Peshwa Bajirao 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji asking Shivbai and Radha who are the guests who have come? Shivbai says they are Mahant ji’s business associates and says they called them being Peshwa family. She says this way their respect will be increased. Baji says one gains respect with karma and not by show off. Kumud comes and says it is good to do karma, but more good if you publicize your good work. Baji argues. Radha asks him to leave this on them. Shivbai says that’s why I called Kumud.

Some villagers come there and tells that their farms caught fire and now there is nothing to feed their children. Baji assures them that he will not let them be hungry and says he will go and see the burnt farm. Kumud asks Baji why did you promise them. Baji says he can’t wait for Baba to come and says he will

not let them be hunger. Kumud asks Radha to stop him. Radha says he is not doing anything wrong. Kumud and Shivbai plan to stop Baji from going to war. Kumud says he is a storm and if we try to stop him then we will be flown out. She says we have to make him wind from storm and then only we can handle him. Kashi says his only dream is to go to war and nobody can stop him. Kumud says she will snatch his sword and make him an ordinary man.

Ishu tells Baji that Naser got the farms burnt. Baji asks how do you know? Ishu says Naser is alive and he saw with his own eyes. Baji takes out his sword and says now Naser will repay for the loss and also will learn a lesson, will never return to our land. Kashi stops everyone and says she will make Baji wash his hands and feet. Kumud calls her. Kashi turns and the water falls on his face. Baji says I didn’t ask you to give bath and goes to change the clothes. Kashi apologizes. Baji goes to change his clothes. Kashi comes and takes his sword. Baji wears his clothes and asks what she is doing here. Kashi runs with his sword. Baji sees his sword missing and calls Kashi. Chimna says he will bring his sword and goes. He calls Kashi. Kumud pushes him when he comes near stairs. He falls down from the stairs.

Kumud smirks and then calls everyone. Radha, baji and others come to him. Baji takes him to room. Vaid ji comes and checks him. He tells Radha that he can’t tell anything until he gets consciousness. Radha asks Kashi to take care of baby. Baji says I will take care of my sister. Kashi prays to God for Chimna’s recovery and says Baji is doubting on her. She says she didn’t touch any butterfly thinking it will get hurt, so why will she push Chimna. She asks God to make him alright and prays. Everyone see Kashi praying. Baji, Ishu, Bhiu join her. Chimna gains consciousness. Radha calls Baji and Kashi and says Chimna got consciousness. Kashi gets happy and goes. Chimna smiles. Vaid ji says his bones are fine and says he needs rest. Radha asks what happened? How did you get hurt?

Chimna recalls Kumud pushing him and sees her. Baji asks if Kashi pushed you. Chimna says I fell by mistake. Kumud thinks she is saved and thinks he didn’t see me, and asks him to be careful. Shivbai says we shall let him rest. Baji is still doubtful on Kashi. He goes out to talk to her and asks where is my sword. Kashi says I don’t know, and will not tell you even if I had known. Baji asks her to return his sword. Shivbai comes and gives his sword. Baji thanks him. Kumud asks him to see all arrangements of naming ceremony and says now Chimna is unwell too. Baji says he can’t have utsav when the villagers is in distress. He says naam karan will not happen until the villagers problem is solved. Radha says I am with Baji.

Kumud asks Nandini to go and says she will take food for Radha. She adds some churan in Radha’s food to make her unwell.

Friday Promo: Grown up baji is seen fighting with the mughals. Kashi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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