A perfect love story – a raglak os (Part2)

Hello everyone, chhaya is back again….. sry for late update… i was busy wid my visits nd then my cousins came so….i will try to regularly update…
Nd now i will give only short stories of 2-4 shots…bcoz i get bored wid long stories..
Those who missed the previous part ,link is here

recap-all agreeed to ragini’s wish

@mehra mansion
Sumi-“so ragini beta wat we need to do??”
Ragini”ok everyone listen,the plot is like…
Me nd laksh r in love,but our family refused to our relation ,then we elope,but u found us nd then make a challenge to lucky to marry me”

Lakshya shivered listening to the word challenge”kya …..challenge,ragu”

Ragini”it wld be a suspense na lucky,don’t worry about that”
Lakshya was shivering wid fear?,wat will be the challenge
Ragini”so popsy nd mom’s dialogue will be written by me,nd duggu uncle nd ap aunty’s dialogue will be written by lucky,so all clear”
All nods their head,still suffering from confusion…?
Ragini”lucky call ur stupid frnd,omi nd tell him to come Here”
Lucky”but why ragu??”
Dp”oye khotya….don’t ask questions nd just do it wat my doll says…”
Laksh ? calls omi.
Dp-“keep it on speaker”
Lakshya does it.
Omi”hello lucky,ab kya siyappa kiya h uss ragini ne”
Everyone hears it nd shuts their mouth in shock??
Everyone turns to look at ragini, who was standing their bowing down her head,nd everyone had an intuition what wld come next…if she looks up.
Shekhar quickly runs to kitchen openthe fridge,nd take a box nd hurriedly runs to the hall.
Ragini was going to look upwards,she move her head up,her eyes had became red,nd she open her mouth…..everyone closes their ears(haertbeat music is heard in bg),nd she open her mouth fully wide…..even the doggies of mehra house closes their ears(lol…?),before she cld say anything, shekhar keeps a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth,nd she closes the mouth nd take the box from her dad nd seats on sette nd enjoys the ice cream(like nothing happened…. crazy )
All lets out a sigh of relief….now dp can’t control…he moved to lakshya nd snatched d phone…
Dp”abbe oye chhapadganju…abhi tumhari ek baat ki wajah se yaha toofan aa jata….achaa hua Harry aur George ne bacha liya…
ab suno 10 min ke andar yaha aa jao warna hum tumme itne ched karenge ki bhul jaoge ki saans kaha se le aur …..beep……samajh gye na”
Omi horrified “ok uncle”nd cuts the call.
Dp let a sigh of relief…..
Dp in anger”kya h be”
Lakshya fearing”wo..wo..who is harry nd george”
Dp”achsa wo ,wo dono us company k maalik he jo wo blue berry Choco chip ice cream banati h”
Ap”aaj ye ice cream nhi hoti to kya hota….bhagwan iss ice cream ko lambi umra (age)de”
Everyone looks towards ragini who was silently eating her icecream like a child,she doesn’t know what is happening around.
She finishes it nd look towards everyone… nd gives a what happened… look.
Everyone just turn around nd start doing another work….
She just moved to washroom to wash her hands.
Then she returned nd also omi came.
Lucky look him wid anger ,but controls.
Omi”am sry ragini”while hesitating.
Ragini”why r u saying sry”she didn’t remember anything.
Omi”wo i…”before he can complete lucky interrupted”wo he forgot to bring a chocolate for u.
Ragini smiling “it’s k omi,why i will be angry on u,u r my sweet little devar,i am ur bhabhi,nd bhabhi maa saman hoti hena”
Omi smiling nd nodding.
She move towards others to talk.
Omi”haa maaa saman but kabhi kabhi iss maa me mataaa….aa jati h?”then he move towards others.
Ragini then explain omi everything.
Ragini”we want u to help us”
Nd she starts talking to others.
Omi gulps down his saliva “help….”
Nd he remembers his previous incidents.
10 yrs old lucky,ragini nd omi went to their neighbour mr.khadaksingh’s house to stole some mangoes from his garden…..actually they don’t want to go but due to ragu’s force they went….she force them to climb the tree nd broke the mangoes nd throw to her…
They unwillingly climb the tree….nd began working after 5 mangoes ,ragini suddenly found mr.khadaksingh’s puppy, she found it so cute that she went to play wid it without telling the 2 bicharas….nd the 2 without looking downwards were throwing mangoes….due to this noise mr.khadaksingh came out nd found the 2,he was really angry,he shouted”what ru doing”
They look downwards horrified ,nd didn’t found ragu,but that uncle…they look Here nd there nd found her playing wid the puppy in the other part of garden…. they were shocked…they sheepishly smile looking at uncle….nd the uncle also smile….
Nd for the rest 2 hrs uncle make them tie to that tree in downwards position, they cld look at mangoes but can’t eat them….
After many pleadings they were left….they webt to ragu’s house to find her eating mangoes….
She look them nd says”arre where do u both were,i was waiting for u both to eat mangoes,but ur bad luck i just complete d the last one”
Omi”from where did this mangoes came”
Ragini”wo mr.khadaksingh uncle give me as i was playing wid his puppy, nd i took great care of it so”
Saying this she went…. away.
Fb ends
Omi looks towards lucky nd in actions says”mujhse na ho payega…?”
Lakshya losted his balance nd tears start brimming his eyes nd “dost dost na raha “starts playing in bg.
Lucky does action”pls mere liye bhai…”
Omi remembering their friendship moments”thik h tere liye main ye karunga…”
Lakshya vecamez happy nd smiles throw tears nd does actions”our friendship is unbreakable”
“Tere jaisa yaar kahan”plays in bg.
Their moment is broked by ragini’s voice”so everything is ready tommorrow we r going to execute it”

Recap-their perfect love story….??

It wld be of only 1 or 2 parts more….
If u like it pls comment guys….

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