Peshwa Bajirao 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji asking villager to bless her so that he can work for the nation. Woman tells Kashi that she is lucky to have a husband like Baji. Baji tells that as he has fulfilled the promise made to villagers, his sister’s naam karan will happen tomorrow. Everyone applauds aloud for Balaji. Baji is going in the night. Kashi asks where is he going? Baji is he is going to teach Shashta gyan to villagers. Kashi asks aren’t you tired? Baji says they have to learn self defence and the usage of weapon. He says he can’t get tired before reaching his lakshya/aim. He says he will make the villagers competent enough to take care of themselves. Kashi says sena and yodhha is needed for tough situations. Baji says Yoddha don’t get down from sky and says whoever stands against the trouble

situation is a yoddha, and says everyone shall learn weapon usage even if they don’t fight in war. Kashi gets tensed. Radha tells her that they have given this upbringing to baji. A fb is shown, Balaji telling that Baji will live 2.5 day in 1 day. She says we were terrorized by Mughal, but Baji is the lamp who was born to bring light in darkness. She says we have decided that we will never let Swaraj’s agni set off. Kashi looks on.

Naamkaran happens for the baby. Baji says my Aayi has given her birth, but my wife has given her life. He says her name will be AnuBai. Everyone smiles.

He thanks Kashi and says you have proved that you can be a veer also. You have saved Anubai, my Aayi and others. Kumud asks Baji to leave his stubbornness and not to become yodhha. Kashi asks her not to teach her husband what to do. Shivbai scolds Kashi and says even you wanted this. Kashi says she is scared to send him to ran bhoomi, but that doesn’t mean that she will hurt others. Baji says I didn’t understand your talk. Kashi says after knowing this, you will hate me and will break relations with my Aayi. Radha asks her to tell. Kashi tells that Kumud added something in her Radha’s food and made her unwell. Baji is shocked. Kumud says she has misunderstood her. Chimna tells everyone that Kumud pushed him from the stairs, but he didn’t tell anyone. Kumud says whatever she has done is for her happiness. Kashi tells Shivbai that her happiness lies in her family happiness, and when they are not happy, how can she be happy. She says she will handle her family and asks them to return to their house. Baji tells Kashi not to get angry on them and says her mum is not yoddha’s wife or mum and tell that she can’t feel how the family feels pride whose son goes to fight war. Shivbai thanks Baji for the reasoning and says they will leave.

Balaji comes home. Baji, Chimna, Bhiu and others greets him with a hug. Radha gives him Anubai in his hand. Balaji looks at the baby and gives to Kashi. Baji asks Balaji where he had gone. Kashi asks Baji to take rest for sometime. Baji says he can’t take rest and he has to follow sankalp in day time. Kashi tells Baji that she will do fulfill his half sankalp/oath being his wife. She says she has understood that he and their family is happy as he couldn’t go. Baji says I am happy that you have understood, I am a yoddha and will always be. Nobody can divert me from my aim, even your smile or your tears.

Radha and Balaji sit on the swinger. Radha tells that this moment is of husband and wife. Balaji says he wants to tell her something. Malhar comes and says horses is ready. Radha makes Balaji wear war head mask and is upset. She asks Chimna to bring Kashi. Baji says I already told her that I will not stop with her tears. Kashi brings aarti plate and says if you think I will cry seeing you going, the you are thinking wrong. She says if you can handle the nation, than I can handle the house with Aayi. Baji takes the firelight and promises her that wherever he goes, he will return surely. Kashi says she will keep the firelight on. She gives the sword in his hand. Baji comes back. Radha cries and hugs Baji. Swaraj song plays….Radha hugs Kashi. Kashi cries.

A grown up Baji fights with the mughals. Later some mughals hits arrow towards Baji. The firelight is set off. Kashi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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