Peshwa Bajirao 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balaji, Baji and Khaas seeing Mughals burning the Marathi villagers house. A boy tells since you have given the threat, this is their reply. A girl cries for her parents. Baji says I will find your mum. They ask him not to touch the girl and blames Baji and Balaji. A man comes and provokes the villagers against Balaji. They throw stone on Balaji. Baji shouts Baba. Man stares Baji. Baji looks at him. Someone asks Balaji to leave.

Dhana ji’s son is sleeping. Someone knocks on the door. He opens it and sees Baji and Balaji. Baji says you are sleeping and says Mughals have burnt the house. Balaji says we have to solve this matter and keep enmity far. He says we have to inform Tara Rani and calls for the soldier’s help. Dhana ji’s son tells that he will not call

sena and asks him to find solution by himself. Balaji agrees. Baji tells Balaji that one needs to be strong to do anything in this world. He cuts the sugarcane plan with spinning wheel. Khaas says it shall cut all plants. Baji recalls Mughals’ torture. He tells that he is going to take help from the neighboring city and gives responsibility to a soldier. He asks khaas to continue teaching baji and tells anger burns ourselves.

Khaas trains Baji and says before body, heart gets tired. Man comes and provokes Baji, says this might be easy for you as you don’t know anything. Baji completes the task given by Khaas. Khaas asks him to learn the neeti before attacking the enemy. Baji says har har mahadev and breaks the wood. Marathi soldier tells that they need double money for the development of the people. Pale Khan’s man comes and asks if Sar subedhar eloped and forgot to take his son. Baji gets angry, but controls his anger. Soldier asks Baji to stay silent and ignore them.

Baji says if you can’t do anything then give me a command to fight, else we can’t win villagers trust again. Pale khan’s man says do you want to fight with me. Baji says I will punish you for stepping on our land. Pale khan’s man tells that he is enough for this piddi and attacks Baji with knife, but Baji beats him badly. He gets the sword to attack Baji, but Baji rescues himself and beats him. Man saves Baji and asks why didn’t you fight with me. Baji says because you are a Marathi and one shall make win Marathi and not fight with him. Baji arrests all men. Man tells Baji that he is happy even after prove wrong. He says he is Malhar Rao Holkar swears to help Baji fight for Swaraj. Baji hugs him. Har Har Mahadev plays…..Khaas and Soldier smile.

Naser comes and asks for Baji. He kills the soldier for not telling him about Baji. Baji comes and sees him dead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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