Peshwa Bajirao 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kashi getting happy and emotional seeing Baji coming home. Bhiu is also happy. Chima and Baji help Baji step out of Balki/cart. Radha does their tilak. Chimna looks at Rakhma. Baji and Chimna touch their feet. Radha welcomes Balaji and calls him Peshwa Saheb. Kashi looks at Baji hopefully, and says Kanha returned and asks what wrong did she do that he is stopped at the door. Baji goes inside. Kashi runs and comes infront of him and says wait was longer, but ended. Baji says Kashi seeing her teary eyes. She gets emotional and happy and turns towards Tulsi plant. She then holds his hand and says if you stand like this here then how I will show you all arrangements. She says she has done all the arrangements for Utsav this time and invited many people. Chimna tells Balaji that

we shouldn’t have sent gift with invitation and says they shall not show off. He says Pant Pratinidhi taunted him and will ask questions to him in the palace. Radha comes and tells that it was needed. She says Politics runs while showing off one’s powers. Balaji says you would have waited for me. Radha asks did you wait for me before taking decisions. Balaji looks at her. Chima ji asks what she is talking about? Radha says I didn’t ask him why do he take tax as it is his responsibility. She says this is my duty. Balaji says she did right, I couldn’t understand.

Kashi shows the chandelier and says she has chosen it and says she got flower vase too and talks romantically. Baji is hesitant. Kashi talks nonstop while taking about the arrangements. Baji asks for water. Baji calls Nandini and asks her to bring water. Kashi asks if he likes the arrangements. Baji says yes. Kashi says you will realize that I am a good wife.

Chhatrasal’s son asks him why do you want to stop me from fighting with Mughals. Chhatrasal tells that his hands are shaking and says only the soldiers know how to fight on battlefield. His son Jagatraj don’t agree with him. Mastani tells that she can’t see her father’s insult. Chhatrasal tells Jagatraj that he has not reacted he is changed.. He asks Rani to make him understand. Jagatraj says he can’t stop him. Chhatrasal asks Rani to take care of Jagatraj. Jagatraj scolds Mastani for hearing them. Mastani says even he shall not misbehave with their father. Rani comes and taunts Mastani. Mastani also replies that her Ammi didn’t teach her to misbehave with others.

Chima ji tells that Shahu ji gave him honor of a Pandit, but I became Pandit in Bhiu’s doll marriage. Anu Bai says it sees all stories ended after I was born. Rakhma says Kashi don’t get jealous with her saut than you get jealous of Bhiu. Chima ji says she means sword. Baji says sword held my hand before Kashi. He asks Bhiu why she is upset. Bhiu says Aayi wants her to do Yagya. Baji asks why do you want to show her pain infront of others. He says if you forced her to sit in the yagya then it will be against her Swabhimaan. Radha argues with him and says woman is incomplete without giving birth to a child. Baji says that emotions are needed to become a mother, and says here even a river is a mother, and says woman’s position is not strong by giving birth to a child.

Baji is about to go. Anu Bai comes to him and asks him if he saw Kashi’s beauty. Kashi smiles. Baji looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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