Peshwa Bajirao 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani telling Mastani that she has given a word and now it is wrong to back off from our words. Suraiyya says Rani is saying right. Mastani says she would have agreed, but the matter is about Bundelkhand. Rani says only she the right to make a decision and asks Suraiyya to make her ready for marriage, and says it will happen today itself. Mastani looks on.
Baji thinks about the prospective men for the Peshwa position. Kashi looks at him. Chimna says he thought she will continue staring him. Baji thinks about Gangadhar’s chances of becoming Peshwa. Mastani gets ready as a bride. Suraiyya asks her not to let any bad thing come in her mind and says Rani can thought bad about you, but she can’t think bad about Bundelkhand. Mastani says they might not know about the groom’s

family intention, but they know that the groom is not suitable for any woman. Suraiyya says if this marriage breaks then I will break. Mastani asks her to support her when her father is not here. Suraiyya emotionally blackmails Mastani and covers her head with ghunghat.

Mastani comes to the marriage venue. She says she has maharaj chattrasal’s blood and junoon also. She says if she can kill someone for Bundelkhand then she can give her life too. She says she will die, but will not become mohra of enemy. She is about to stab sword in her stomach when Maharaj Chattrasal comes and stops her. He says if Mastani don’t want to marry then there might be some reason for that, as she is choosing death over marriage. Everyone looks on. He says if Mastani don’t want to marry then this marriage will not happen. Jagatraj and Rani get shocked. Sardar tells that if he refuses for this marriage then he will become his enemy. Chattrasal says he has many enemies, but if he becomes his enemy then it will be a problem. Chimna asks Bhiu what is bothering her.

She says she don’t know what to choose her husband or Bhao. Baji hears her and asks her to choose between right and wrong. Baji tells that he can’t wait here keeping hand on hand. Radha says she has decided and says you will not break any rituals. Baji says Pant might be conspiring against him and must be instigating Shahu ji to make Gangadhar as Peshwa. Pant tells Shahu ji that he wants to propose Aurangabad Sardaar Gangadhar as Peshwa. Baji says Gangadhar is competent to become Peshwa.

Gangadhar Rao comes to Shahu ji’s court. Chimna asks how do you know Bhao Baji tells that he is competent like Baba and have proved himself in Aurangabad. Pant tells Shahu ji that Gangadhar is the right guy to become Peshwa. Radha says you means to say that whatever he has, you don’t have. Baji says that’s why I want to tell Shahu ji that I have less experience, but is more competent. Nagoram tells that they shall declare next Peshwa soon and says enemy might attack them anytime soon. Shahu ji asks Gangadhar if he is ready to take care of Peshwa’s responsibilities. Gangadhar laughs aloud and says what shall I tell appraising myself, whatever Pant told is right. He says question is that do you trust me.

Radha tells Baji and others that Gangadhar have intelligence, patience etc, but you have Shahu ji’s trust. She asks him to trust Shahu ji and says she will talk to Bhat and asks him to make sure that Shahu ji don’t take a decision for 13 days. Baji asks why Bhat will leave his bhakti and go to palace. Radha says just because I will tell him. She says Bhat loves their family. Chima ji asks kashi not to worry. Gotiya says it is their old sangharsh. Chima ji asks her not to worry and says he knows that Baji will be alright. Mastani comes to Chattrasal and apologizes to him.. Chattrasal says your marriage is my responsibility. Mastani asks if he is worried about something. Chattrasal says he is worried as he lost a friend Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath Bhat and says now he is no more. Mastani says Peshwa Saheb is no more and says Shahu ji might be in problem. Chattrasal tells that Shahu ji have a tough choice to make and says who will become next Peshwa. Mastani asks what do you think who will become next Peshwa. Chattrasal takes Baji Rao’s name. Mastani repeats his name Baji is practicing and looks on.

Pant tells Gangadhar that they have done something to make sure that Shahu ji makes him as peshwa. Pant says we will target Baji’s weakness, that is his family. Baji gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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