Peshwa Bajirao 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha asking Baji to jump with her with the mountain water fall in the river. Baji is scared of his death and stands still. Radha closes her eyes and jumps in the river. Baji shouts Aayi…..Radha falls in the river. Baji shouts Aayi, but stops himself from jumping in the river. Radha comes out of water and looks at him. Baji is still haven’t come out of his fear. Tara Rani bai is making Shiva Raze lift a heavy wood to make him practice to be a warrior. Shiva Raze says I have never lifted a small object and now you made me hold this heavy wood, I can’t run with it and can’t become a warrior in a day. Tara Rani Bai says you are saying right, I couldn’t give you time before, but now I will focus on your development. Raze walks holding wood on his shoulders, and falls

down unconscious. Tara Rani feels bad and thinks her son is weak, and blames herself for not giving him time.

Baji is studying. Chimna is surprised. Radha asks why he is not studying. Chimna says he is surprised and couldn’t concentrate on his studies. He asks Radha why do he need to change himself when he is best. Radha says you have given me a good teaching, and says how to make his fear go. Chimna asks why? Baji is reading about a mum. Radha says if he is trying to become adarsh son, then I have to become an adarsh mum. She says she will make him like Chatrapati Shivaji and for that she has to be like his mum.

Balaji as fakeer reads mantras to call the bijli. Qazi asks his man about Abdullah. He says he is missing and they are searching him. Qazi’s wife asks if he is really going to catch bijli/current. Balaji’s man asks him if he is going to do miracle. Chimna asks Radha if her plan is going to work. Radha says yes. Chimna comes to Baji and tells him something which shocks Baji. Qazi’s men come to Qila. Maratha Soldier stops one of the soldier. Other soldiers go inside and see Abdullah’s dead body. They think something is wrong with that fakeer as he is going to show some miracle. They run back to inform Qazi. Balaji’s soldier kills Qazi’s soldier, and says Balaji said right that now they have to be loyal to their matra bhoomi/land and says now they will live and die for their land. Everyone looks on.

Balaji does puja and suddenly it starts lightning in the clouds. Balaji’s man thinks what actually Balaji is, if he is a subedar, a saint, a magical, or something else. He gets surprised. Qazi and his wife are surprised seeing the lightning and speedy winds. Balaji comes near the cliff, and sees Radha standing on the death land. He asks her to come up. Radha refuses to come and says until your fear is gone, I will not come. She asks him to jump and save her. Baji is worried for her. Radha tells jisme hath na wo Marathi nahi……Baji jumps in to save Radha seeing crocodile going towards her. Radha shouts Baji. Baji asks her to stop there itself and tells crocodile that even though he has a short life, but he will die after saving his mum. Radha is shocked to know that he knows the truth.

Crocodile attacks Baji. Radha asks Baji to win over his fear and says you are kaal of shatru and lal of your mum etc. Baji gets motivated with his mum’s words and jumps to kill crocodile. Deadly Crocodile proceeds towards Baji. Qazi is surprised to see the lightning in the clouds… Balaji opens his eyes and picks a diamond from the havan puja. Qazi gets impressed. Balaji gives it to Qazi. Qazi asks Balaji to make his legs and hand fine. Balaji asks what you will do if Marathi’s attack you. Qazi says it is not easy to kill me. Qazi’s men come there and inform that Abdullah is killed. Balaji’s soldiers keep sword on Qazi’s neck. Qazi is shocked and shouts fakeer.

Baji and his mum are surrounded by many crocodiles and are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. peshwa bajirao is as wonderful as always but i still think that the scene when baji jumped to save radha from the animals was a lil unrealistic , because the cliff was too high , if he jumps from there he would have got hurt , but surprisingly nothing happened to baji . anyways , this show has definitely won my interest in very less time

  2. Yeah really very good serial..but can’t understand why people are not commenting..?


    Wonderfull episode..

    1. how to become a registered membr ?? Plz help

      1. in the menu u will find a option register , click there and fill all the details ,the will send u a confirmation mail . if u click on it u will become a registered member

  4. Yess I do love the serial I like watching these kinds of serials bcoz they are historical.. Now I think baji ‘s fear will go.

  5. I love this serial and each charactr of it

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