Peshwa Bajirao 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Marathi’s soldiers standing outside the Mughal qila. A mughal and Zeenat see Balaji. Zeenat gets happy and informs Shahu ji’s mum that Shahu ji sent Marathi’s to take them home. Mughals attack Marathis with arrow. An arrow hits on Balaji’s chest. Shahu ji’s mum tells thnat they will be freed anyways. Savitri asked her mum in law if she is not scared of death. Zeenat says she knows her son and he targets only when he is sure. Har Har Mahadev plays….Baji comes running there. He holds Balaji as he is about to faint. Mughal asks them to fire arrow again. Baji picks the flag and starts walking. An arrow hits Baji’s hand. Kashi is shown getting disturbed with sudden wind, as the wind chime moves faster. She runs to see the firewood which Baji lighted in the childhood.

Her feet get injured as she runs. She comes and sees the firewood about to blow off. She recalls her promise made to Baji.

She opens the door and runs to hold the firewood with her saree pallu. Radha (Changed to Rajeshwari) comes there and adds ghee in the firewood. She tells her that she has not given permission to her sons to flow their blood and asks her to be strong. She says you are Baji’s wife and shall wait for him and shall not be scared. Kashi nods and asks Radha if she waits for Balaji. Radha says she stopped waiting for him and knows that nothing wrong can happen to him as Baji is with him. Kashi says you must be worried for him. Radha says I handle his home and gave his responsibility to God. She kisses Kashi. Kashi hugs her. Baji and the soldiers try to take Balaji from there.

Baji takes out arrow from Balaji’s body. Balaji says I have promised a son that I will bring his Aayi. Baji says he will bring his mum and takes oath to bring Shahu ji’s mum before the sun sets. He cuts the arrow on his back with the sword and looks on.

Pant Pratinidhi instigates Shahu ji (face changed, and an old person taking up the role) against Balaji and Baji. Shahu ji says Balaji and Baji have proved their loyalty over the years and shows faith on them. He says he didn’t meet his family since 11 years and only baji and his family can understand his pain. Mughal (Azam) asks Soldiers to kill Shahu ji mu and wife. Baji asks his soldiers if they are ready to die and follow his all orders. They say yes..Baji orders them to return back. Gotiya asks Balaji, why they are returning. Balaji says they will shock Mughals and says he wants to go alone as he knows if Sena goes with him then Shahu ji’s mum and wife will be killed. Mughal thinks what does he wants as Baji proceeds towards the Qila. He catches the arrow coming towards him and hits all arrows with his sword. Mughal thinks what does this crazy man wants. Baji proceeds towards there.

Kashi tells that she didn’t see Baji since years and says if he forgets me. Gotiya asks Baji if he misses Kashi. Baji says he has no memories with Kashi to remember her. Gotiya says when you falls in love then your emptiness will be filled.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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