Perfect Pati 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Maasa wants Vidhi to marry Rangeela

Perfect Pati 10th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashwin and Nivedita questioning Vidhi about Rangeela. Maasa asks them not to trouble Vidhi. Vidhi goes. Maasa goes to her. Vidhi asks why did you get Rangeela’s name in between, everyone is questioning me. Maasa says I didn’t get any idea and took Rangeela’s name. Vidhi says you did wrong. Maasa says I did a mistake, you have to manage, either say the truth or live the day for few days, they won’t make you marry Rangeela. Vidhi says you explain them your way, else I will tell the truth to them. Maasa says fine, don’t worry. Nivedita says I can’t believe this. Ashwin says I will do something, go and ask Vidhi what’s the truth. Pushkar comes. Meera says mom was missing you. Meera jokes and laughs. Pushkar says devils aren’t so cute. Rajshri says you are still

childish. He says you also didn’t change.
She asks where did you get late. He says I had an urgent meeting. She says I m hungry. He gives her chocolates. She hugs him. Rajshri asks is the issue solved. He recalls Rangeela and says yes. He goes to freshen up. Badri looks on. Rajshri gets hurt. Pushkar runs to her. He asks what happened. She says don’t know, something has hurt my feet. He asks Meera to get aid. He sees nail and gets angry. He shouts Badri and other servants. He scolds them. He calls the doctor. Badri recalls nail falling from Pushkar’s coat. Pushkar feeds Rajshri and Meera. Rajshri thinks Pushkar felt my pain, I m lucky to get a son like him, give him his share of happiness.

Its morning, Maasa wakes up Vidhi and asks where is Bela. Vidhi says I will see. Maasa says she was crying and said she will die. They go and save Bela. Vidhi stops Bela. Maasa says you should have thought about me. Vidhi explains Bela. Maasa asks Vidhi to say yes for marrying Rangeela. Vidhi says I will tell my decision to Ashwin. They come home. Maasa lies to everyone. Vidhi says I decided, I want to marry Rangeela. Maasa and Bela get happy. Vidhi asks Nivedita not to ask more. Ashwin meets panchayat and asks about Pushkar. Sarpanch tells him that Rajshri and Pushkar are good people. Ashwin gets glad. Nivedita says Ashwin is worried, he didn’t sleep at night. Rangeela gets aid. His friends say how did this happen. Rangeela says don’t know, I was drunk, I don’t remember. Maasa gets sweets for him. He says I don’t want to hear good news. Maasa says you dance after Vidhi, I got her alliance for you. Rangeela gets shocked and asks really, I can’t believe this, did Vidhi agree. Maasa says she told this herself, she will just marry you. He dances and eats sweets. Meera is leaving. Rajshri asks her to have breakfast. Ashwin comes to meet her. She welcomes him. He says we took a decision, this alliance……

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Update Credit to: Amena

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