Peshwa Bajirao 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji pulling Naser Pajama down. Naser fumes angrily. Baji’s friends laugh at him. Baji says I haven’t fought with you. Qamer Uddin asks Shiva Rane to meet his mum. Shiva Raje shows the miniature of Tajmahal and says that he asked for something and I gave him. Tara Rani Bai is shocked. She asks him to go inside and rest. Qamer Uddin tells that they tried all possible things to stop him from meeting Shiva Rane, but he met him. He says he thinks four steps ahead and tells that snake knows how to make his home in other’s place. Tara Rani Bai scolds Dhana ji and Balaji. Balaji apologizes to her. Tara Rani Bai asks him to take out some solution else he will be barred from working with kingdom and also his home and wealth will be snatched. She says everything is in your

hands now and blames him for the promise which Shiva Rane did to Qamer Uddin.

Naser tries to hurt Baji with hunter and the thread falls down which Radha tied to him. Radha comes there. Baji says I didn’t do anything. Radha tells that she is relieving him from the promise and asks him to save Marathi’s respect. Baji smiles. Naser is shocked. Baji thinks he got cheated being honest and straight forward, now he will teach a lesson to Qamer Uddin.

Naser is standing with his hands tied to a poles. He asks his man to hit him with hunter as a Marathi have ruined Mughal’s respect. Ballu comes and asks Naser what he is doing. He asks Naser to eat chicken rather than getting hunter hits. He says I signed you, but you didn’t see. Naser says okay and asks his man to tie Ballu and hit him with hunter instead. Ballu asks what you are doing? His man beats Ballu. Baji and his friends are in Radha’s house. Radha says we, the marathis are tiger and don’t initiate the fight first, but if anyone tries to fight with us then we don’t leave them. Baji smiles. Radha asks him to learn horse riding on Malhari horse. Baji says horse riding is easy. Radha says it seems to be easy, but it is rather difficult. Baji is sitting on horse, but falls down. Baji asks Malhari to motivate him and not to make him fall. Chima says Baji can’t sit today. Baji asks Malhari what happened? Malhari goes near the tree. Baji understands that Malhari wants him to step on him using tree. He sits on Malhari.

Gotiya tells Chima that he lost. Chima says he is ready to lose 1000’s times for his brother. Horse rides, everyone is tensed. Balaji tells someone that he will play alone now and goes to Qamer Uddin’s tent. He asks shall I come in? Qamer Uddin says you have saved my life and is now my friend. Balaji says I have seen your friendship. Qamer Uddin says that one was Politics and I don’t mix friendship with Politics. Balaji asks if he mixes politics with friendship. Qamer Uddin asks him to sit and says you should be angry with Tara Rani Bai as she sent you to insult me.

He says your people tried to make you feel insulted. Balaji says I have to learn many things from you. Qamer Uddin says if you stays with me then you will learn surely. Horse runs. Baji shouts and holds it tightly. Horse stops near Baji’s friends and family. Baji holds the horse belt and makes sound. He says Malhari is tired now. Baji rides horse again like a perfect warrior.

Baji tells that he will small challenge to Naser. Naser plans that his elephant Yakut will make Baji lose.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vishakha

    Hehehe..baji gave a good answer to riding scene was funny.. One thing I liked the most in this show is that they have a perfect balance of serious and funny scenes which is very imp..Did someone understand what did QM asked for? I didn’t understand ? waiting to see what will balaji do to save his respect..

  2. Vishakha

    But I’m just loving the baccha party’s acting including vishal as nasir..they all are brilliant.. Even better than the elders because the elders have a lot of experience but these kids without much experience are so natural.. No doubt they are the life of the show..

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