Peshwa Bajirao 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prabhakar Rao telling Baji that Kam Baksh killed them. Baji asks about Malhar and others. Prabhakar Rao tells that Kam Baksh kept them in his captivity. Baji asks about Chandrasen. Prabhakar Rao tells that Chandrasen made him stand infront of him and got stabbed by the Mughals and escaped from there. He says although Mughals attacked us, but Chandrasen betrayed us. Baji is shocked and says I won’t let you die and will take you. Prabhakar Rao tells that he has less time and says if you want to do something then do one thing. He apologizes to him for his bad behavior and tells that you are veer and udhar also. He says world needs people like you and asks him to return home. He dies. Baji cries seeing his death.

He imagines going home, Bhiu and Chimna open the door and

hugs him. He sees his parents and hugs them. Imagination ends. Fb ends. Shahu ji tells Dhana ji that although they are meeting today, but he knows about him through his Aayi Saheb’s stories. He says my dada Chatrapati Shivaji trusted you a lot. He asks him to decide thinking about the country, and says if you think Raze is more competent then kill me, I will forgive you for my death. Dhana ji recalls Maharaj’s last wish, Tara Rani Bai orders etc and bends down infront of Shahu ji. Shahu ji helps him get up and says I don’t want you to surrender, but wants your blessings. Dhana ji holds his hand. Balaji says Maharaj Shahu ji ki jai…they say har har mahadev aloud. Shahu ji says nobody can stop me from sitting on the singhasan, but I will not sit to rule, but to bring Swaraj which will be of everyone. Dhana ji and Balaji tell Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji. A man hears them and goes. Balaji sees Baji telling him that he was sure that he will not disappoint him. Balaji says I have taken this decision for you and is about to hug him, but he disappears. He imagines going home and meeting his children and wife. He thinks my test is complete, can I go home now.

Radha sees sevak taking the equipments and one of it falls from the bag. Radha picks it up and thinks what Rajasvi. She imagines Baji and Balaji coming home and says she is making arrangements to go home. She manages to make a hole. Chimna ji and Baji ask her to let them do it. Radha says we don’t have much time.

Tara Rani tells Pant Pratinidhi tells that Dhana ji didn’t send any message and suspects on his loyalty. Raze says what if Dhana ji becomes loyal to Shahu ji and says he is old and will need support in some days. Tara Rani gets angry and tells that Dhana ji is one of the Samba from the 6 samba and says until you realize his importance, it will be too late.

Radha tells Bhiu and Chimna that her heart knows that Balaji will never attack Shahu ji, and says I know that our lives is in risk and tells that she won’t let her kids die. Rajasvi tells her son that time has come for their freedom and says they will meet Shahu ji and will help him. She says Tara Rani have tortured us a lot and time has come to repay her. Shahu ji tells Dhana ji and Balaji that he will give to Kolahpur and will talk to sardaars there. He tells Balaji to take Sardaars at their side and says if you haven’t supported me ignoring Rani’s orders then….Balaji says my son inspired me to listen to my heart. Shahu ji says he wants to meet him and asks where is he?

Baji looks inside the Mughal’s palace. Kam Baksh is ruling Deccan and says I am the king of Deccan and says your identity is gone, and says till your last breath, your identity will be Shahe Deccan Kam Baksh’s prisoners. He asks them not to dream of eloping from there. Malhar and others look on angrily. Kam Baksh asks the victimized man to apologize to him. He rubs his nose on his feet, Kam baksh laughs. Baji feels bad and is about to go, but hears the man cries and Kam baksh’s laugh. He thinks these soldiers are my family also, how can I leave them and return home. He tells that he has a chance to go home, but he will not go leaving his soldiers here, and asks God to protect his Aayi and his siblings.

Baji comes to meet Kam Baksh in a prince avatar and insists to meet him. Kam Baksh asks who is talking loudly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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