Peshwa Bajirao 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud telling Kashi that she got an idea to stop him. Ishu tells Baji what they will do, and tells that until Naser stays here, he will trouble everyone. Baji says he sent letter to Baba, but he didn’t reply. He asks Ishu to keep an eye on Naser and says we have to catch him when he is at his weakest situation. Ishu says he will bring all info. Kumud tells Radha that inauspicious things have been happening in her house, and says it is a bad destiny. She asks if any rasam or vidhi is incomplete in your house. Radha says I don’t remember. Kashi tells her that she told that she will make Baji do penance as he left without removing his haldi thread, but forgot later. Radha says I will talk to Baji.

Shivbai talks to Baji and says it is a sign that inauspicious things

are happening in the house. Baji says he don’t believe in all this things. Bhiu says you taught us not to believe on such things. Radha tells them that temple would have been empty if nobody visited it. She says motherly love needs hope and wish. Baji argues with her. Kumud asks him to do Shiv’s aaradhna for few days. Kashi says he don’t want to get bind in any ritual than desh prem. Baji says he don’t want to bind himself in any ritual which he have to break later. He says if I take this oath then I can’t go with Baba and that’s why I will do take this oath. He says he will save villagers from Naser and that’s God’s aaradhna. Kumud asks what if God get angry? Baji says God will not get angry and says Karam is God’s aardhana. He says it will be a sin if a yoddha is sitting at home during war. He says God Krishna have told in Bhagawat Gita that there is no dharma big than manavta and no puja is big than Karma. He is about to go. Radha faints and falls down on floor.

Baji runs towards her keeping sword on the ground. Kumud smirks. Everyone take Radha inside while Kumud looks at the sword. She takes it in her hand and smirks. She recalls asking Namrata to take care of kid and saying she will take food for Radha. She then mixes some churan in Radha’s food and thinks nobody will find out what happened to her, and then everyone will force Baji to complete the rituals. Fb ends.

Baji takes care of his little sister. Bhiu asks if inauspicious thing really happening in her house, and tells all the incidents. Bhiu says Aayi is having high fever that she couldn’t feed baby and asks if God is upset with us. Baji says no. Kashi asks how can you have a hard heart. Baji says even he is seeing the problems, and says it can be solved by solutions and not by penance. He says he don’t believe that this is God’s doings. He says their family have faced trouble many times. Kashi asks him to take God’s help and pray to him. Baji says God is with me. Kashi tells him that this is happening as he left without doing the ritual and tells Radha promised Shivbai.

Baji gets the thread tied to his hand. Pandit ji says he have to worship the God for 41 days. Kumud thinks now he will not think about yudh. Ishu comes and tells something to Baji. Baji is shocked and is about to run out of temple. Kumud says you have taken sankalp to do God’s aardhna for 41 days. Baji says he will do in day time, but free to do anything in nights. Bhiu says Baji will not forget his Karma.

Naser scolds the soldiers for giving him bad massage. Baji comes to Naser’s palace and pushes him in water. He dips him in water. Naser asks how did you come here? Ishu says his luck is bad. Baji says I told you that if your destiny is good that you will be saved and asks him to pay for his sins. He beats him. Naser falls in the water. Baji takes out his sword and points at Naser.

Qamer Uddin gets Baji’s letter and says Naser is kidnapped by him. He thinks he is dreaming to rule on Hindustan and Naser is busy in childish fights with Baji. He thinks to end the matter right here. Friday promo: Grown up Baji and Kashi are shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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