Peshwa Bajirao 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandrasen’s man coming to kill Shahu ji in his room. Baji is on bed and catches the person. Shahu ji keeps knife on his neck and asks who sent you here. Man pushes Shahu ji and runs. Baji runs after him and thinks to go back to Shahu ji sensing his life in danger. He goes back and tells Shahu ji that man fled. Shahu ji asks if you have doubt on anyone. Baji takes Chandrasen’s name. Chandrasen comes there with the man and tells that he caught him. Radha feels bad for her kids and checks the boxes, saying she couldn’t make anything for them. Chimna says we are sainik of truth.

Radha hugs them. She opens the box and gets a chakli. She asks them to take half each. Chimna and Bhiu says even baby must be hungry. They make each other have food. Chandrasen beats the man

mercilessly and asks him to tell who sent him. He takes Azam’s name. Chandrasen kills him. He recalls man going to Chandrasen and telling that Shahu ji caught him. Chandrasen asks him to give his life else he will kill his family and kids. He tells that this is the last chance to win Shahu ji’s trust. Chandrasen apologizes to Baji for doubting on him. Dhana ji tells that chandrasen sensed this danger. Baji thinks Chandrasen is a snake and he has to protect Shahu ji from him. Chimna ties wet cloth on his stomach to defeat hunger. Bhiu asks him to tie wet cloth on her stomach too. They drink water. Bhiu says my stomach is full now. Chimna says even mine. They hug each other. Radha thinks until when Mahadev will take their test.

Shahu ji, Balaji, Bappa ji and others are going towards Satara. Balaji asks what happened? Shahu ji says he is returning home, but he have to face sena rather than his family. Bappa ji sometimes we have to fight for peace. Dhana ji tells Baji, if he is doubting on Chandrasen then it means you are doubting on my upbringing. Baji apologizes and hopes his doubt is wrong. Dhana ji says surely you will be proved wrong.

Pant Pratinidhi tells Shiva raze that Shahu ji have Brahmin and Shastriya’s support. Other sardaar says nobody can stop him now from sitting on this singhasan. Shiva Raze kills him and says Shahu ji have to fight for this singhasan. He asks Pant Pratinidhi to make his sena get ready for war. Shahu ji, Balaji, Baji and others wait outside the palace. Pant Pratinidhi brings Shiva Raze’s message. He gives Shiva Raze’s message for Shahu ji. Balaji gives message in Shahu ji’s hands. Shahu ji asks Baji to read it. Baji reads, that Shiva Raze is leaving with his mum, rajasvi and Samba ji, so that he can return. He says we will meet in the war’s place and it will be last meet. Shahu ji asks Pant Pratinidhi to wait and says he will reply after discussing with his people. He says I have returned home after many years, and wants to go home. Shahu ji bends down and puts sand on his forehead, others follow the same.

Chandrasen stops signing Pant pratinidhi. Baji thinks something is fishy. They open the door and get inside. Shahu ji tells Bappa ji that he never thought that he have to fight with his family. Bappa ji asks him to kill Shiva Raze. Baji says they are our people. Bappa ji says we have to fight. Baji says if we fight for singhasan then what will be difference between us and mughals. He tells I am less than you in age, knowledge and experience, but also I want to tell you anything. He says whenever two brothers sit on singhasan, they fight, and asks him to set an example and make Shahu ji also sit with him and make 1 plus 1= 11.

Guru ji tells that he did what he asked him to do and made Radha’s family suffer. Chimna hears as he wears turban just like Pant Pratinidhi. Guru ji is shocked. Bappa ji tells that two kings can’t sit on one singhasan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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