Peshwa Bajirao 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharaj Chatrasal suggesting Baji Rao’s name for Peshwa and tells Mastani how Baji and his father fought the war with 40000 Mughals with just 40 soldiers and won with them. Mastani asks then why Shahu ji is not considering him for Peshwa. Maharaj tells that Baji is a veer and till now he has not proved himself to be good at politics. He asks her to write a condolence letter to Baji Rao. Mastani says ok. Jagatraj tells Rani that he tried to get her married to a gay to tell her how a man feels when his manhood is challenged. Rani tells that she took years to bridge gap between Mastani –Suraiya and Maharaj and tells that she will never let them close.

Gangadhar ji tells Pant why will Shahu ji make him Peshwa. Pant tells him that they will attack Baji with his weakness.

Gangadhar asks what is his weakness. Pant tells that his family is his weakness and he will attack him through one of his family member.

Bhiu’s husband and Mohan Rao (Kashi’s brother- Kumud’s son) comes to Baji’s house with many men. Chimna is surprised to see Bhiu’s husband with them. They say he want to talk to Baji. They ask for their money which they had given to Peshwa and ask him to give with interest. Baji sharpens his sword..

Mastani asks Sevak why did he killed his horse Sultan. Sevak says horse had gone mad. Mastani asks why didn’t you tell me. Jagatraj comes and tells that he got it killed. Mastani asks why did you kill that innocent animal. Jagatraj says he will make it alive and then will kill it again and laughs.. Mastani keeps sword on his neck. The money lenders ask Baji and his family to return their money else they will enter the house and get the things forcibly from their house to get the money. Baji signs Radha and looks at the money lenders holding sword. Everyone get shocked.

Baji draws line with his sword. Gotiya says this house is of ex- Peshwa and also of next Peshwa. He says Baji will be the next peshwa and if you try to cross the limits then Baji will forget his limits. Mohan Rao says you can’t scare us like this. Kashi nods him not to cross the line. Chimna asks Gotiya to tell what will happen if they cross the line. Gotiya tells in a humorous way. Mohan Rao tells that they came to get the money which Peshwa ji had taken from them. Radha assures that they will give money to everyone. Someone tells Radha that she is not Peshwin Bai and insults her. Baji gets angry and tells that if anyone dares to insult his mum then his life line gets short. He says once he becomes Peshwa, he will return his money to everyone. Bhiu’s husband tells that it is Shahu ji’s decision who will be the next peshwa.

Baji says he will not leave his right. Chatrasal shouts Mastani. Jagatraj tells that Mastani was trying to kill him. Mastani says he is lying. Chatrasal doesn’t believe Mastani and says now there is no difference between mughals and us now. He feels bad. Baji tells everyone that he makes history and assures to give money once he becomes Peshwa. Mohan Rao says he will meet Shahu ji and will tell him that Peshwa had taken money from him and how Baji is threatening him. Baji says he can do much more. Once they all leave. Kashi tells Rakhma that she will talk to her Aayi and Kumud about Mohan Rao. Rakhma says this will hurt Baji’s self esteem. Kashi looks on.

Baji asks Kashi to do his tilak and says he is going to do something. Radha asks Kashi to stop him. Baji looks at Kashi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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