Peshwa Bajirao 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru ji laughing hearing Baji’s words. Baji says I will become a big soldier and will bring swaraj. Guru ji says you don’t get Swaraj like this, but maaraj…He beats him with scale and says I will tell your mum that you have gone mad, bring your aayi here.

Shiva Raze asks his men to beat the man. Balaji comes and asks him to stop the man from getting beaten, else he will die. Shiva Raze says he will not stop and reminds Balaji that he has his own rules unlike Chatrapati Shivaji and reminds Balaji that he is just an employee and not his teacher. He says I have agreed to learn from you because of your mum and asks him not to try to become his Guru. He asks the thief to give double money. Thief says he doesn’t have money. Balaji says I will give double money

on his behalf. Shiva Raze talks rudely with him and leaves.

Radha Bai comes to Guru ji. Guru ji tells that Balaji is not studying and talking about Swaraj. The time which he shall utilized to study, he is wasting in talking about Swaraj. He threatens to dismiss him. Radha says I am taking my son from here and says she will not let anyone snatch her son’s dreams of Swaraj. Guru ji asks her to take her son, and says he is useless and can’t study. HE says Chimna is better than him. Baji asks Radha, who will teach her now. Radha says I will teach you as she recalls what Balaji said. Shiva Raze fights with the soldiers and says I have won.

Balaji asks the soldiers if he really won. Soldiers say that they have been given money by maharaj to lose. Balaji asks him not to tell anyone and asks Shiva Raze not to act, but really fight. Shiva Raze says next time, he will become more good soldiers who can act well. Balaji attacks on him to make him realize what he shall do when his enemy attack him. He asks his questions. Shiva Raze couldn’t answer anything. Balaji says you have to learn before Gudi Padwa and tells that he is very far from his praja/people like earth is far away from moon. Shiva Raze gets angry and asks his soldiers to arrest him. Balaji is shocked.

Baji asks Radha if she is so much educated to teach him. Radha says every mum have knowledge and says she will teach him. Gotiya and others are sad as Baji left the Guru kul. Balu comes and teases them. Guru ji comes. Gotiya says we were saying that Baji’s mum did wrong. Guru ji is angry and goes. Gotiya says lets go to Baji.

Gotiya asks Baji what he will do now. Baji says he will enjoy learning at home. Gotiya says I have complained to God, that why he didn’t make my Aayi like Radha Kaku. He says strict Guru ji can’t teach you, then how will Radha teach you. Baji says I don’t know, but my Aayi is preparing to teach me for tomorrow. Radha writes letter for Balaji, and thinks she will not send it. She says I have taken a big decision and have taken him out from Paath shaala. She writes that she is scared thinking what to teach him tomorrow and asks God how she will teach him.

Tara Rani Bai frees Balaji. She says Shiva Raze will be punished for his doings. Balaji says I will give him teaching, he shall not be punished. Tara Rani says he shall be proved worthy amongst other sardaars. Balaji says I have two requests, and asks her not to punish Shiva Raze and second request is that save me if he punishes me. Tara Rani Bai smiles. Balaji says he will make him grow feelings in him to become a warrior and is going. Tara Rai Bai says I didn’t ask you to go and says one day I want to meet your kids so that I can know how you brought them up. Balaji says you will understand once you meet my wife. Radha throws water on Baji and wakes him up. She says I will teach you how to become Manav/yodha and neeti. Baji says I am a manav. Radha explains to him about becoming a good human, before becoming a good yodha. Baji says he wants to learn everything before Balaji comes and then he can go on a war with him.

Radha assigns him some work. Baji is breaking the stone. Bhiu comes to Radha and asks why she asked Baji to do farming. Radha looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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