Peshwa Bajirao 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhiu telling that they shall get the horse. Gotiya says that owner will not give us horse. Baji says that horse became my friend and I will save him from slaughter. Gotiya refuses to come with them. Balaji and Qamer Uddin come to the ghat. Balaji tells his soldier that thunderstorm came. Qamer Uddin is about to slip. Balaji holds him and asks him to remove his slipper and walk. Qamer Uddin says you are taunting me. Balaji says how can I taunt you being a small subedar. He says if you think that I am taunting you that I am taunting you. Qamer Uddin gets angry and tells his soldiers that they have to protect Qamer Uddin. Qamer Uddin tells that he will walk inside irrespective of the thunderstorm. Balaji asks him not to be stubborn and risk his life. Suddenly rain starts. Balaji

asks him to come under the shelter.

Radha asks Chima ji to search Bhiu and Baji and bring them home. Khan thinks to kill horse before the fixed time. He says it sees rain will come. Baji comes and says no, Baji came with rain and will take badal/cloud with me. Rain starts….Khan gets tensed. Balaji asks Qamer Uddin to hold the grass rather than tree. Qamer Uddin tells, do you think me mad to believe you. He refuses to hold the grass. Tree falls down. Balaji asks him to respect the land,take off his shoes, and hold the grass. He says I told you that weather on the ghat is unpredictable. Qamer Uddin falls down. Balaji tries to save him. Khan asks Baji if he came to get beaten. Baji says no, and says we came to do deal. Khan says I don’t do deal with chuchundars. Baji says if this chuchundar proves that this horse is not mad. Khan tells that this horse is having wound on his feet and it can’t walk for much distance. Bhiu asks him to accept the challenge and says if Baji comes out on the horse then you can take this money and let the horse go with us. Khan agrees.

Baji goes inside the horse stable. Har Har Mahadev plays……….Baji looks at the horse. Horse is not in control of Baji. Khan laughs and tells Bhiu, your Bhau is gone. Baji calls him kala badal and says I didn’t come here to hurt you, but to take you home. Baji jumps and sits on the moving horse. Qamer Uddin is about to slip down in then valley, but Balaji holds his hand. Qamer Uddin asks him to lift him and says I don’t want to die. Balaji recalls what Qamer Uddin said while throwing him off from the cliff and says we will see if Mughals know how to fly in air. Qamer Uddin is shocked.

Baji tries to sit on horse, but horse makes him fall down. Baji recalls what Khan said that horse has a wound on its feet. Bhiu tries to go inside the stable, but Baji’s friends stop her. Gotiya returns and tells Baji that sometimes waste coin works. Baji makes plan with his friends. Khan is confused. Bhiu tells that her brother will win surely. Horse gets crazy. Khan says your game is over….

Qamer Uddin asks Balaji not to take out enmity on him. Balaji says you have not recognized me, and reminds him that a Marathi entered Mughal to know about Shahu ji and he pushed him from cliff. Qamer Uddin apologizes to him and asks him not to make him fall down. Balaji says I want to leave your hand, but there should be a difference between a Marathi and Mughals. He saves him. Khan tells Baji that their game is over. Baji looks on. Qamer Uddin thanks Balaji for saving his life and says I wish I could call you as a friend, but our Mughals and Marathis enmity comes in between us, and says only fortunate people get enemy like you. Balaji changes his mindset. Qamer Uddin says you have changed me, from today there will be no game and politics, asks what I can do for you. Khan throws arrow on horse with the intention to kill him, but runs and catches it before it could hit horse. Baji’s friend throws something. Baji sits holding that thing in his hand. Horse calms down, Baji recalls what Saint told him. He kisses on the horse.

Balaji tells Radha that he made Qamer Uddin bend infront of him and says it is result of your suggestion. Radha is angry and says shew ill break Baji’s back. She sees Baji and Bhiu coming home and asks where they were? Baji says we went to bring horse. Radha says you can’t get horse in little money. Bhiu says what you know? Radha sees wound on Baji’s foot and asks about it. Baji looks on and recalls controlling horse with his intelligence.

Khan appreciates Baji and asks how did you control this horse without stabbing him. Baji tells him that his aayi says that when there is a wound on someone’s heart, body shouldn’t be treated first. Khan says he has a wound on his foot. Baji tells him that this horse is injured but not his foot but his heart. He recalls owner’s father telling that horse used to stare his son’s shoes. So Baji kept that shoes infront of him to calm him down. He says I have controlled him with my love. Khan appreciates Baji and says you will become a great man. He says you have taught me which I couldn’t learn even after spending so many years with the horses. He says you can take this horse with you, but I will keep this money but will never spend it thinking I got his money from a wise boy. He lets go horse with them. Baji walks off with horse.

Radha ties thread to Baji and asks him not to do anything. Later Naser challenges Baji and punishes the people of Saswad which makes Baji angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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