Peshwa Bajirao 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhiu telling Baji that only that baba can go beyond that peepal tree. Baji says but I will go…Bhiu asks him to return even if he goes and cries hugging him. Baji asks her to stop crying and learn to do things on her own. He asks her to pick the stairs, and climb on it to get the box. Bhiu gets the box and thanks Baji. She says I am taking achaar with me and eats it. Baji looks on. Qazi asks Balaji why did he come there and asks him to say truly else. Balaji recalls telling his man that if one has believe and trust then he has a smile on his face. He says if one have a doubt then there will be tensed face. He recalls explaining to him about facial expressions. He says Fakeer doesn’t lie, and is God’s shamsheer who spends time in God’s memory and not necks of people.

Qazi says you have fooled people that you can do miracle, but it don’t happen in real life. Balaji says you are brave, but stupid too. He says whatever is happening here is miracle. Qazi asks him to show some miracle else he will cut his neck and hang his head on the palace wall. Balaji smiles and asks him to give time to him. He says he will do miracle with sand and asks him not to disturb him for two days. Qazi gives him one day and says I have 1000 eyes, just remember. He says if I come to know that you are conspiring anything then I will kill you with no time.

Balaji gives something to soldier and asks him to throw saying it is of no use to him. Soldier opens the chit and reads Balaji’s messaging asking him to bring soldiers to make himself win.

Tara Rani Bai is explaining the Qillas to Shiva Raze and asks him to see its way and remember. Shiva Raze yawns. Tara Rani asks him to do walking. He asks why the way is not straight. Tara Rani tells that it is planned by Chatrapati. She tells that she have sent Balaji to Bhairav garh and says she will see if he is so clever than Dhana ji think. Baji tells Radha that he came to know about the truth. Radha asks what? Baji makes an excuse and says I will not trouble anyone from now onwards and will do as you says. Bhiu tells Chimna that something happened to Baji. Radha asks what happened to you. Baji says now I will not come in God’ talks and will not jump with water fall or pick the mangoes. He says I will not fight with Mughals and will become like Chimna, and concentrate on studies. Radha is surprised. Baji tells her that he will take her and baba to Kashi yatra. Radha says we are not that old, and says we will see later. Baji says I will not be here…Radha is shocked. Baji says may be I will be somewhere else then…He hugs her. Radha says you are my good son. He says I will make you proud.

Balaji tells something. Soldier says I know what you are trying to do but it is not possible. Balaji says nothing is impossible, just strength is needed to accomplish the mission. Other soldiers tell that it is difficult to fool Mughals. Qazi comes and asks what they are talking? Balaji says yes, we are cooking khichdi. He says I will feed these 101 hungry men before doing magic and says I was telling mahabharat story. Qazi says Pandavas was saved as they didn’t do mistake of trusting their brothers. He says when they hadn’t trust their own brothers, then how can I trust you. Balaji says I will show miracle and says I came here to check the food made by the soldiers. Qazi’s man asks will you eat this food. Balaji’s man serve the food to Qazi. Qazi is about to taste it.

Baji and his friends are walking in the fields. Balu comes there. Gotiya, Chimna and others tell that he is a dirty man in the village, and says Baji is in this condition because of you, and made smile vanished from his face. They tell different ideas to punish him. Baji looks at Balu. Balu gets worried. He drops the weapon. Gotiya asks what you have done? Baji says when one can make friends by shaking hands, then what is the need to lift the weapon. He hugs Balu…Gotiya and others are shocked. Baji tells that his Aayi tells that forgiveness is the best thing and gives happiness. Gotiya says but he didn’t apologize to him. Baji says great words and looks smiling.

Qadar Khan tells Radha that Baji is scared and asks her to make him fine. Soldier gives fake news to Qazi’s man that Marathi is going to attack the palace. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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