Peshwa Bajirao 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha bandaging Baji’s foot and looks at him. Baji looks at her and says Aayi…He whistles. Horse enters inside. Baji looks on smiling. Bhiu tells that her Bhau is mahaan. Balaji says wah…Radha asks what wah..Baji got his foot broken. Balaji asks about horse name. Bhiu says kala badal. Balaji names him Malhari. Bhiu says Malhari Bhat, younger son of Aayi and my younger brother. Balaji laughs. Baji says now Malhari will make Naser defeat, nobody can stop me from taking revenge. Radha asks him to stop it and ties thread on his hand. She says she is giving him promise and says you will not take revenge from him. Baji asks what about my friends insult. Radha says I have tied you shapath thread and you have to obey it. She says dharma is more big than maan. Baji nods his

head and gets sad

Gotiya tells Baji that he will jump and nobody will stop him. Other friends catch him. Baji recalls what Naser said to him. Gotiya says Baji said that we will not take revenge for our insult and says let me die. Balaji asks Radha why she gave promise to Baji. Radha says she don’t want to see her son getting even a scratch and tells that she don’t want Baji to take revenge from Naser. Gotiya asks Baji why did he keep quiet after getting horse and got shapath thread tied on his hand. balaji tells that he kept quiet and didn’t tell Baji even after befriending with Qamer Uddin and tells that it is not right if Baji and Naser fight at this point. Radha tells her own perception. Gotiya asks Baji to break the thread and challenge Naser. Baji says it is about Dharam and my Aayi’s promise. Balu says if you wanted to take revenge then you would have taken, you don’t have strength. Gotiya and others blames balu for teaching them wrong about Swabhimaan. Balu says you don’t have strength.

Balu goes to Naser while swimming and says he swim in the water to reach him and came to tell about something important. Naser laughs about knowing shapath thread on Baji’s hand. Naser says I am not bounded by any thread or promise and will fight with Baji anyhow. He asks Balu to give message to Baji that he is coming. Balu asks him to make him chutney. Naser says I will listen to you and make him sit infront of him.

Baji and his friends come out from school. Naser comes to them…Mughal song plays…….Gotiya asks Chima ji to pick the stick kept there. Baji looks at Naser. Naser tells baji that he is standing here and nobody can go without colliding with him.
Qamer Uddin greets Balaji and gives him something to drink. Balaji tastes it and says it is so sweet. Qamer Uddin says it is brought from Turkey and tells that you will not like it. Balaji says they like kada. Qamer Uddin says Shiva Raje is a child and hence it would be appropriate to meet Tara Rani to discuss about Politics. He says I will meet her. Baji recalls what his mum said that he will not take revenge from Naser, and what is more big than ego is duty.

Naser tells baji that if he dare to collide with him then he will become mince. Baji asks him to forget the happenings. Naser says if you want to go from here then clean my shoes and lick it with your tongue. Baji is angry. Gotiya asks Pashu to lift stone and throw on him. Baji stops them. Naser smiles and asks him to lick his shoes and says it would be fun. Baji says no problem, I will go from other side. Naser challenges him and calls him rat to hide in his house. Baji says if I stay here then my Aayi will not feel food. Naser says if you have drank your mum’s milk then come and fight with me. Baji goes as he is bounded by his mum’s promise. Naser tells that all Saswad will bear punishment for his doings.

Radha tells Bhiu that her nails are long and needs to be cut. Chima ji comes. Bhiu asks Radha if Ram Chandra haven’t picked the shastra then he would not have won. Radha says it was necessary. Chima tells her that Naser stopped Baji today and challenged him. He says you shouldn’t have stopped Bhau today with shapath thread. Radha looks on. Later…..Dhana ji comes to Tara Rani and says Qamer Uddin is ready to meet you at your chosen place and time. He asks do you have any doubt on balaji’s intelligence. Tara Rani says she has no doubt on his intelligence, but on Mughal’s cleverness. She shows the iron nails and says she made it for Qamer Uddin. She says she wants Pant Pratinidhi to send message to Qamer Uddin and asks balaji to present there, as she wants to see his intelligence. Dhana ji says okay and goes.

Naser beats the people of Saswad. Baji’s friends bring him there. Baji asks Naser to leave the person. Naser tells Baji that their old score is yet to settle, asks him to either fight with him or lick his shoes and make it sparkle. Baji gets angry, but looks at the thread. He asks his friends to come and is about to go. Naser says you will become so good, so I will become bad. He beats the man with hunter badly. Man cries. Baji asks him to stop and says I can’t fight and that’s why I will lick your shoes. Man folds his hands and cries. Gotiya, Chimna ji and others try to stop Baji. Balu is hiding and seeing everything. Naser smirks. Baji goes near him. Naser smirks.

Qamer Uddin comes out of his tent to meet Tara Rani. Tara Rani asks Balaji if Qamer uddin is coming. An informer comes and says he is coming. Tara Rani asks Balaji to welcome Qamer Uddin and tells Dhana ji that their words will be valued much. Balaji is about to welcome Qamer Uddin and sees someone else coming out from the cart. They are shocked. Man smiles. Tara Rani and Dhana ji are taken aback and shocked. Tara Rani asks what is this insult. Balaji asks where is Qamer uddin Saheb. Qamer Uddin comes with Shiva Raje. Tara Rani is shocked too. Qamer Uddin asks Shiva Raje to meet his Aayi Saheb. Shiva Raje goes to meet Tara Rani. Balaji is shocked to see Qamer Uddin’s cunningness. Naser asks Balaji to lick his shoes and says this Hindustan is mine.

Naser tries to hit Baji with hunter and the thread tears and falls from his hand. Baji looks on. Tara Rani punishes Balaji and bars him from working with Marathis for 10 years and says your home, wealth and everything will be snatched from you. Balaji looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vishakha

    Felt bad for both baji and balaji..somehow I had a hunch ki QM will backstab.. Agar villain itni jaldi sudharne lage to show kaise chalega ??? and I thought after chimna says to radha that she did wrong she herself will remove the thread from his hand..but never mind.. Khud bhi nikal jaye to no prb I just want baji to teach nasir a lesson.. The only character which I feel a bit boring is tara rani.. Although her performance is flawless but what to do character hi aisa hai.. Other than that I’m in love with this show..


    Now i m confused at what actually happened in today’s episode???
    They tried to show baji and balaji week and mugal intelligent or making viewers mad on doing this… lets wait for monday episode

    1. Vishakha

      I think they were trying to show ki revenge is not the right purpose for doing anything. So they were keeping quiet even though nasir was poking them continuously to fight.. But now since he is torturing innocent people they can’t keep quiet and that’s when baji tricks nasir and also his thread breaks so that he can teach him a lesson for bringing common people in between.. And about balaji I think he became overconfident that his plan is working.. Or may be he expected others also to be as simple as he is.. But precap is scary.. I think Tara rani only knows to expel people.. She never wanted shahuji to come back because she wanted power..


        Thats politics since raja rules..

  3. Interesting precap. Oh my god I can’t beleive that tara rani did that

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