A perfect love story – a raglak os (Part3)

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Recap-ragini’s plan
Next day @mm

*now everything will be according to ragini’s plan

All were present in the hall…..
Dp nd shekhar were sitting on the sette…. nd were glaring eo
Sumi nd ap were standing next to their husbands respectivEly….nd glaring eo.
Ragini nd lucky were standing in front of them…by bowing down their head….

Ragini”popsy….i love lucky nd i want to marry him”
Lucky looks up nd was going to say…..but receives a glare from dp ,nd closes his mouth nd gulps down the saliva….(poor lucky…?)
Shekhar was looking at ragini blankly….she remind him to read the paper of dialogues given by her through actions….he then take up the paper…
Shekhar-“i m not ready for this relation….i had pampered my daughter a lot…she is not going to marry a guy…who doesn’t like shinchan,who doesn’t like chai nd biscuit…who doesn’t like movies…nd most importantly who doesn’t like my chiku…”
Lucky was like “wat is this”….?

Dp now takes up his paper”i am not agree wid this relation….i also pampered my son very much(haha that was the best joke….?)he can’t marry a girl who is just a kiddo….(atom bomb dropped…(she doesn’t like to be called kiddo))”
Everyone looks towards ragini horrified….she was Boeing down her head…
Dp”i am stoping here…”

Ragini”no duggu uncle…u continue till the end pls”
Dp wid heavy heart nx while giving a glare to lucky nd omi(the dialogue writers)…continues”a girl..who doesn’t do anywork on her own,who is just mad after dogs,who eats chai nd biscuit by making them a mixture(guys i know it is unusual….but also i like this way)”
Meanwhile everyone was looking at ragini,as she was standing Bowing down her head nd her hair cover her face…everyone was worried wat wld happen.
Dp starts crying, he can’t tolerate such words for his princess,but he can’t stop,as he had always fulfilled her every wish,nd she wants him to continue reading…?
Dp-“a girl….who is always chipku wid a teddy bear nd even named it,who loves dhinchak Pooja’s songs”

Shekhar interrupting”hey maa,mataji…dhinchak pooja”
Lucky nods wid a sad face…
Meanwhile everything starts shaking…heavy winds start blowing… fear is seen over everyone’s face….everyone keeps standing by taking support….
Dp” a girl who still watches cartoon,a girl who sleeps like kumbhkaran,nd who is just mad after a ice cream flavour”

And this is it for ragini. ..she can’t take it now….she shouts “lucky……!!!!!!”eve4 closed their ears,the glasses start to break…..anyone can’t move due to force of wind…..?
Our hero…lucky wid many difficulty,moves to kitchen nd brings out ragu’s favourite ice cream,nd wid much difficulty comes out,nd puts in her mouth….after tasting it she stops!?nd takes the box from lucky ,sit down nd eats the ice cream….

The weather becomes normal….nd everyone settles down…taking a sigh of relief…
Dp was hell angry wid lucky….he comes towards lucky,lucky takes step backwards….dp takes forward step…lakshya was stepping backwards till the settee came nd he sits on it…dp looks in his eyes…”u duffer,fool,idiot…aaj tumhari harkato ki wajah se hum par kitni badi musibat aa gayi thi,tu kisi kaam ka nhi h,ulta aur kaam kharab karta h”
Ragini who had jUST finish her ice cream… sees dp shouting on lucky”duggu uncle why r u scolding lucky”

Now everyone looks here nd there ,don’t know wat to say,they can’t remind her….
Ap-“wo lucky had sent all his shorts to laundry….wat will dp ji wear”
Ragini”koi baat nhi uncle….aap nye khareed lena,nd why we taken a break,nd wat is the mess,get ready to ur characters”
Everyone nodded

Shekhar nd dp together shouting”ye shaadi nhi ho sakti h”
Camera flashed on ragini nd lucky’s shocked face…

Precap-last part

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