Peshwa Bajirao 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha doing the aarti and tells God that she trusts him and that he will never let her trust fail. Kam Baksh asks his men to kill fakeer/Balaji and says he is a liar. Just then he sees owl in the sky and asks how do you know that owl will come. Balaji says it is all about faith and asks him to stop enemies and then Agra’s kingdom will be his. Kam Baksh asks how to stop Qamer Uddin. Balaji says you can’t stop him, but Aurangzeb can and you have to make you believe that only own blood is trustable. Kam Baksh tells how to make him believe as he trusts Qamer Uddin. Balaji tells that nothing is impossible. Kam Baksh looks at the sky and says he knows what to do, and see Balaji gone. He asks his men where is fakeer baba, and asks his men to punish himself. He beats himself

with a hunter.

Aurangzeb tells Kam Baksh that Qamer Uddin don’t want for an opportunity, but rather creates opportunities and says he don’t trust his own sons, and says they all are worthless. Kam Baksh asks Aurangzeb to think why Qamer Uddin is always ahead of them, and says if a cow gives more milk than other cows, then it means that cow milk is adulterated. He says how can Tara Rani Bai agree to give you entire Deccan. Aurangzeb is quite surprised.

Baji celebrates his victory with his friends. Naser says you have cheated and I don’t agree that you have won. Baji says we have challenged to put the flag here, and asks him not to do any mischief with Marathis. Naser gets angry on Yakut and throws arrow on him. Baji tries to stop him. Naser asks them not to interfere. Baji asks him not to hurt even an animal and says if he is caught harming anyone then he will send him back in half clothes. Naser asks are you mad to think about an animal. Baji says they are related by the soil and this is our Maa, and is more than a heaven for us. He asks him to be wise. He walks off proudly. Naser shouts at Yakut.

Aurangzeb tells Kam baksh that Tara Rani will never agree to give entire deccan and says even a kid will not believe on this news, and says Qamer Uddin is not a fool to believe this. Kam Baksh tells that Qamer Uddin is betraying him and says he has a strong proof against him. He says Tara Rani Bai haven’t promised him anything, but then also Qamer Uddin sent a letter for you in which it is written that Tara Rani Bai agreed to give entire deccan. Aurangzeb asks how do you know? Kam Baksh recalls his words and asks him to just believe him and talks about trust. Qamer Uddin’s messenger comes there with his letter. Aurangzeb reads it and is shocked. Kam Baksh says you have never cared about me, but I am fulfill my duty as a son, now it is upto you to decide.

Radha comes back to temple and applies tilak on Baji’s forehead and does his aarti. Dhana ji tells Qamer Uddin that as Aurangzeb refused to let Shahu ji free in exchange of entire deccan and tells that when Balaji asked you to sign on the papers where in you was getting 25 percent Deccan, and now you will not get anything. Qamer Uddin understands that it is Balaji’s conspiracy, and asks how did you do this? Balaji tells that he has learnt this from him and says he can give even his life for his loved ones. Qamer Uddin says I will remember you and your conspiracy.

Dhana ji asks Balaji why did he hide his plan. Balaji says if I would have failed, then it would have been my loss, and says you got insulted because of me. Dhana ji says I have understood that you have provoked Kam Baksh against Qamer uddin, and asks from where did the owl appear in day time and laughs. Balaji says I got this idea from Qamer Uddin.

Baji tells Gotiya that he was doubtful on Balu and that’s why went to him with honey. He asks what is Naser plan and threatens to make honey bee attack him. Balaji tells that he comes to know from a person that Owl comes seeing snake, and their eyes are half closed in day time. Dhana ji asks Balaji how he executed his plan. Baji tells his friends that he made Yakut have bananas before the challenge begins and says I saw love in Yakut’s eyes and I understood that God is with me and nobody can defeat me. Balaji tells that he saw greed in Qamer Uddin’s eyes and fear of losing something in Kam baksh’s eyes.

Qamer Uddin asks Naser to kill Baji and take revenge on Balaji. They plan to kill Baji.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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