Peshwa Bajirao 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balaji keeping sword on Qazi’s neck. Qazi says so you are not Fakeer. Balaji says he is subedar of Maharaj Shiva Raze emperor and a honest employee of Tara Rani Bai Saheb and responsible for the victory of Bhairav garh. Balaji’s man is tensed. Balaji says he is Balaji Vishwanath Bhatt. Qazi asks his men to kill him, but Balaji kills them instead. Qazi asks his soldiers to stop and says you are brave yet a fool and came here alone to get Bhairav garh. Balaji says he came alone, but his mother’s (land) son get along with him. All Marathi soldier say har har mahadev. Qazi is shocked. Balaji looks victorious.

Crocodile looking like deadly creatures come closer to Radha. Radha gets scared. Baji comes to her rescue to protect her. Many crocodile come there.

Balaji tries to kill them. Radha tells Baji that they will get scared of fire. Baji finds a wood near by and tries to burn it with stone. He then tries to make the crocodile scared and shows the firewood. All crocodile leaves from there. Qazi surrenders to Balaji. Balaji takes out his turban with his trishul and says har har mahadev. Qazi asks how did you show the karamat being an ordinary man. Balaji says your thinking is small and could find only gold, silver etc…but don’t have any knowledge, and says he knows his country’s big wealth. Qazi asks what is that? Balaji says knowledge, science, and technology. He says ayurved, acupuncture, etc. He says whatever you had seen was our shashtra’s gyan. He says har har mahadev as he is lifted by the Marathi soldiers. Qazi looks on.

Baji asks what happened? He says I am not scared and warns crocodile. Radha smiles to see his fear gone. Baji says I have made them go, and hadn’t let them come near you. He throws the firewood. She hugs him and cries. Baji also cries.

Chimna, Gotiya and others are acting to be crying. Gotiya eats laddoo and asks why did you snatch Baji from me…God. Gotiya asks who will protect is now, don’t know who has killed Baji. Ballu comes and gets happy hearing about Baji death. He runs from there and tells his friends that Baji is dead and everyone will say baluram ki jai. He turns and sees Baji hanging on to the tree upside down. He shouts….and runs away.

Balu says Baji’s ghost. Baji says no…I am Baji. Balu asks for forgiveness and says I had done all for Naser. Baji beats him. Balu realizes that he is alive. Baji’s friends come there. Baji says I would have forgiven you, but I can’t forgive a betrayal. He calls him betrayal. Everyone call him betrayal. Chimna comes and says Baba is reaching home. Balu asks if kaka is coming. Baji says I am leaving you if Chimna haven’t come here. He says I have returned. Balu is shocked. Baji and his friend say har har mahadev.

Radha is at home. Crow comes and makes sound. Radha tries to shoo it away and asks to bring Balaji. Just then she is about to fall and Balaji catches her in his embrace. Radha gets emotional and happy. Balaji smiles. They are about to hug, but stops seeing kids coming.

Chimna, Baji and Bhiu hug Balaji. Balaji feels pain. Radha asks him to show the wound. He says it is just a wound and asks her not to worry. Bhiu asks what happened? Balaji says he will get healed soon as Bhiu stays in his heart. Bhiu says I stay at two places and don’t know. Balaji laughs. Baji says we know and asks Balaji if his work is done. Balaji says yes. Bhiu asks what did you bring for us. Balaji says I have won Bhairav garh for all marathis. Radha is happy. Chimna says but….. that is Shivaji maharaj’s important qila. Balaji says yes. Baji asks him to let Baba speak. He says I want to know everything. Bhiu says baba….we didn’t have malai since long and that’s why my milk tooth is broken. Chimna says it is taken by rat. Balaji nods. Bhiu asks him to bring back her tooth from rat’s qila..Baji says it is not Qila but bil/hideout.

Balaji laughs and hugs Bhiu. Radha asks them to bring water for him. They run to get water for him. All kids go out of house. Balaji asks where was she? Radha says I was here, and you went far from me without informing me or meet me. They spend some romantic time. Balaji says you have sent them intentionally. Radha says why would I? Balaji says I will reply to you without speaking. He is about to get closer, but their kids come bringing water for him. Radha smiles and tells Baji that she asked them to bring water to take bath. Radha says sometimes we need time for ourselves too. They smile. Bhiu tells Radha that she will make Balaji have roti with her hand. Radha laughs. Balaji teaches Baji to fight. Baji tells him that he knows that his life span is short. Balaji is short. Baji says I know what Pandit ji predicted for me. Balaji says did you know what he predicted before your birth. A fb is shown, Pandit ji predicts that only his son will be responsible for Swaraj, and says destiny have chosen him. He says Marathi samraj is your responsibility and you have very less time. Baji asks what shall I do?

Qamer Uddin punishes his son and asks if you are really my son or someone kept you in my house. Naser says I am your son only. Qamer Uddin says if you would had been my son then you wouldn’t have lost from a Marathi son and had beaten up by a woman. Naser says I didn’t know that his destiny is so good and that he will return from dead.

Balaji is teaching sword to balaji and explains the meaning of Swaraj. He says you will understand by yourself. He fights with him. Qamer Uddin asks Naser to kill enemies from their roots. He says we came here to rule and not to waste time. He says I will sit on Aurangzeb’s chair after he dies. Naser promises him that he will not lose this time and will surely take revenge from Baji. Baji says I can’t understand if I will bring Swaraj, then why did this feeling don’t come in my heart till now and how I will develop this feeling. He looks on.

Naser’s men tortures Marathi people. Radha falls down while they come on the horse. Chimna shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i dont know why people comment on stupid sas-bahu drama shows nd not here . peshwa bajirao is such a wonderful show , just love this show to the core

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      Even me..I used to comment in the initial episodes but when no one else did even I stopped.

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