Peshwa Bajirao 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji telling Balaji that if you don’t take me then I will come following you. Bhiu says I don’t think Baba will take you. Radha asks him to understand and says Daulatabad is a new place and may be your baba can’t save you if you are stuck in a trouble. Baji asks her if she wants him to lose from the enemy. He says if you stop me then I will think that you have no trust on me and you think as Guru ji. He says I don’t have time and I will live 2.5 day in a day. Khaas tells Balaji that he will make arrangements to send Radha and family home. Balaji says okay.

Tara Rani Bai tells that they have to attack Mughals from four sides and then pushes them on deserted land, then they will die with thirst. She says I will reply to Aurangzeb’s war. Aurangzeb says next attack

will give pain….and says before she attacks us, you have to attack her wealth, and asks him to make marathis yearn for food. He says I will see how Marathi soldiers will fight being hungry. Marathi soldier tells Balaji that he is impressed with him and will work with him. Balaji says we will be together with mann, vachan and praan….he says our enemies will call us with one name, matra bhoomi’s rakshak.

Baji says even I want this. Balaji says you have to earn this. They come to know that Daulatabad’s condition is bad. Baji says we have to change its condition. They come to the daulatabad and see the people dead and crane are eating them. Baji sees a boy alive and makes him drink water. He tells Balaji that Mughals don’t respect live or death and makes the dead person suffer too. Balaji says death don’t wait for anything. Baji swears holding the sand that he will punish the Mughals.

Mughals are beating the kids and their parents. A boy asks mughal man to leave his father. Mughal man beats him. Balaji, Baji, Khas and others come to Daulatabad. Balaji tells Baji that you are not ready and asks him to be there. They get down the horse and walk inside.

Balaji asks Mughals to leave the innocent people and surrender. Jai Dev Jai Dev plays………….Mughal man throws the weapon and asks him not to cross the limit. Balaji says whatever we do is immensely. Khan asks who are you? Balaji says he is new Subedar of Daulatabad. Khan asks him to let him take the tax for Mughals. Balaji says it is not tax, but loot which is not good. He says if you try to loot the people then we will kill you. He asks him to turn and look back before talking big. Balaji sees his men kidnapping everyone. He says now I will take tax from you also, and asks him to give tax. Baji shouts. Khan asks who is he to shout at me.

Balaji says he is my son. Baji says I have put oil around you and if you try to harm any man then I will burn you. He recalls putting oil around him silently. Balaji asks him to surrender. Khan says everyone is afraid of him. Baji throws the firewood. Balaji asks him to free his colleagues. Khan asks him to free them. Baji jumps down and says I thought you are in trouble…..Balaji then ties something on his hand and says you are matrabhoomi’s rakshak. Baji smiles. Balaji then slaps him hard. Baji falls down. Balaji says you got punished for forgetting my order. He says I am your nayek here, and asks him not to forget his responsibilities and obey him.

Shahu ji beats the mughals man and tells that if he can’t become Marathi’s strength then he don’t want to become their weakness. He tries to kill himself, someone comes and stops him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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