Perfect Pati 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Meera elopes with Max

Perfect Pati 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meera talking to Max. Vidhi comes to her and says Pushkar got ready to talk to mum. Max thanks her and says you are the best, I knew you will help us. Vidhi asks her not to take any wrong step. He asks her not to worry. Meera hugs Vidhi and thanks her. Pushkar is in his room. Vidhi sees the decorations happening. Meera says Pushkar agreed to stop engagement, then why are these decorations happening. Rajshri asks where is Pushkar, its Meera’s engagement. Vidhi says he would be in his room. Rajshri says I will go and check on him. Pushkar gets a headache. Rajshri comes to him.

She says Vidhi didn’t worry for you. He says leave it, lets talk about Meera. He gets dizzy. Vidhi asks Damini about the side effects of medicines. Damini says yes, sleep can get higher, person

can lose some memory too, did this happen with Pushkar. Meera comes to her and asks why is Pushkar not stopping shagun. Vidhi says mum has gone to meet Pushkar, maybe they are talking about this. Rajshri comes there. She scolds Vidhi for not looking after Pushkar well. Vidhi says I went to the market. Rajshri says you should look after your husband first, go and make breakfast for him. Pushkar smiles. Badri sees Vidhi with medicines. Vidhi says its imp to give medicines to Pushkar. He asks her to go. She thanks him. Vidhi goes and gives sweets to Pushkar. She asks what happened, we spoke yesterday. He asks is this how halwa tastes, what did you add in it. He shouts on her and holds her neck. He shouts I will kill you. Rajshri stops Pushkar. He says don’t know what she is adding in my food, I m feeling sleepy all day.

Vidhi says no, I didn’t add anything. Rajshri asks did you add anything. Vidhi says no. Pushkar confronts her. He shows the medicines to them. Vidhi’s imagination ends. Pushkar asks Vidhi to tell him again. Vidhi thinks he doesn’t remember. Vidhi says Meera… Charu says groom’s family is coming. Rajshri asks Vidhi to make Meera ready. Charu, Maasa and Bela take selfies and smile. Meera cries. Vidhi says I will go and talk to them, don’t worry. Meera messages Max and asks him to forget her, they can’t get married, its her shagun today. Max calls Meera and asks her to come near window. She says you here. He says this is the last option, lets go. Vidhi sees Pushkar. She gets Meera’s message that she is eloping with Max. She gets shocked and runs upstairs to stop Meera. Meera goes away. Vidhi comes to her room and gets shocked.

Harish’s mum scolds Rajshri and breaks the relation. Pushkar blames Vidhi. He gets chillies for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Can someone stop this serial. Abuse against women is not called entertainment. Just reading the WD makes me feel sick

    1. You are so right…Dont know why its even written for tv..

  2. It is not entertainment it is education there are women out there going through all these forms of abuses and they still stay because of one silly reasons the other. I don’t want to upset his Mum ,he loves me ,I want to help him ,we are newly married and their family in denial he’s not like that he is a lovely person. I have seen it real life believe it or not it happens more often than one thinks.

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