Peshwa Bajirao 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naser and Baji fighting with each other with swords. Baji fights with him and makes Naser’s sword falls down. Khaas smiles. Naser hits him and makes his sword falls down. Balaji and his supporter try to escape from Qamer Uddn’s jail. Baji beats Naser with his hand. Naser falls down. Baji is about to hit him. Naser kicks him. Baji falls down and recalls Balaji’s teaching. He throws something in his eyes and hits him, while holding his neck tightly. Malhar and Khaas catch Pale Khan.

Raja sees Balaji and his supporter escaping and is about to hit him on his back. Balaji asks him to shoot arrow on his chest and says he don’t want his people to raise question on his bravery. Raja keeps the arrow down. Balaji says although you have bent down infront of Mughals, but

I want to see you freed. He says Har har mahadev and leaves. Raja stabs himself and tells soldier that he will not die and stabbed himself lightly so that Qamer Uddin doesn’t suspect him. Baji attends Dondi Baa’s last rites is done. Baji thinks he thought him wrong. Dondi Baa’s son tells Baji that they used to be coward, but now he will help him and fight for Swaraj along with him. Balaji and his supporter come there and see Dondi Ba’s last rites.

Naser is in Marathi’s custody. He shouts and says you have kept Qamer Uddin’s son captive and tells that his father will not leave them and would have killed Baji’s father till now. He is shocked to see Balaji walking towards him. Balaji comes there and tells that he will not take his life and will free him on a condition, and asks them to leave Daulatabad for forever. Baji says how can you let him go, he has killed Dondi baa. Balaji looks at Baji. Naser smiles. Mughal puppet frees Naser. Naser smiles and comes out with Palekhan and others. Baji says you shall give him death punishment. Balaji says if you want this, then you will punish Naser with your hand. Naser’s smile vanishes.

Balaji gives sword to Baji and asks him to kill Naser. Baji takes sword in his hand, recalls the villagers death in Daulatabad and all their misery. He recalls how Naser brutally killed Dondi Baa. He says har har mahadev and is about to kill him with his sword. Naser closes his eyes. Baji hits the sword down. Naser laughs and says you are a big coward…Baji says don’t think of my goodness as my weakness and says humanity in me is not dead still. Balaji frees them. Naser, Pale Khan and others leave. Baji says Baba.

Balaji says you have courage to give life, but don’t have courage to kill enemy. He says you can’t become a soldier till you kill your enemy. He says you couldn’t keep hold on your anger and fought with Taimur. He says he got no support from Raja and says if Naser would have been killed then Qamer Uddin would have burnt Daulatabad. He says now we have time to think what to do. He says Naser will back off from the promise and says now war will happen. Baji looks on.

Naser comes to Qamer Uddin. Qamer Uddin tells him that he will kill Baji and Balaji. He calls contract killers there and says they are maut ke saudagar. Where ever they go, they kill those persons and their hope. He asks them to go and kill Balaji, Baji and others. Dhana ji’s son tells Balaji that don’t know what Qamer Uddin will do. He asks him to tell Baji to go to Qamer Uddin and apologizes to him. Baji says why I will apologize and says this is happening because of you, if you had punished Naser then this wouldn’t have happened. A man tells Baji that they can’t see them killed by Mughals. Other man requests them to leave them on their condition. Balaji asks them to listen to them once. Balaji throws the pot to make them turn and says if an utensil is thrown, then it shakes up heart. He calls them coward. Balaji asks him to stop it and says whoever couldn’t kill their enemy is a coward too. He says Baji will not take in the war. Khaas says he is preparing to take part. Baji says I have love for my country. Balaji says war is won by competent people.

The contract killers attack Baji, Balaji and Daulatabad people. Someone stabs Balaji. Balaji is in pain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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