school with u only
Abeer:sure my son..and tell ur mamma to get ready I will pick her too
ishan:okey papa by..
Abeer:by li’l rockstar

Abeer sits on bed and remember their old memories.he smiles..appendix come there..
appendix hugs Abeer
appendix:am so happy for u bro..finally u got ur love
Abeer smiles and says I have to get ready. .
appendix:okey. .we will meet in office. .by
Abeer:by dude

Abeer gets ready.he went to pick up mehar and ishan..

Devki bua openes the door.Abeer takes her blessing. suman come there
suman:Abeer come have breakfast
he take blessing from her too
Abeer:maa where is my beautiful wife and my rockstar son?
suman:they r getting ready beta..u come..
she calls tunno
Tunno hugs Abeer
Abeer:how was your clg tour?
(guys I dnt knw whether tunno studying or not)
Tunno:superb jiju
mehar and ishan comes to hall.ishan hugs Abeer.
Abeer:come my rockstar we will have breakfast together.
Mehar:what about me????
Abeer come to Mehar and forwarded his hand to her.she placed her hand on his hand..they walk to dining. they all sit together and started to each.

Ishan:naani my mango jam
suman gives him mango jam
Abeer:hey rockstar give it to me
Ishan:I won’t
Abeer:am ur u should give me this
ishan:what’s this papa am a little kid and u r fighting with me for jam..shame shame…
everyone laughs..
Abeer gives him fist..ishan made a funny face to him..
Mehar:both of u have ur breakfast fast..iwe r already getting late..
Abeer and Ishan nods..

Abeer dropped Ishan at his school.he and Mehar come to office…

mehar went to her cabin.Abeer follows her..he closed her cabin’s door..and he come to close her..
Mehar:Abeer. ..
he placed his hand on her mouth (in BG mere nishan plays) he kissed her forhead..then her cheeks.he cup her face..his lips are touching her lips. .he was about to kiss her..someone knock the door…Abeer gets angry. .Mehar laughs..Rati come inside and apologize. .
Rati:ma’m kuber sir calling u to his cabin.
Mehar:okey Rati
Abeer:why she came now?
Mehar:Abeer papa called me so let’s go to papa’s cabin
Abeer:as u wish my wifey

they come to kuber’s cabin.kuber gives mehar a cover
kuber:open it
she opens and reads it.she gets happy. kuber smiles at her.Abeer was like what’s going on between this sasur and bahu.he looks at Mehar furiously. .she gives the cover to huggs was Mehar’s promotion letter.
kuber:don’t u hug ur papa, Mehar?
she nods yes.Abeer and Mehar hugs kuber..

evening. Mehar’s home..

Ishan:papa that kabootar broke my guitar. .I want new one..
Mehar:Ishan…don’t say like this..
Abeer:he is right Mehar.I will brought new one for u dear
Ishan hugs Abeer and says thanx..Mehar looks at them with smile..

Abeer calls Sasha and invite her for his marriage. .sasha says I will come definitely. .


” To live with pain is difficult. .
but it is more difficult to live
without Love” -Ruby

sorry for late and short updates guys…tell me how is it and give me suggestions. .

love u everyone. …

Credit to: Ruby

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  1. Ruby di…as usual Amazing and Awesome epi…totally love ❤ it..
    Ishaan is too cute yaar..i like ? his and Abeer’s bonding..Jam part was toooooooo Cute and Funny…Thank god di u brought Tunno here in serial he was missing at last in some epis..
    I was laughing ? when Ishu baby Said Kabutar to Akshat…lol..Kuber Became good person yaar now..
    Di is Sasha is +ve or -ve..I am waiting to know that…
    Pls post a long epi next ..waiting eagerly..Pls post soon..Love ❤ u loads…Thank u so much and Take care ?…

  2. Ruby very sweet tanks for written present we r very happy beause of u, reading bd continue my friend.actually tunnu was graduate student, wat about nisar&taiji,mehars father

  3. It is ossum fantastic dear
    continue it

  4. Pls continue it really enjoying it

  5. Pls post it a little early

  6. guys I never watched this seriel on tv nor in hot star.I just read all written updates and I become a big fan of BD.I just saw some parts of the seriel online. .so pls always give me suggestions…

    @Aliya sisi I can’t reveal about sasha now dr

  7. Ruby&elsa tanks both of u for updatings but dont stop anyone plz carry on thanku so much buddies love u so much

  8. I am big fan of this serial , i read it daily but never commented . Today is my comment , i first of all thanks ruby for such wonderful narration. I hope u bring nisar to in the coming episodes of the serial

    1. how can I forget nisar? saru I will bring him in a special epi..

      thnx for commenting buddies. .actually am busy.thts y am nt rplying for all of ur comments am srry guys…

  9. Mehbeer fan(Preity)

    Oh god. So gud. Ishaan calling Akshat Kubotar hahahaha missing Mehbeer. I want them again. Pearl and Asmita u guys are the best. N u have written it so well. Thanks ???????????

  10. cqn any1 tell me ia this correct order or not

    first huldi then sangeet then wedding then pag phera?

  11. Nice i like it………..

  12. Yes buddy this order is wright plz frnd jaldi bejdo yaar i am waiting eagerly

    1. bhej diya hai rishi…anyways where r u frm? r u boy or girl? am confused with this name

  13. Hi ruby i am rishitha(rishi) from andra, rajahmundry u know this place

  14. Very nice episode ruby, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  15. It was really an awsm episode of BD. BT ye TV pe Q ni aata yr….

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