Peshwa Bajirao 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episosde starts with Chimna recalling Balaji telling that he has two more sons. Baji takes the firewood and recalls his father’s teachings. He gives fire to his pyre and says that anyone can give birth to a child, but anybody can become a father, and says a father teaches his children to walk, fight etc. you are my life’s surya, you have gone, but I won’t let your values and struggles go. He says he will bring Swaraj and fulfill his wish He promises to handle his duties and his peshwayi also. He folds his hands.

A woman likes Mastani and tells Suraiyya that her would be bahu is a star and shows the jewellery. Suraiyya says all gifts are precious. Woman says I have brought this for my daughter and not daughter in law. Suraiyya is happy. Some other woman asks Rani why did she get Mastani

marry in a rich family. Rani says she has written mastani’s destiny for insulting Jagatraj’s manhood. Servant hears her and informs Mastani. Mastani looks at Rani. Suraiyya tells Mastani that she is very happy seeing her getting respect in her sasural and asks her not to let her head bend down. Mastani promises her. Rani smirks.

Kashi tells Rakhma that she can’t understand Aayi, and asks how she can love Baba who gave her utmost pain. Rakhma says there is only love in her eyes and says today she was just Aayi and not Peshwin Bai. Bhiu and Anubai comes there. Kashi supports Radha and says husbands can’t think how their betrayal wounded their wives. Pant Pratinidhi tells that people think that we were his enemy, but we have great respect for him. Naororam ji tells that Baji have become stone hearted and didn’t let any tear come in his eyes, and says he has promised his dead father that he will become next peshwa. Pant Pratinidhi says it is not hereditary.

Mastani comes to clear her doubt and tells that she wants to reach there hiding her face, and says she will show her would be husband face. Chanda says it would be wrong to see husband’s face before marriage. Mastani says whatever, but she has to see.

Baji comes home and imagines Balaji calling his name and telling hindi poetry. Baji says yes Baba. He smiles and walks towards Balaji, but he is not there. He sees Radha coming infront of him wearing read saree covering her head. Shakti Om plays…..She walks past Baji and sits on the swing. Chimna and others come home.

Shahu ji tells that the blank place is made as Balaji left, but enemy can attack them at any time. He says he has to make someone as peshwa. Pant Pratinidhi suggests Shahu ji that he shall make Baji as new Peshwa. Shahu ji says you are proposing his name, I thought you don’t like him. Naroram tells that his age is just 19 years. Pant Pratinidhi argues that he has taken oath to become next Peshwa. Shahu ji says he needs time to think.

Baji tells Chimna that mourning time is over and tells that till their father was alive, he was safeguarding them. He touches Radha’s feet and asks her to bless him to become next Peshwa and take care of his father’s responsibilities. Naroram asks Pant Pratinidhi what do he think about Shahu ji’s decisions. Pant Pratinidhi says we have to instigate him against Baji.

Baji tells Radha that if he wants to become Peshwa then he has to be with Shahuji in Satara. Some Pandits come there and tells that Baji have to mourn for 13 days before he steps out of house. Radha stops Baji from going.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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