Peshwa Bajirao 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balaji telling Radha that Tara Rani asked Baji to follow orders. Radha asks why you are tensed? Baji tells that Tara Rani wants Baba to stop Shahu ji from entering Satara. Radha is shocked. Azam tells Shahu ji that his soldiers will take him to Marathi place and from there he have to go and protect himself. Shahu ji says he don’t need enemies to protect him from his Marathi people. He says marathis rule on the heart and have desh prem in our blood. Azam gets angry and says he can behead him, but will not do this, as his own people will do that. He says you stayed here, but didn’t understand that your own people will kill you for throne. He asks his soldiers to take him. Shahu ji gets released from there.

Baji apologizes to Balaji and says he heard their conversation.

He says if Baba don’t follow her order then he will be declared as desh drohi. Radha is shocked. Baji says Tara Rani Bai is thinking about her son and not of land. He tells that last time Shiva Raze made him fight with the man and now Tara Rani wants to kill Shahu ji through Baba. Radha tells that she has done so much for Swaraj and tells that she might have taken this decision for good. Balaji tells that it is her personal decision and ego to make her incapable son sit on the singhasan. Radha says if you don’t follow her orders then you will be declared as desh drohi and also Marathi samraj will be in trouble. Baji says if baba declares that he is real shahu ji then will Tara Rani bai change her decision. If baba goes against her decision then it is Raj droh and if he goes against Shahu ji then it is desh droh. He gives example of Ram and Bharat and says if we fight for the singhasan then what will be the difference. He asks Balaji if he will show his loyalty towards Raja or nation. Balaji is confused.

Tara Rani Bai tells Dhana ji that she don’t doubt on him and asks him to make sure that Balaji don’t go against Shiva Raze, else his family will be in trouble. Dhana ji says Balaji will just identify Shahu ji and nothing else. Tara Rani Bai looks on.

Shahu ji enters Marathi territory and bends down to pick the soil. He applies soil to his forehead and says jai bhavani jai shivaji. Soldier asks what happened? Shahu ji gets down from the horse and asks Goddess to show him the path, he says one path takes him to Tara Rani Bai and Shiva Raze. He says Raze’s father promised to make him king and thinks if they still remember the promise. He tells that other way is jungle, if I go to jungle then I will be saved, but my motive will not be fulfilled. Soldier asks if he don’t want to return. Shahu ji says he has to decide which way to choose to fight for Swaraj. Balaji says Raze is not capable king and that’s why he is thinking what to do? He says I got order to go with Dhana ji and I can’t refuse. He goes. Radha gets shocked.

Chimna and Bhiu come to Baji. Baji says you both are small to understand politics. Chimna says you have done wonders, but it couldn’t be possible without us. Baji says he is happy that his brother is with him. Chimna is upset and goes. Bhiu tells Baji that she wants to go to Saswad and there nobody fights with each other. Baji says I want to go away from this raj mahal who makes brothers’ fight. Radha tells Balaji that she is hopeful that he will take a right decision and will lift sword for truth. Balaji looks on. Baji tells that they all want to go home and says Aayi is unwell. Balaji says he will make arrangements for them to go to Saswad and gives them pigeon saying it will give me your message. Baji is sad about Shahu ji and tells that a son can remind his father of his own teachings and tells that he hopes he takes a right decision. Balaji says he can’t promise them anything and hugs his kids. He asks Radha to take care of them. Radha nods her head.

Baji tells Chimna that as they are going to Saswad. He can complain to Gotiya about him, and says I can do anything to calm down your anger. Chandrasen comes and says you people can’t go anywhere and says it is Maharaj’s orders. Shiva Raze comes and says you people will be here as a safekeeping so that Balaji don’t back off. He asks Pant Pratinidhi to send message to Balaji that if he don’t do what they asked him to do then he will kill his family. Baji, Radha and others get shocked.

In the prison, Radha asks what did Tara Rani Bai say? Baji says he couldn’t speak to her and tells that they are punished for their loyalty. Radha faints. Baji, chimna and bhiu gets worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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