Peshwa Bajirao 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baji going alone to the mughal’s Qila and attacks the soldiers on his way. Mughal man asks his soldiers to close the door, but Baji kicks the door and gets inside. He gets inside the Qilla and kills the soldiers who comes in his way. Mughal man asks him to stop. Kashi asks Chimna’s wife Rakhma Bai if she is reading his letter. She says you are lucky to get his letter and poetry also. Rakhma feels shy. Kashi says Baji thinks about Mughals looking at the moon. Rakhma says Bhao don’t write letters as he knows Chimna writes about him in his letters. Kashi says he needs him and not his stories.. Mughal man says you have done wrong by coming here. Baji says he don’t go anywhere and says his sword and his behavior too. Mughal man says he will kill him into pieces and says

your mum will have difficulty to count. Baji says you are destined to die, didn’t do right by taking my mum’s name. zeenat tells Shahu ji’s mum and Savitri that Baji is a one man force as she sees him fighting with the soldiers alone. Mahadev song plays……Baji asks Mughal man to send all men altogether, else everyone will get killed like this.

Mughal man asks his remaining soldiers to kill him. Baji says har har mahadev and fights with them. Kashi tells Rakhma that she is waiting for Baji and feeding the crows thinking they will get his info. She says she wants him to write her name and says she is ready to give her jewellery etc for that.. She says there is a place of iron in his life and not of pearls. Rakhma hugs her. Kashi says I will not talk to him this time. Rakhma says you will forget everything once you comes here. Rakhma says his younger brother will not let anything happen to him. Baji sees Chimna coming there and killing the soldiers, and asks why did you come.

Chimna says he was tired of waiting. Mughal man falls on him and attacks him. Baji’s sword falls far. Baji runs, gets his sword and jumps on ground attacking him with his sword. Zeenat, Shahu ji’s mum and Savitri Bai get happy. Baji bends down infront of them and says your vanvas ended. Your son and our Raja Shahu ji sent me to take you. Shahu ji’s mum says you are not less than God’s messenger and asks his name. Baji says Bajirai Ballal Bhat. She asks what do you want and says my son will fulfill your wish. Baji says no price can be taken for Maa’s care and says what is needed is blessings. He asks her to bless him so that he can fulfill the dream of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj so that no mum have to bear the pain of living far from her son in the future.

He then goes to Zeenat and says you have given love and care to Maharaj and he sent this sweetness for you. Zeenat recalls feeding him something. She tells Shahu ji’s mum YeshuBai that she is feeling pain to separate with her and asks her to take care. Yeshu Bai asks her to take care. Baji says you are like an angel who took care of Shahu Maharaj and says you are the first and last Mughal infront if whom, Baji will bend down his head. He bends down his head infront of Zeenat. Zeenat smiles and keeps hand on his head. Baji removes Mughals and puts marathi’s flag. Balaji, Chimna, Gotiya and others see the flag. Gotiya says Baji has become taller. Balaji feels proud of him and recalls the astrology of the Pandit ji. Baji comes and says the mission is complete. Balaji hugs him and says we all are proud of you. Baji says he will make the Maratha empire rule Delhi also and till then he will not let death come here.

Kashi says she has not seen him since years and thinks if he forgot her. Baji hears the voice and goes there. Mastani is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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