Peshwa Bajirao 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhiu Bai telling that it was Aayi’s trick to taught you both. Radha says you are sharp, but they are intelligent. She asks them to use their mind to catch hen. She puts grains near the hen. Hen picks it up. Radha asks Baji to catch hen now. Baji holds hen now. Radha asks him not to waste time in thinking what he is thinking. She asks him to think 5 steps ahead of him to defeat him. Balaji gets impressed with her. Baji tells his friends that they have to think 5 steps ahead of their enemies. Gotiya says he will think 5 steps ahead now. Chimaji looks on. Gotiya says I wonder if he is your brother. Baji says he is my brother, but God gave his intelligence to me. He says whoever is not having ego is not Marathi. They think who can defeat elephant. Baji sees horse and thinks

it can defeat Elephant. Gotiya and others say from where we will bring elephant.

Baji says we have to bring horse for Naser’s defeat. Dhana ji comes to meet Qamer Uddin and comes to know that he is sleeping. Balaji comes and greets him. Dhana ji speaks in urdu. Balaji jokes that very soon he will become Ameer Khusro. Dhana ji laughs and asks why you came late? Balaji says I was catching hen. Dhana ji asks did you catch? Balaji says no, and tells that he couldn’t catch hen, but got a way to think ahead of him. He says Qamer Uddin is an ordinary man if he comes out of this tent and tells that they will catch his weakness and then will make him do what they want. Dhana ji says he wants to meet just Shiva Raje and not Rani Tara Bai. Balaji says we will make him drink our ghat water.

Baji tells Radha Bai that he wants to buy horse. She asks from where he will buy and asks him to have food. Baji says he will go and buy horse. Chimaji says it is not easy to buy horse. Baji says jisme hat nahi who Marathi nahi. Radha says he will return soon. Bhiu asks him not to lower a great man’s hope.

Balaji tells Qamer Uddin that Shiva Raje is not here and asks him to meet Rani Tara Bai. Qamer Uddin insists to meet Shiva Raje and asks him to take him to ghat. Balaji says okay and asks him to take bath. Qamer Uddin says tiger don’t take bath daily. Balaji insults him indirectly and says may be Shiva Raje will feel your smell and think it is meat. He turns and thinks he got some time now. Baji talks to his friends. Govind says we can’t buy horse with this money. Baji says if we want we can find even God, as my Baba says. Gotiya says we will find God then. Gotiya says even Jalebi can be brought with this money. Bhiu comes and says she will be with them and buy horse. Baji says I can’t leave hope.

An old man comes and says humans are alive because of hope and hope is because of human. He says he needs a partner who can walk with him, and says you are searching for horse and that horse might be searching for you. He asks him to go and search that horse, and says you are jungle khushboo/smell which is in the air. He asks him to go and get that horse. Baji is hopeful.

A man is seen with horse. He says horse has gone mad. Rani Tara Bai asks Dhana ji if Subedar have gone mad. Dhana ji says Deepak gives his introduction with his light. Rani Tara asks how can you be so sure? Dhana ji says he is the same Balaji whom we have sent to know about Shahuji. He says 7 years back, Qamer Uddin tried to kill Balaji and pushed him from cliff and today Balaji is going with him on a horse. Rani Tara Bai looks on. Bhiu tells poetry as they look at the horse. Baji says horse makes their raja great. Bhiu says we will buy white horse. Bhiu asks him to buy black horse. Baji says we don’t have money to buy black or white horse. Baji says first I need to select horse and be sure that this horse will not leave me. They see a horse getting crazy. Baji smiles. Gotiya says this horse is mad and Baji is also mad. He says you are going to mad horse. Horse comes out of stable.

Baji’s friends ask him to move from the way. Baji smiles and looks at the horse. Baji thinks about Saint’s words that sometime horse is searching its rider too. Bhiu tries to make Baji come in his senses. Baji hides Bhiu behind him and shouts at horse to make him stop. Horse calm down and stops near him. Everyone is relieved. Baji smiles and is about to touch horse, but soon he is taken away by the owner. Gotiya asks Baji to think him as his horse and says you can ride on my back. Baji asks how do stories begin? Gotiya says like…a boy used to stay in a village. Baji says no, and says story will begin like a boy and horse used to stay in a village, my story will begin like this.

Qamer Uddin and Balaji reach ghat by evening. Balaji recalls telling the soldiers that circumstances should be like Qamer Uddin doesn’t have any option than to take shelter in marathis. Someone says that rain might happen. Qamer uddin asks if you people want to keep me away from Shiva Raje. Balaji says no and asks someone if rain happen. Man says yes.

Baji plans to buy horse. Horse owners come there. Owner’s mother says it belongs to her son and says their son died in the hands of mughals and cries. Baji looks on. Owner’s man tells that villagers thought horse to be mad and tried to kill him. Baji says we will buy this horse. Owner’s mother tells that they have sold the horse for money. The new owner comes and says he wants 50 mohra for it. They ask what you will do with the horse. He says I will kill horse and make shoes for Aurangzeb with it. He scares Gotiya and says even your skin is soft. Baji looks on.

New Owner tells that it seems rain will happen. Baji says no, and says he brought the rain and will go with badal, the horse. He jumps and sits on the horse heroically. New Owner throws arrow on him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Loved it..cute epi..??

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    Back to back WOW episodes..keep it up ???

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    nice episode…… loved it

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