Peshwa Bajirao 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji sitting on his horse. Radha shouts Baji and plays drum. Balaji says har har mahadev. They proceed towards Mughals and fight with them. Qamer Uddin and Naser are shocked to see Mughals getting killed. Naser says the person who couldn’t kill me, killing our soldiers. Qamer Uddin recalls Balaji saying that history will be written today, how 40 marathis have killed 4000 soldiers. Naser fires bullet. Baji bends down and it hits Madhaar on his forehead. He dies instantly. Balaji and Malhar sit down and close his eyes. Qamer Uddin gets scared and says they shall return. Baji throws knife towards Qamer Uddin and it injures his face a bit. Baji tells that it is a gift from me on my first war, and says it will remind you that you can’t win even if you bring 4000 or 40000 soldiers.

He says whoever try to separate us will have to taste defeat. He victoriously hangs their flag on the land. Baji song plays…..

He then lies on the land and touches soil, takes oath that he will fight and fall in war, but will never stop. Balaji and Radha come and help him get up. Balaji says har har mahadev.

The marathis are looking at the dead bodies of their people. Balaji gives firewood in baji’s hand. Baji reminisces Khaas teaching him and is emotional. Balaji tells that Guru’s body can vanish, but not his teachings. He asks him to make his teaching alive in his heart. They pay their last respect and give fire to his body. Balaji thanks Raja Saheb for coming on time and making them win. Raja Saheb tells that he got strength from him only and says Tara Rani will be happy to know their victory.

Baji asks Balaji who will do last rites of Mughal soldiers. Malhar says it is not our responsibility and says Qamer uddin should do their last rites. Baji says Qamer Uddin killed his soldiers on their defeat and says according to his opinion, he shall do their last rites else they will fail to have humanity. Raja Saheb gets glad and tells that he will ask his soldiers to do last rites according to their religion. Raja Saheb tells that one day Baji will be more big than him.

Bandi comes to Kam Baksh and tells that Azam is reaching here soon. Mughal song plays…Kam Baksh tells that they have to leave, as Azam is coming here to kill me.. He says he has to leave. Bandi says you can’t leave me. Kam Baksh kills her.

Baji, Balaji, Radha and others are in the bullock cart and going back. Baji asks Balaji who will sit on Aurangzeb’s throne. Azam is shown beating a man with his hunter. Balaji says Aurangzeb didn’t declare who will sit on the throne and his three sons will fight for the throne now, and Marathis will suffer loss. Baji asks what will happen to Shahu ji. Balaji says they will release him as they will wait marathis to fight, but Tara Rani and Raze never want him to return. Baji says why did Tara Rani break the promise given to her husband. Balaji says it was easy to break the promise and tells that it is politics. Baji tells that Shiva Raze is not competent to fight, but Shahu ji is competent enough, have patience and right to sit on marathi’s throne. He stops the cart seeing the Marathi soldier. He asks what you are doing to do. Soldier says he wants to arrest him.

Dhana ji’s son Chandrasen complains to Tara Rani Bai that Balaji wants his son to be yoddha and that’s why he made yudh bhoomi to daulatabad. Tara Rani angrily asks Balaji, if the war happened because of Baji. Balaji says yes and asks her to punish him if she wants. Baji comes and says no baba.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sandeep Singh

    Muhammad Azam Shah was 53 years old middle aged man at time of Aurangzeb’s death and not a youth as shown in the episode. This is wrong depiction of a key person in this story.

    1. Dr. Binoy Kumar Sinha,Thane,Maharastra

      Fifty three years is not old age.Even fifty three years men also look quite young,depending on their life-style.

  2. Dr. Binoy Kumar Sinha,Thane,Maharastra

    This is a fantastic serial.It must be given the highest film award.The characters have performed well and they have acted quite naturally.This is a proud story of the Hindu Maharastrian warriors.All patriotic Indians must watch it.This is far better than the dancers’and musicians’film of Bollywood.

    Congratulations to the Producers and Directors

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