Peshwa Bajirao 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kam Baksh laughing on Baji’s jokes. Baji says Marathi asked mughal what was the thing which nobody knows. Kam Baksh thinks, but can’t answer. He asks Baji to answer. Baji answers that Marathi man gave 50 coins from Mughals 500 coins and said that even he doesn’t know the answer. Kam Baksh asks did you come here to joke on us. Baji gets shocked.

Radha tells Tara Rani that whatever she did was to save her children. Tara Rani tells that she never killed innocent people and says no woman and her children will be killed here. She says I gave promise to Balaji and tells that whatever she is doing is for her son. She says you are save here. Radha says it is right to dream for their son, but it is not right to load your dreams on your son’s shoulders. Tara Rani bai asks

if Shiva Raze is not competent. Radha says it is not Shiva Raze’s mistake, but mistake of your dreams and upbringing. Tara Rani and Shiva Raze looks on angry.

Kab baksh tells that even he was joking and laughs. Baji takes a sigh of relief. Malhar says Baji will ask him to free us. Kam Baksh asks what do you want? Baji says he wants to entertain him daily with his jokes. Kam Baksh permits him. Malhar gets angry.

Tara rani tells that if shiva raze didn’t oblige me then even Baji refused to accept his father’s orders. Radha takes Baji’s side. Shiva Raze says enough and asks soldiers to lock them in kal kothri. Tara Rani says she did argue with me. Shiva Raze asks his soldiers to keep Radha Bai away from her children and says if the news is true that Balaji betrayed him then he will not leave them. Soldiers take Bhiu and Chimna. Radha cries. Kids also cries.

Baji comes to Malhar. Malhar asks what you are doing here? He says you had the chance to return home, but why did you stay back. Baji says what I would have said that I left my soldier here. He tells that he got angry on him, just to save him from Chandrasen’s anger. He says you are more than a brother to me…Malhar. He says I can’t let my family suffer. Malhar asks why didn’t you ask our independence when Kam Baksh offered to give you prize. Baji says what do you think that Kam Baksh would have freed you all, no and says he would have killed all of us. He says I need time to think about escaping from here with you all. Malhar says this Qila wall is strong and if we try to break it then. Baji says Mughals will break the wall.

Tara Rani Bai angrily sets off the fire lamps in her kash recalling everything. Pant Pratinidhi tells that news is true that Balaji and Dhana ji are gathering supporters for Shahu ji. Tara Rani Bai asks him to arrest Balaji. Shiva Raze says Balaji is not here, waiting for his arrest. He asks her to kill his wife and children. Tara Rani is shocked and says it will be cruelty. She says we shall not forget humanity and says you are raja and not devil. She asks him not to do anything until she permits him. Shiva Raze gets angry.

Malhar tells other Marathi that Baji is finding ways to free all of us. Baji signs him. Malhar acts to get vomiting and goes to him. All the Marathi men refuse to have food served to them. Baji tells Malhar that he got the auzaar/equipment to free them. Mughal man hears them and goes to inform Kam Baksh. Malhar and Baji hides. Malhar asks Baji why did you do this.
Shiva Raze tells Pant Pratinidhi that his aayi don’t respect him and think of him as a kid. He says this singhasan is mine, and I will decide what to do. Pant Pratinidhi says even Tara Rani Bai is worried and asks him to let her give time to think. Shiva Raze asks with whom he is loyal to. Pant Pratinidhi says he is loyal to singhasan. Shiva Raze asks him to send message and looks angrily.

Soldiers come to Baji’s camp and start searching his things. Baji jokes that he came empty handed and will go empty handed. Kam Baksh asks him to bring Baji. Baji tells that he is lying. Soldier says he heard him saying that. Soldiers come and tells that they couldn’t find anything. Kam Baksh keeps sword on his head. Baji gets tensed.

Sevika informs Radha that Tara Rani sent her food even after declaring Balaji as betrayal. Qamer Uddin asks Tara rani to give Balaji and his family to him, and says he will give them money to buy the sardar’s loyalty.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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