Peshwa Bajirao 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani crying and tells mantri to do something and free her son. He says we have to wait for Maharaj’s orders. Mastani looks on. Baji recalls his promise made to God and tells that he has many wars to fight. He says he has to fulfill the dream of Chatrapati Shivaji, even though he has less time and asks God to give him strength. He cuts his finger and does his tilak. Ruhaani Bai asks Mastani not to risk her life for Jagatraj and says if anything happens to you then what I will do. Mastani says she will tell them that her Ammi taught her love and says even though he don’t address her as her brother, but she thinks of me as her brother. Ruhaani Bai tells that she is treated as illegitimate as she has a muslim mother. Mastani says she will not let her pitaji’s name ruined,

and will bring her brother.

Baji and Kashi comes home. Radha is upset with him and asks if he values her orders or not. Baji says he has followed her orders. Radha asks about insulting Bhat. Baji says he hasn’t hurt anyone. Kashi takes Baji’s side. Radha says you are getting spoiled because of Baji. Baji argues with her and says he saved a girl’s life. Radha says you are going against the society. She asks him not to embarrass him today. Kashi gets ready. Mastani talks to her women team and tells she will bring her brother back from Mughal’s captivity else will die.

Chima ji comes to his room and sees Rakhma steaming her hairs. Rakhma tells him that Tai is waiting for Bhao, but he is training the men outside. Chima ji says Bhao is not like him. She gives necklace to Chima and asks him to tell Baji to make Kashi wear it. Bhiu asks Sevak to call her husband there for Utsav. Chima gives necklace to Baji and asks him to make Kashi wear it. Baji asks why? Chima sees Kashi and pushes Baji on her. Kashi asks if his hand is made of iron. She sees necklace and asks if he brought.

Baji tells her that Rakhma brought it for her and wanted him to give her. Kashi is upset and asks if he don’t care about her happiness. He says he can’t see her sad. Someone informs Kashi that her Aayi came. She goes. Mastani and her women soldiers come to the Mughal palace to free Jagatraj. She fights with the soldiers and comes to Jagatraj, asking him to come. Jagatraj asks her to show her face and says he will not go with a woman. Some Mughal men come there. Someone makes mastani’s turban falls down revealing her face. Mughal man taunts Jagatraj.

Precap: Kashi’s brother Mohan Rao tells Baji that sword looks good in battle field and not here. Baji and Mohan Rao argues. Kumud asks Kashi to ask Baji to apologize to Mohan Rao infront of everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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