phela nazar mein hogaya pyaar epi 10

Hey everyone i am so gad to be back i could not post since i was grounded and i don’t think i would be back soon so this chapter is going to be a shock for everyone and pls don’t bash me nah yaar

Phela Nazar Mein Hogaya Pyaar


Valentine’s party

There is music everywhere and our dear Kunj is dressed in a black tuxedo. Just then a white Mercedes car pulls up.

A girl comes out wearing a black gown embroidered with gold, with her curled, it is shown to be none other than twinkle. Kunj feels like his breath come to a standstill seeing twinkle .Kunj like the gentleman he is forwarded his hands to twinkle. Twinkle smiled at Kunj.They enter into the ballroom whose everyone eyes gazed upon especially Alesha who was fuming but then her lips turned into a smirk when she thought that their happiness would soon fade.

Kunj: so my princess would you be so kind to join me in a dance?

Twinkle: yes your highness i would be privileged

The two later burst into a sound of laughter.

The song plays

raaton ke jaage subah mile

resham ke dhaage  yeh silsile hain

laazmi si lagne lagi hain

Do dilon ki ab nazdeekiyan ( the two look intensely into each others eyes and he twirls her around three times not looking away from her )

hmm dikhti nahi par ho rahi hain mehsoos


( kunj lifts her into the air )

song ends

they appluded

Kunj: twinkle come with me outside for a second pls

twinkle; sure

Kunj kneels down infront of her with roses in his hands

Kunj: twinkle, you are the most sweetest and bubbly girl i have ever met. When i first saw you ” phehela nazar mein hogaya pyar”

ttwinkle: what ..kunj,,I .. never though of our friendship that way

Kunj: twnkle i will give you all the time in the world. you just take your time

Twikle;; kunj try to understand i am engaged to my friend Sameer from London

kunj: what.. you are kidding me right

Twinkle; NO! look kunj i had a pormise which meant to marry Sameer . (in tears) Back in London i grew up there with Sameer, my parents friend’s son and mahi ,my cousin sister. 2 years back he confessed to  his love  to me and i accepted but i wanted to continue my studies here  so I made a promise  to mom and him that when I go back to London  i would marry him  (Sameer) and take up a job as i want to be independent. I..

The conversation was left incomplete when she heard a guy calling her



twinkle runs to Sameer embracing him leaving heartbroken kunj behind.Just then mahi, uv and Alesha comes there

Mahi: Samosa!!

Sameer: pakora!!

mahi: how….when.. did you came here i am.. ju

Sameer : thanks to Alesha she told to come to surprise my jaan

Alesha :(smirking) how did you like my gift twinkle

twinkle: great.. i couldn’t ask for a better gift

glancing towards kunj she felt sorry for him everyone left except uv and kunj. Kunj fell on hi knees

Kunj: WHY!!! he started to shout and cry and threw away the roses

Precap: kunj outburst on Alesha for bringing Sameer … jealousy and much more

so fellas how you like the twist in the story. well there is another twist in the story so stay tuned

# i love suspense

see ya

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  1. Himanigaur

    Awesome pls post soon!! Love:)

  2. Presha

    Loved it

  3. My heart clenched for kunj 🙁

  4. Awesome

  5. Amazing episode
    Poor kunj,feeling bad for him..
    Do post soon plzzzzzzzzzz

  6. SSK

    Glad to see you back. B’ful episode an Twinkle engaged to someone else is shocking.
    I just hope they unite.
    Post soon please as am really eager to read further. 🙂

  7. Ramya

    Really shocking one.
    Feeling sorry for kunj
    Awesome one
    Post soon.

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