Peshwa Bajirao 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sevika informing Baji that Radha tried to elope and Shiva Raze gave her death punishment, but Tara Rani protected them and now they are freed. Radha asks where are they now? Sevika says they are in the saswad way and asks him to let her go else she will be in trouble for talking to Raj drohi’s son. Baji thinks to reach sooner and thinks he has to save his mum and siblings. Naser recalls Radha slapping him and says today you and your kids have to die, nobody will save you all. He releases the fire arrow and smiles, goes near the bullock cart. Baji thinks from where to go, straight and clean way or kaccha marg. Kam Baksh wakes up on the bed feeling blood falling on him. He sees his soldier blood falling on him and gets up shockingly. He gets more shocked to see Azam there. Azam

says your wall is open. Kam Baksh says Aurangzeb gave him Deccan. Azam says you are defeated from a child.

Kam Baksh is about to stab him, but before he could stab him, Azam stabs on his neck. Kam Baksh recalls Baji’s words and dies. Mughal song plays…Radha and her kids are seen running in the fields. She recalls asking Bhiu to ask him to stop the cart, but he refuses. Radha hits on his neck and makes him unconscious. They get down the cart and makes bulls walk. Bhiu asks if he is dead? Radha says no. They continue running. Naser is shocked to see cart empty and follows them.

Shahu ji thinks about his mum asking him to protect country, and Azam’s words that your loves ones will take your life, and Mughal soldier saying that his relatives are trying to kill him. He thinks his people have become his enemies and his mum is still in Mughal’s captivity and gets worried. Dhana ji comes and asks Shahu ji to check the names of the Dhan patis who can help them financially. Shahu ji rejects many. Dhana ji asks we will ask money from whom. Shahu ji says from him. Balaji takes that Maharaj Krishan joshi. Dhana ji says he is Tara Rani Bai close aide. Shahu ji says he is rich with money and rishi from heart. He says when he was in Aurangzeb’s captivity, he made arrangements to do what to do next. Balaji asks why he will help us. Shahu ji asks Balaji to find the way.

Radha, Bhiu and Chimna continue to run in the jungle. Chimna coughs and feels hard to breathing. Naser comes there and hears their voice. Chimna faints. Radha takes him in her lap and takes him inside the tree branches. Naser says it seems they have ran from here, but as Radha Bai is pregnant, she can’t go far from here. They are about to go, but hears chimna coughing. He says I know how to bring him out from the hideout. He lights fire near them and says he will see how Baji’s brother stops his cough because of the smoke. Chimna coughs more. Naser laughs. Radha is shocked. Baji is near and sees smoke. He thinks of Radha’s words and asks Malhari if this smoke is the sign that Aayi is in danger. Balaji imagines seeing the house lonely and crying seeing the dried plant. He feels bad vibes and thinks where to go? A man is aiming arrow on him. Balaji gets down the horse and is about to pick the sand, when he hits arrow. Balaji escapes and takes out his sword.

Naser provokes Radha and asks her to come out of the hideout. He asks her to decide and asks if you want to die tiger death or coward death. Radha asks her kids not to come out in any circumstances. She goes to face Naser. Naser smirks happily.

Balaji catches Mughal Soldier who was trying to kill him. Mughal soldier informs Balaji that Radha and her two kids must have died by now. Balaji comes there and gets something, gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sandeep Singh

    This episode is a massive fraud on history. Muhammad Kam Baksh fought losing battle against Bahadur Shah I on outskirts of Hyderabad and later succumbed to injury. Muhammad Azam Shah had already been removed from scene by Bahadur Shah I earlier. Kam Baksh and Azam shah never faced each other!!

  2. True…i just read Wikipedia

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