Peshwa Bajirao 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji asking Vishesh to open the door. His friend tells that door is locked. Baji gets an idea. He says we can’t win from Vishesh and have to accept our defeat as this is his house. Vishesh laughs. Baji says Vishesh is really an important boy and we shall respect him. Gotiya says I will hold his feet once the door is open. Other friend says Shri Vishesh Rao ji…Vishesh gets happy. Gotiya says I will sing bhajan and asks where are you God, come near me. Vishesh gets happy and opens the door. He says it is good that you have realized your mistake soon. Everyone hold him on the floor. Vishesh says this is cheating. Baji tells that it is a politics to defeat the enemy, and tells that he knows many stories of Chatrapati shivaji. Vishesh says he will become good boy.


Rani Bai is training Shiva Raze and gets worried for him seeing his inability to learn sword fight. She reminds him that he is a grand son of Chatrapati Shivaji who used to kill his enemies even being blind folded and you couldn’t do a single attack. Pant Pratinidhi asks him to concentrate. Tara Rani Bai says you have no strength on your feet, hands etc. Shiva Raze drops his sword. Tara Rani Bai says whoever surrenders and drops their sword gets killed by enemies. She asks him to lift the sword.

Balaji comes and apologizes. She tells that he has brought info about the sardars for gudi padwa invite. Tara Rani reads it. Balaji says can I talk to maharaj as I think I can help him. Tara Rani Bai nods. Balaji looks on.

Qamer Uddin’s wife comes to him and complains to him about Kam Baksh’s wife. Qamer Uddin looks at the spider. His wife asks you are whose husband? Qamer Uddin holds her hand and says I am your husband. He tells that he will sit on Aurangzeb’s chair after his demise and very soon he will meet Balaji and kill him.

Balaji teaches Shiva Raze how to fight with the sword. Tara Rani Bai and Pant Pratinidhi looks on. Tara Rani Bai gets impressed seeing Shiva Raze fighting nicely under the guidance of Balaji. She asks Balaji, what mantra you gave him in such a small time that I couldn’t do from long.

Shiva Raze takes out cotton from his ears and shows. A fb is shown, Balaji tells him that it is a vijay mantra and that he will not listen to anyone voice and will concentrate on fight. Fb ends. Balaji tells Tara Rani Bai that he had heard something in his childhood, and tells a story about frogs climbing on the mountain. He says all the frogs stopped climbing on the mountain, but a weak frog didn’t listen to them and tried to climb up and one day succeeded. He says that frog was deaf and that’s why didn’t listen to others. He says words hurts more than a sword and maharaj was hurt with words and that’s why I made him wear kawaj. Tara Rani gives Shiva Raze responsibility to Balaji. Pant Pratinidhi asks why Balaji, and says we can get good trainers for him. Tara Rani says we need miracle and not trainers and asks Balaji to make sure Shiva Raze don’t do any mistake on Gudi padwa day.

Baji tells Chatrapati Shivaji story to Vishesh and his friends. Some goons enter the house. Baji and his friends see reflection of goons. They ask Vishesh who is inside. Vishesh tells them that somebody is inside. Baji asks his friends not to get scared. Vishesh says this is my house and nobody can defeat me. Baji says he is saying right. Baji asks Vishesh how did he go out of room after locking them. Vishesh tells him about secret window. Baji says we will attack goons from there.

Kam Baksh brings few rajas there and tells Aurangzeb that they are fathers of beautiful girls who are ready to give their daughters in marriage to Shahuji.. One raja tells that his daughter is beautiful and he is ready to give his daughter in hand for Shahuji. Aurangzeb appreciates him and asks him to kiss his ring. That raja kisses on his ring and dies instantly. Other Rajas panic seeing his death. Aurangzeb says I hope you have understood what I am searching. He says I am not finding bride, but a controller for Shahuji.

Goons searches in the room. Baji and Vishesh attack him, while Gotiya and others attack other goon. Baji sees goons eating in kitchen and smiles. They make sound and divert goons mind, then Vishesh adds chilli powder in the food and looks for water. Then something hits him. Baji and his friends attack them. Some of the goons run away. Baji, Vishesh and his friends are happy. Balaji tells Khas that his Baji will not let anything wrong happen. They see goons running away. They come home. Baji, Vishesh and others greet them. Khas asks if Vishesh troubled you. Baji and others laugh and say no. Balaji asks if Baji took care of you. Vishesh laughs and says yes. Balaji asks them to sit in cart and says now we have to leave for Saswad. Baji says today itself. Balaji says yes. Vishesh greets Baji and says we will meet soon Bhau. They hug each other.

In the cart, Baji asks Balaji how was the experience with Vishesh. Baji says it was difficult to handle him at first and then we have defeated in his game and then made mughals goon run away. Balaji laughs and says they were not thieves, but our men. He says we want to make you understand that Swaraj was like a small baby who needs your attention all the time, else you will never know when things will fall from your hand. He asks him to know the place just as Vishesh knows everything about his house. He asks him to do something for the country, rather than thinking what did country do for him. Balaji recalls handling Baji and says this yatra gave me an experience to understand my country and now I will try to know the swaraj. Balaji smiles.

Guru ji asks Baji why did he need swaraj and asks if he is blood of Chatrapati Shivaji. Baji tells inspiring words that all marathis have to be united to fulfill the dream of Chatrapati maharaj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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