Peshwa Bajirao 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 5th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji asking Kashi to find the way. Sevak comes and asks Balaji to come with his family as Tara Rani called them. Radha asks him to wear turban which Tara Rani gifted him. Chimna says they will get prize. They look for Baji and thinks even Kashi is missing. Kashi’s mum tells that Kashi can’t be with Baji. They see Kashi and Baji fighting. Kashi’s mum scolds her and taunts Baji. Baji lies to them. Radha tells Baji that Tara Rani Saheb called them in the darbar.

In the darbar, Tara Rani Bai tells that Mughals tried to break their ego, and says when destiny brings troubles, it gives birth to nayek also. She says we got Nayek in Shiva Raze and says Marathi samraj is lucky to get Raze who didn’t kill Bhao Malhar. She says new history will be written. Everyone looks

on and cheer for Shiva Raze. Baji says har har mahadev. Tara Rani bai asks him to come to her. She asks his name. Baji tells his name. Tara Rani says you will do something big after grown up.

Baji tells that he can’t wait to grow up to defeat mughals. He tells that his Swabhimaan is hurt and that today on our festival, mughals attack us, and it will be written in the history. He tells what his Aayi tells that matru bhoomi is more big than his mum and tells that he won’t be at peace until he kills mughals. Tara Rani Bai looks on. Baji says jai Shivaji etc…

Tara Rani tells Baji that Shiva Raze wants to give him something. Shiva Raze gives sword to Baji and ordinary sword for ordinary boy. Baji apologizes and says all sword are ordinary and the persons using it make it extraordinary. He says har har mahadev. Tara Rani thanks Balaji for his teaching and says I want to give more big responsibility to Balaji.

She recalls Pant Pratinidhi asking her to send Balaji so far from Satara. He asks him to make them have gud with one hand and neem with other hand. fb ends. She asks Balaji to shift to Daulatabad. Balaji is shocked. She makes him subedhar of Daulatabad, and tells that Baji made place in her heart and hopes that Baji works for Shiva Raze. Balaji says yes, my son will do the needful. Radha gets tensed. Tara Rani Bai asks them to do as she said.

Kam baksh tells Aurangzeb that Qamer Uddin claimed that he will kill marathis, but couldn’t succeed. Aurangzeb tells that Qamer Uddin’s attack have made Tara Rani scared. He says you would have won if Tara Rani and Shiva Raze get killed. He appreciates him for the attack and says you are ready to fight the war. We didn’t win, but got a lesson of junoon. Qamer Uddin says he will not let his mission fail again. Aurangzeb says this attack have given them fear and threat. He says next attack will give them pain.

Baji tells Balaji that he will go with him to Daulatabad. Radha says first you have to learn. Baji says I don’t have time and tells that he will learn with practical knowledge. Balaji says it is risky for you to come there. Khaas says Daulatabad is near to Mughals. Balaji asks him not to be stubborn. Baji says jisme hath nahi wo Marathi nahi. He says if you don’t take me then I will come following you.

Balaji comes to Daulatabad and see a man punishing someone. He tells that he is new subedar. Man asks him to turn and see the people.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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