Peshwa Bajirao 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pant telling Balaji that the enemy will be lucky whose neck will behead with this sword as he presents sword to him. Balaji thanks him. Pant says don’t know when you will hold this sword and says your wound is getting deeper. Radha comes and tells that wound gets healed soon. Pant says I am there to look after work in his absence. Balaji tells that he wants to reach palace soon.

Everyone gather at the function. Gotiya asks why Vahini is angry. Baji looks at Kashi. Kashi tells someone that Rakhma gifted her necklace. Mohan Rao greets Baji. Baji says I thought you are busy. Mohan Rao says you don’t know whom to meet and with whom to maintain distance and signs at Gotiya, Malhar and etc. Baji says I just knows that I have to stay with my sword and away from enemy’s

sword. He tells that Gotiya is his childhood friend, and says I trust him more than anyone else, he is clever and a veer. He introduces Malhar and tells that he helped him when he blasted Mughals’ gun powder. He then introduces Jadav Rao and tells that this land is proud of their veerta and I am proud of their friendship. Mohan Rao says sword looks good in battlefield and not here.

Baji asks him not to insult shastra and shouts. Balaji gets up. Baji says we don’t have relation for benefit. Mohan says you can’t talk to me like this, as I am your wife’s brother. Baji says you can’t talk to them like this as they are my brothers. Mohan Rao feels insulted and tells that if his mausa hadn’t given him wealth to fight war then they would have been nothing today. Mahant ji tells if you have wealth then these soldiers have raj dharma and tells that wealth’s place is low than dharma. He says you are my sister in law’s son, else I would have punished you.

Balaji asks him to not to insult the soldiers. Mohan Rao tells that Baji is egoistic. Baji tells that we risk our life and asks him to insult them. Pant smiles. Baji goes. Radha stops Kashi from going to Baji. Kumud tells Shivbai that Kashi has become Radha’s puppet now, and couldn’t see her brother’s insult. Pant tells his man that he will use his cleverness now. Shivbai takes Kashi to side. Pant tells Mohan Rao said in a wrong way, but he is right. Balaji tells that he is not done anything wrong. Pant says he should be soft. Baji says he talked to him politely and says you didn’t see his anger. Mahant ji and Balaji smiles.

Bure Khan tells Jagatraj that women came to free him and laughs. Mastani tells that bravery is seen and not his gender. Bure Khan asks women not to make sound until he asks her. Mastani says this is Hindustan and they do puja of Goddess before stepping out. Bure Khan gets angry. Mastani challenges him to fight with her and says if I win then I will take my brother from here and if I lose then I will beheads myself. Jagatraj asks her to leave and says he don’t need her help. Bure Khan accepts the challenge. He takes out the sword. Mastani jumps and picks the sword.

Kashi tells Kumud what she could do? Kumud says even you have no place in the house. Shivbai tells that Baji will not stop by you and says truth is that you have no place in his heart and in his life. Kashi asks what you are saying? She says I have felt him and tells that he was talking to me about love, and tells that he gifted me necklace. She tells that they can’t understand her wait. Kumud asks her to convince Baji to apologize to Mohan Rao infront of everyone. Mastani and Bure Khan fight with each other. Baji is also practicing at his place. Mastani wins, and asks Bure Khan if he wants to die or live. Bure Khan asks his soldiers to free Jagatraj. Mastani tells that she is giving his life in charity. Bure Khan gets up and tells Jagatraj that he wants man before although he was caged, but now he has lost his manhood. Jagatraj gets angry and tells Mastani that she has to pay price for this.

Precap: Chimaji asks Kaka to bring Vaid ji. Baji comes and asks what happened to Baba. Chima ji says Baba. Baji is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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