Peshwa Bajirao 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 27th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji telling his family that world exhibits the kalang and not hide it. Chimna says we shall do whatever Aayi Saheb suggest us. Baji says you don’t care about the promise which I made to our father. Chimna says he is worried about his dynasty. Baji says a sun’s light doesn’t get dim after it is eclipsed. Chimna says there is a difference between person and sun. When a person’s bad deed came to light then it becomes his identity. Baji says you are thinking your father’s sons as kalang, who were our brothers. Chimna says no, you are thinking two kalangs as our brothers. Radha asks them to stop argument. She reminds him of his promise which he made to her in childhood. Baji says you never asked me to choose between you and baba when he was alive. Radha asks him to listen

to her and do whatever he wants after becoming Peshwa. Baji says if I want to become Peshwa then I have to be in Satara. Pandit ji comes and asks what he is listening.

Mastani takes Servant’s help to spy on her would be husband. She hears her would be husband talking to his father and complaining to him that he don’t want to marry Mastani being a gay. His father tells that your sword will go to marry mastani on your behalf. He says he will not go to Mastani’s room. His Father tells chhatrasal is not here and that’s why Rani and Jagatraj are getting her married to you, to break her ego. He says Mastani will marry you, but she will not come here, and will be presented to Mughals as a gift. Then Mughals will help us win Bundelkhand. Mastani hears everything and shockingly drops the pan box. Both father-son duo comes out and asks if she listened to them. Mastani tells that she got afraid seeing the ants and dropped the pan box. They think her as dasi and let her go.

Pandit ji gives his condolences to Radha and tells that he will propose Baji’s name for Peshwa. Radha nods. Jagatraj and Rani insult Suraiyya as they think Mastani eloped. Suraiyya curses herself and says my daughter have made me head down, what I will tell to groom’s family. Mastani comes and says nobody needs to answer, as I have decided not to marry that man. Suraiyya asks if she wants to stay with her forever. Mastani says it is better rather than going to stranger man. Rani says husband is not stranger. Mastani says husband have to accept wife and says the chosen guy don’t want to accept any woman. She says she has seen him with her own eyes. Jagat raj says she is lying.

Rani asks Suraiyya why did she send Mastani to spy. Mastani tells them that Rani and Jagatraj don’t know that they are planning to betray them and plan to attack Bundelkhand after gifting me to Mughals. She says you would have chosen enemy for me, but sadly you have chosen betrayal for me. She says Bundelkhand shall not be affected. Bhiu says Bhat is doing this to get fat dakshini from Radha. Bhat Pandit ji tells that he is not doing this for Dakshina and tells that Baji have to stay at home for 13 days and mourn, else I can’t handle Brahmins. Radha says Baji will follow the rituals and will not go out. Chimna presents money to him. Baji says it is for temple people.

Bhat tells that conspiracy started at crematorium ground against Baji. Radha says I am sure that you are with us. Bhat leaves. Baji asks since when Bhat is deciding my life. Radha says she asked him to follow the rituals. Baji asks what shall I do at home. Kashi asks Baji to stay at home and follow the rituals. Baji says I thought my wife will understand me. Radha says this is my orders. Baji draws 13 lines and says after this lines gets finished, there will be no lines to stop him. Bhiu asks her husband to stay with her for sometime in her painful time. He asks her to stay alone sometime. While he is leaving, his dress cloth get stuck to the table. He thinks Bhiu is holding it and tells that he needs to meet Pant. She asks if he is conspiring against Bhao. He says you can’t keep my heir in your womb, atleast keep my word. Bhiu cries and sees distress Baji.

Baji thinks Pant might be instigating Shahu ji against him and proposing Gangadhar’s name as Peshwa. Pant asks Shahu ji to declare next peshwa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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