Peshwa Bajirao 8th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha coming to the temple and pray for God for Baji and Balaji’s win. Baji comes on his horse Malhari and gives bananas to Yakut, while Naser tries to stop him, but in vain. Baji folds his hands and apologizes to Elephant, calling him Gajraj and says for the first time an elephant have to lose from horse and asks it not to feel bad. Naser looks on angry. Baji and his friends tell Ganapati Bappa Moriya….

A Man is seen watching dancers dance and tells a bad joke about the pr*stitute. He tells that he is Aurangzeb’s son and tells that he disliked the dance. A Marathi man spy on him as he dances with the dancers. He kills a bird with his arrow and tells that his father shall know what his son Kam Baksh can do.

Balaji greets all his friends and tells Har

Har Mahadev. Naser is quite surprised. Gotiya tells that there is a flag inside the narrow lane and whoever brings that flag first will win. Naser smiles and says only time will tell. Deva Shri Ganesha plays….A beggar picks the bird and heals the bird. He turns to be Balaji. Kam Baksh is shocked and says you have proved my words wrong and asks who brought you here. Balaji says I came to see the owl in day time. Kam Baksh laughs and says even kids know that owls sleep in day time and points finger at him. Balaji tells him that he couldn’t see the snakes under his sleeves which are stopping him from getting his rights. Radha continues to pray in the temple.

Naser and Baji get ready on their elephant and horse respectively. Baji goes to the lane on Malhari. Gotiya says it seems Ganapati Bappa heard us and didn’t move from his place. Naser hits Yakut and makes it takes him to lane. Baji reaches the flag and takes it in his hand. Naser tells that he will win and tells Bhiu and Chima ji that their brother will not win. Baji is coming back. Naser stands infront of him, and asks Yakut to wait and take out his anger on Baji and Malhari. Chima and Bhiu get worried. Gotiya reminds what Baji told them that courage is more big than anything.

Naser thinks Baji is trapped in his own trap and nobody can save him now. Baji sees Yakut standing on his way back. Balaji asks Kam Baksh if he is interested to sit on the singhasan and for that, asks him to stop keeping snake in sleeves. Kam baksh asks if he is talking about Qamer Uddin. Balaji tells that Qamer Uddin sent fake letter to Aurangzeb that Tara Rani Bai is ready to give full deccan. Kam Baksh asks why will Tara Rani agree to give full Deccan.

Balaji tells that Qamer Uddin is cheating Aurangzeb and even Tara Rani is unaware of it. He asks him to get ready to see owl in daytime. Baji is coming back and see Yakut standing. Gotiya, Chimaji and Bhiu pray for Baji’s victory and think what he is going to do. Radha continues to do aarti. Gotiya says Baji’s intelligence have won. Baji jumps at the right time, steps on Yakut and then jumps down on the land, and fly high the flag. Naser is shocked. Gotiya and others praise him.

Kam Baksh asks his men to kill faker/balaji as his words are proved false. Later Baji asks Naser not to hurt or harm anyone on their land.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vishakha

    Quite slow epi today but still a good one.. waiting for tomorrow..want to know how did baji come to know about nasir’s plan.. a bit scared also seeing the new promo.. ?

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