Peshwa Bajirao 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balaji greeting the other Subedhar who is resting. Balaji says Mughals have been taken tax from the people and asks you are resting here. He says he wants discipline and rules needs to be followed, and whoever doesn’t agree to to rules will be punished. A man tells that you didn’t know how is Pale Khan. Balaji says I don’t know him, but why did you become his paltu….Man says it is easy to talk big, but difficult to implement. Baji says we have come here to change the place and asks him to trust them. Balaji asks what we shall do so that you believe us. Man tells Balaji to stop Mughals from taking tax and stop them from going to Aurangzeb.

Aurangzeb laughs….and tells that Tara Rani Saheb will now understand that a woman can’t compete with a man. A messenger

comes and tells that their soldiers are captive by Tara Rani in such a place where there is no water. Aurangzeb gets angry and kills the man. He says he wants Deccan before his death.

Later Baji and Balaji are waiting for the Mughals men to come. Baji asks him question. Balaji says they have to attack the Mughals suddenly. Baji says Mughals will lose now also. Balaji asks Shridhar to return if he is scared. Mughals take their sword out. Baji and others also take sword. Aurangzeb tells Qamer Uddin about the sardaars. Qamer Uddin says I will go there and fails Tara Rani’s plans. Aurangzeb says I will go and want to fail her with my hand before my death. Qamer Uddin asks if he is fine. Aurangzeb says iron is old, but not broken. He says his mum used to stay there and says let them know that tiger don’t forget to attack even if it is okay. He tells that he wants to lock Shahu ji in Aurangabad where he had locked his father, he says he is our trump card. Balaji and others fight with the Mughals and defeat them.

Shahu ji refuses to go until he is informed where they are taking him and his mum. One of them try to attack him. Shahu ji holds him and says if I can’t become my people’s strength then will not come their weakness too. He is about to kill himself, but Aurangzeb throws poisonous cart or nail on him. Shahu ji faints.

Baji tells Shridhar that nothing is impossible for his baba. Shridhar says even there is nothing impossible for Mughals. Baji is sitting silently. Balaji asks if he is missing his family. Baji says we have to fight with Mughals and have to woken up marathis and will have to get them rid of fear. Balaji says you said right and asks him to make them get back their strength, and says you have to win them. Baji says I have no quality of Yoddha. Balaji says you are a veer and have to become Ran veer…you have to learn yodh kala. Baji asks if you will teach me. Balaji says yes and says I have found your opposition. Baji asks who is he? Balaji tells about the man who is an expert and can defeat anyone and can use any weapon. He says he is not a man, but an example.

Qamer Uddin asks Balaji if he came to die there. He asks Naser to play with the toy. Baji looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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